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PageSpeed WordPress theme

Fastest Loading WordPress Theme ? What happens when you purchase a fastest loading WordPress theme and install on your own blog? Does it also give you the same result?

Your wait for faster than the fastest WordPress theme is now over, yet 100% Valid  XHTML and CSS and able to score 99/100 score in Google page speed  load in less than 1.19 sec in pingdom tool speed Test.

Generates minimum http request to fetch any webpage -only 21 http requests !

We also tested our theme on gtmetrix for speed  and  were able to manage 99/100 on Google Page Speed Score and 94 on ySLow  without using any CDN( Content Delivery Network).

[messagebox] Remember one thing very clearly – We managed these results on Hostgator shared hosting plan without using any CDN network or caching plugin [/messagebox]


Fastest Loading WordPress theme

Basic  Features of PageSpeed WordPress Theme

1.  Optimized for speed – we have  tested extensively on different platform to perform and our results were outstanding.

2.   100% Valid XHTML  – How many Adsense ready wordpress themes are able to boast this?

3.  100% Valid CSS  – How many wordpress themes, now a days, are able to boast this

4.  Adsense Ready WordPress theme –   Optimized for all type  of ads network to give you maximum advantage.  PageSpeed has a built in mechanism to place your ads at the best position.

5. Designed to help you for better ranking. Now you can say – How?  Read this article my amit aggarwal on Labnol.org, Pass More Google Page Rank to internal  Links

6.  No separate plugin required for page index, related post, random post, editor choice, popular post like widget.  All of them are already available in this.

7. Optimized for Search Engine – Top heading in always in h1 tag and widgets are in h4 Tag? Why – reason is simple when you will post your article , then that article will have h2 and h3 tags to increase the visibility of your  keywords.

8.  All images are automatically optimized for search engine.  Generally when any wordpress theme display images through its built in featured image – then a small built in feature omit its alt tag and that hurt your SEO campaign very much.

9. Compatible with major  plugins like Yoast SEO, SEOPressor, jetpack,w3total cache, commentLuv, etc

10.  You can Change Logo and Favicon from the backend of the Theme

11.  Header and Footer section( Admin Panel)  is designed to hold the analytics code to track visitor pattern on your site.  Google analytics code is tried and tested successfully.

12. Images can not grow outside their limits i.e. Images will be within their limits of post, no matter how wide image, you drop inside your post.

13. Smallest style sheet.

14. Customized pages  for  404 error, archive , left sidebar, right sidebar  or without sidebar.

Admin Panel of Fastest Loading WordPress theme

PageSpeed adsense ready wordpress theme

What you will get with this  Theme

1.  With this Theme  you will receive free installation support on any one domain of your choice through TeamVeiwer. or you can contact me on skype or email.

2.  Full Documentation – that will cover all the aspect of this page speed theme ranging from media settings to image optimization, permalink structure to front page design.

4.  Complete PHP , CSS, JS and PSDs of all the work

It  took more than 6 moth to develop this theme to work like this, I am its first  user and this website is running on this theme, so in my opinion this is the perfect demo of this theme.

PageSpeed WordPress theme only for ( Festival Discount ) $35 $25

[messagebox] Instant Download – Download Link in your paypal registered Email account.  With this purchase you will receive my personal assistance of any one domain of your choice to configure this theme. Call me at : rakesh.linux@gmail.com for any assistance. [/messagebox]

Your Turn

If you are able to find out any fastest loading WordPress theme in such a price with all these types of feature. kindly let me know? if you are able to provide any such link to me, Rest assured, I will send you this theme – Free of cost

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58 thoughts on “Fastest Loading WordPress theme Pagespeed”

    1. and top of it. It is running on shared hosting without any caching plugin, this is the beautify of this theme. Bound to make a big impression on this niche. Thanks rahul for this update :)

  1. Wow. Load time 1 second really sounds cool. And, that without any CDN services make it attractive. I tried my blog using pingdom tool. It takes 5 seconds.

  2. i installed pagespeed, how can i change the background image and delete the blak lines from content like you did? is there somewhere a manual?

    1. dear H B, i think i am the best manual. Kindly send me ID and password so that i can pinpoint your problem. Thanks for business.

  3. Hi Rakesh,

    This is a great theme, not only you get the benefits of the best plugins but also have high page load time.

    Absolutely wonderful!


    1. Thanks piyush, this is the reason offering this theme in such a cheap price. I have seen over the year, people are trying very hard every day to load their site fast and my theme free all of them to do all that stuff in such a cheap price. Keep in touch piyush.

