QuickSport WordPress theme

QuickSprout WordPress theme Clone

QuickSprout WordPress theme clone – Quicksport is responsive WordPress theme requested by some of my old friends, Its simple, Innovative, fast and top of all it is based on Yoast SEO recommendation for a WordPress theme.

QuickSprout WordPress theme Clone

Admin Panel Layout


Salient Features

Responsive Layout : Responsive theme built using 960.gs CSS framework, contains smallest CSS that help to reduce total page size while rendering the website.

simple effective responsive-design

Lighting Fast : Some of the top techniques had been embedded to load website faster than the fastest like removed query string from the output, Lazy loading of Images and Gravatar using base 64, Loading CSS and Javascript in non-blocking mode. ( Below Test shown its demo site without any Caching plugin or CDN )

speedTest  Resport of Quicksprout theme

SEO Ready : Support all major SEO plugins like all in one SEO, Yoast SEO  etc. Sidebar are rendered using h4 tags and Logo on Home page conatins h1 tag but on single page it is rendered through h4 tag.

100 W3C Valid HTML Code : All the code written accordingly and validated using w3c Validator.

Built in Ads Manager : Just copy paste your code in the given area ( available through Theme Admin Panel and the Ads will automatically appear after 2nd and 4th post on the Home Page as  you have seen on quicksprout.com,

Nested Comment System : Clean Nested Comment system for more engagement )

Built in Pagination : Pagination was designed using WordPress’s own pagination system that generate less number of databases queries and result in less loading time. No need to add any extra plugin.

Built in Widgets : Built in Tabber Widget and Feedburner subscription Image for better engagement for all the readers who want to subscribe your website through email.

Clean Code : Clean code so that you can make changes according to your specific needs, if you want to make some extra changes.

Recommended Hosting : Hostgator and Bluehost are two most popular shared hosting service providers. We are using them on all our websites including this one. They have the best setup for WordPress hosting and you never ever run out of memories like we used to see on Godaddy / bigrock.

Complete Documentation :  Every Theme comes with a complete Documentation covering almost every topic required to install this theme as per its demo.

QuickSprout Documenation

QuickSport Theme Demo    |   Purchase Now for $69 $35  ( Limited Period Offer )

Instant Download : Your Download link will appear automatically on your registered Email ID instantly. Download Contains, Theme + Tabber Widget + Sample data + logo PSD

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31 thoughts on “QuickSport WordPress theme”

  1. hey i tried to pay with paypal but it’s not working can you please tell me any other alternate method for making payment.

    1. Hi Karan, Please check your email, We have just forwarded an email regarding payment options.

    1. Thanks Maan Singh for your kind words.Right now we are in a process to release WordPress theme for selling theme. Using this WordPress theme any one can setup his/her own Theme Shop very easily. Hope you will also like my new theme.

  2. Hi Rakesh
    This themes is good. you make it very well. one question about this themes which framework you are use to made this themes. genesis framework or custom made.

    1. Hi Raj, WordPress Theme is already a frameWork so we did not used any extra framework in this theme. This it is lighter than any other theme but there is no compromise on its features. It has all that features that is available on quicksprout.com

    1. Thank you very much but I do understand that people will only believe in my work when they will be able to check the demo of my work.

    1. Hi Robin, Your download link has been sent to this email ID : oostrobin@gmail.com if you are not able to access the email then kindly let me know we will resend the download link again on your given email ID.

    1. I have no doubt in my mind that Neil will care. He is all about people sharing his content and helping businesses. This just get him to be seen as more authority in his industry.

    2. Hi Akshat, Allow me to answer, Since we have only taken his color combinations only otherwise all the css and background program is totally different , we have not even copied a single line of code , thus rest assured I am as well as you are totally immune.

  3. Do you provide updates in the future? And if so how do we know and where can we download (when we are a customer)…

    1. Hi Tommie,
      Well all its users will get is updates free of cost. As we will rollout any new version of the same theme, we will automatically send the update. Thanks for purchase. ~rakesh

    2. Wow Great work done by Rakesh, Quicksprout is the most influential blogs out there at present and its uniqueness and identity lies in the theme and Neil Patel himself. Its great if he has cloned 99% of it successfully. Its not free, and he might be earning a lot from it, Anyway congrats for the Achievement.

    3. Hi Manthan, This is clone of the same theme but its coding or stylesheet is not copied from the site thus you can say its totally different theme having the look and feel of quicksprout. Since we work very hard to achieve all the features embedded in the site that does not appear when we just read the blog, Thus my team convinced me to make it paid. The Theme contains – theme + documentation + plugin ( for rendering right hand side widget ) + sample data + my personal support.
      Thanks for your kind words about QuickSport WordPress theme. Keep in touch :)

    1. Hi Tinh,
      Basically tabber widgets are coming through a plugin. The plugin is a part of that theme package. You are requested to install that plugin and then add the same widget at the right hand side. ~rakesh

  4. Hi Rakesh, Wow Thats Great work, Quicksprout is the most influential blogs out there at present and its uniqueness and identity lies in the theme and Neil Patel himself. Its great if you have cloned 99% of it successfully. I would be looking forward to purchase it, And congrats for the Achievement.

    1. Hi Piyush , Besides all these points what attracted me the most is its amazing speed and simplicity, the same we tried to implement in this theme.

  5. The demo link isn’t working.

    What do you mean by Tabber widget?

    If I want to change colors and fonts, does that need to be done directly in the CSS or the Admin?

    Are you planning any updates to the theme?

    1. Thanks Jacob for this demo link Issue. Now its been updated with a new demo link. Tabber widget is a special plugin designed for this theme its CSS is again defined inside the style.css, So if you want to make any changes in color then you have to make that changes in the CSS file. Right now its been release so do not have any plan to update this theme. ~rakesh kumar

  6. Hi.,
    This theme is really having a clean interface. I would like to know whether this themeis retina ready or should I have to spend some time with it after buying for that?

    1. Hi Anees,
      The term came into existence after Apple introduced the Retina display on their iPhone 4s and then later the new iPad and MBP Retina. It basically means that the images will look sharp on these devices, instead of blurry due to the higher pixel ratio of the devices’s display. This usually involves serving a 2 times size of the images used in the theme, done mostly via CSS.
      The image size we used in this theme is 571×380 but if you want to target the apple devices only then you can serve its double size otherwise the objective behind this theme was to load faster on any type of network.

      Thanks Anees for this wonderful question.

    1. Thanks Rachit for your Kind Words. Very soon going to send its copy to you for review. Keep in touch

  7. Quicksprout WP theme is really nice with responsive design. I like it layout design and it supports on all kinds of devices.

    1. Hi Ramesh, Welcome on board, Hope you will find my other themes equally competent. BTW Keep in touch :)

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