Purchased Facebook Fanpage Like really help our website

Do you want to impress your readers with large facebook fans on your website/blog? Are you also considering to purchase facebook fanpage? Why do you want a Large facebook fanpage?


I am sure you are aware of the belief that if you have a deep social presence on Facebook, this may eventually aid you in getting in contact with a substantial amount of your website/blog  readers / customers and momentarily bringing more traffic-cash in this way?  This is exactly going to happen when folks set out to buy Facebook Likes in the page.  A typical advertisement, most of the time you are going to see on such sites. 

Am I Kidding? You can say, Relax, wait a minute and keep reading.

Benefits of  Strong Facebook Fanpage Likes

  • Avoid Competition : An undeniable fact,  if you have a strong presence on social media, You can communicate and spread your words so strongly on different places. It is established fact that product endorsed by these sites/persons become viral product very soon.
  • Show Authority : Great deals of fans means more authority on the internet. Moreover, More authority means more responsibility. Thus search engine will also rank you/ your website high on their search results.
  • String Traffic : Strong Facebook Fanpage ensures more traffic to your website, This means a greater chance to monetize your blog /site.There are a lots of advertising networks out there, who love to publish their ads on such high traffic websites.
  • Affiliate Marketer: Strong Facebook fanpage like insure your success as an affiliate marketers. But always remember to market a good product which you have already used and you are fully satisfied  with it.

Drawbacks of Purchased Facebook Fanpage Likes

  • You have already lost the battle. You does not have faith in yourself as well as in your product/website/blog. That’s why you thought of it.
  • You are ready to pay for that crap for clicking on like button. Even does not no that person actually likes your work / product or just clicked on like button to earn that $0.10
  • You can not establish any communication with these types of likes.
  • These likes does not help you to promote your brand
  • They are not your admirer, They are simply vampires ( Suck your money for clicking on likes )

Still  you are thinking of that………………………Big reason

so do you think Google and all other major search engines are fool?  Your reader is a crawler, he does not read your article, He just scan all the keywords and based on that keywords he judge you and your article and become your fan very next time?


Keep in mind that if your person likes you and your page, this is often probably going to be posted on his profile and in many cases, within the pages of his friends’ newsfeeds. Because of this, it will also trigger these friends on your friends to visit your page as well as ‘like’ you in addition.

I have already written an article earlier 10-facebook fan page ideas to grow your start up to mythic proportions. This is i think can help any one who wants to earn friends on facebook.

So always try to establish relation with your reader and try to post some valuable information for them.

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