  4. Hi Rakesha !!!
    It’s really wonderful experience to read this article as well as learning about PageSpeed WordPress Theme Faster ! Actually I see some WordPress Theme & Blogs that take very long time to open & upload & people understand it’s reason slow Internet but you did a amaziong job to make aware about WordPress Theme – Faster

    1. Hello Taniya, this is the only reason we decided to provide this theme in such a cheap price. Keep in touch :)

    1. Dear Ashok , just trying to build a resource for all my friends who are suffering from either google or money making ideas or beautiful Themes. Keep in touch and BTW thanks for your kind words.

  5. Hey,

    You are doing a good job. Keep it up. Keep providing us such a useful information.
    Very comprehensive post! Not sure what to add here:-)

    Jane Brown

  6. Hi Rakesh. Site loading time does matter in search engine ranking also. Recently, Matt Cutts also have announced about this. Very nice post. Keep sharing like this. :)


    1. This is the only reason, developed this theme for all the wordpress bloggers who are always trying to hard to reduce their website’s page load time. Right now i am also selling this theme for them, charges are very nominal $25, that includes my personal support. Keep in touch

  7. seem seo friendly fast loading but nice too see, it will be my reference if i start new blog, i will find themse like that

    1. Minimalistic design attract most probloggers, the reason behind that is they does not increase the pageload time on their website whenever the website grow. Did you get my point?

  8. Wow, that’s really impressive… I need a new theme what will improve my loading times.. However the design of this one isn’t quite right for my website, i’m sure another super speedy one will be released soon! Thanks.

    1. Right now working on it’s design, hope you will love its new look. BTW if you have any such design in your mind, kindly let me know.

    1. I am right now working on that, btw it is responsive for all the other browser except IE. Keep in touch Mohan :)

  9. Well , the feature of page speed themes is incredible. I had tried it and find its great working to increase thepage speed.

  10. It’s really a nice theme. It made me remember the Swift theme. Thanks for this theme, Will consider buying it after few review from fellow bloggers.

    1. If you want the real buyers name and websites, then i can provide you. You can directly contact ranjeet sethi of http://karydmedia.com and ask their experience with this theme. Keep in touch kuldeep

  11. I purchased this theme asking my friend to pay for me. But I didn’t get any theme in my mail . Help me out

  12. I tried purchasing the theme but there is limitation for Indian paypal users that one Indian cannot pay or receive money from another Indian. Any alternate method?

    1. Dear Ranjeet, if you would like, i can send you my bank details so that you can pay me by bank transfer.

  13. Hi Rakesh !!!
    I’m going to do these important changes in my WordPress Blog, I do see my WordPress Blog pages take little time to open & load but I wasn’t aware behind this reason why this happen ! I’m really thankful of you that you shared helpful post About WordPress :) Thanks for making happy to your website readers.

  14. Hi Rakesh, the feature of page speed themes sounds great and after the reviews I would definitely like to try it………..

    1. Even if you have any doubt about this theme. Then check my website. it is totally running on this theme. Have you not checked its speed?

  15. Hey ! This is the fastest loading theme …i’ve checked it out …best of luck mate ! This theme has surely got a bright future !


    1. Thanks Pramod for your kind words, If you need any assistance to customize your wp-theme, do not hesitate to contact me. Keep in touch

  16. I actually spent pretty much all day trying to make my site faster. I deleted a lot of the plugins that I don’t absolutely have to have.I started out with a Google speed score of 68, yeah that sucks.I finally signed up with MaxCDN and now my score is 86/100 that is still slow compared to how quick your site is. I may have to check out this template.

    1. With A CDN and Page Caching plugin, this theme can rock your blog. I am 100% sure. Right now , i am using the same theme and the loading speed you can check. Keep in touch Susan :)

    1. Thanks Arup for this positive feedback for this theme. if you need any help to optimize your theme for speed, do not hesitate to contact me. I am always there. ;)

    1. Dear Atul, it is working on my system and also checked through the different online system available across the net. perhaps at that time, you would be behind a slow internet connection or your domain name server was not able to resolve my domain name efficiently. Try to update me so that if there is any thing else missing in this theme, i could attempt to fix that. keep in touch :)

    2. Mate this is my second visit on this page. I know it’s a late reply but when I check it again on my pc is doesn’t take my even 1 and half second to load completely. Thanks man you are doing really nice job.

    3. Thanks Atul for your kind words. We have just started our site optimization service for WordPress. Hope that will also help people to scale new heights. Keep in touch

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