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I always believed that artist are born and they can not be developed. Art is a not a Science it is one’s interpersonal skills – and that is God Gifted.

Pure art can be? But up to some extend science enabled us to decode the science behind every art. Even the smile of Monalisa , if believed had been decoded.

Last Saturday Tracy Zhang send me an Email and asked whether I am interested in to review her product on Picture Collage Maker or Not.

With little bit reluctance, downloaded the software. The install on my windows 7 , though it is available for Mac, was as smooth as 1-2-3 next- next next- yes I accept and that’s it.

First Impression Of Picture Collage Maker


Software starts with simple startup screen which guide first time user with four basic options. IF you are not very sure how to run or create your first picture collage or Picture Based Greeting Card , select Template collage Wizard.


Template Category Guide you what and which type of collage you want. It is basically a visual collection of your final output. Meantime you can select picture you want to insert in this collage.


On clicking finish. Software bring you on it’s main screen.


If you are little bit more comfortable with tools. You can modify your final collage little bit more.

Final word about Picture Collage Maker

A very User friendly picture collage maker software to reinvent your own picture to create calendar/greeting card /collage. Surprise your family, friends with this smile please software on this Easter.

PS. This Giveaway offer is valid only up to this Easter, Like this post on facebook / Google+/ Bookmark on digg, stumbleupon to get this software worth $39 absolutely free.

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  1. hi,
    me to will prefer to picasa.. its the best software which will be easy to edit the picture. but your software is also interesting and new to me.
    thanks for sharing the video with us.

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