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Quote of the day

Quote of the day

QuoteBank is our new Responsive Niche WordPress theme for Quotation website. Like my previous two money making Niche WordPress themes for Wallpapers and Funny Images, the aim of this theme is also the same- Create it and forget it.

Quotes Website Templates  is also featured on my 8 Script to make money online without doing anything, at that time,I introduced one script found on codecanyon but later on removed by the author, thus a lots of people asked me to give them some alternate source.

Admin Panel of QuoteBank WordPress theme ( WordPress theme for Quote Site )

QuoteBank Admin Panel

QuoteBank WordPress theme is built in such a way that a non techie can also setup his/her site in no time, the amount of traffic this type of sites actually get is enormous and the Google Adsense revenue – you can not even guess


Quick Demo of QuoteBank WordPress theme

Best features of QuoteBank WordPress theme are

Fully responsive WordPress theme optimized for Mobile Devices using Bootstrap 3.0 Framework and CSS3

  • quoteBank WordPress themeFont Awesome used to render all the ICONS in non-blocking format using the best practices of WordPress
  • Suitable for Text quote as well as Image Quotes
  • Built in Page Templates for Image Quotes, Author Quotes and Popular Quotes & Quote of the Day-pull quotes from different Categories
  • Built in pagination-using WordPress core pagination system. No need for extra pagination plugin
  • Quotes according to Author, Tags
  • Google Adsense optimized – Adsense are visible after 2nd Quote and 4th Quote, you can decide from admin panel.
  • Two/three column layout
  • Compatible upto WordPress latest version.
  • Elegantly Designed Admin Panel for better control
  • Built in affiliate for extra revenue
  • Fully Compatible with major WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, w3 Total Cache, digg-digg, Contact form-7 etc
  • Built in Social Sharing buttons
  • Built in Popular Quotes Page Template – Based on Maximum View to showcase most popular Quotes
  • Built in Social Pages connectivity buttons through Admin Panel

QuoteBank WordPress theme Demo 

Get Quote WordPress Theme Only for $29

With Every purchase you will get QuoteBank WordPress Theme in ZIP format + Sample Data + Full Documentation + My personalized help on one Domain of your Choice + all future updates free of cost.

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35 thoughts on “QuoteBank WordPress theme for Quote Site”

  1. Hello Rakesh,

    I really liked this themes and very much into buying this theme, as i have been thinking of starting my own quotes website. But, I need some major changes and addition in this theme. So, i want to discuss with you first before i buy this product. Kindly email me on my given Id..


    1. Hi Taba, I think my previous email landed in yor spam mail folder.So writing this answer again on this platform. Please send us your requirements so that we can do the needful. ~ rakesh kumar

  2. Hi Rakesh,

    Is this template still available for sale? If so, please let me know. You can email me in INR so that I can transfer to you directly instead of Paypal as I have problem making payments using my paypal account. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Please check your email at gmail.com, We have just forwarded you an email with our bank details. ~regards rakesh kumar

    2. Hi Rakesh,

      Lebanon again, I was wondering if we can add quotes in bulk in this template. Suppose, in an excel file, 1st column for Quote text, 2nd column for Author name, 3rd column for Topic, 4th column for Tags etc.. Is that possible?

      Thanks in advance.


    3. Hi Lebanon, Have not checked anything like this but I am sure there will be some plugins that can surely help you to achieve your goal.

    1. Right now we have to options 1. Paypal 2. if you do not have paypal then kindly acknowledge us. we will make this theme available on gumroad.com – at gumroad you do not need paypal to pay us. This theme also support grid layout. Layout you can change from the theme admin panel.

    1. Hi Abhinav, If you can only spend 500rs then first of all book a domain name with rich keyword and then attach that domain with blogger. In 500rs you can not have any hosting. Only blogger can help you to generate a website in these 500. Best of luck for your new website.

    1. Hi Ally, Kindly check your spam folder as per my system, download link had been forwarded to you. In case you are not able to locate download link, please contact me again on support@binarynote.com

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. ~rakesh kumar

    1. Hi Your download link had been forwarded to this email Id. You are requested to kindly check your spam folders and if you are not able to locate your download link, Please contact us again on support@binarynote.com

  3. I have bought your quotebank theme 2 months ago. But some features like tags, authors, popular post, quote of the day do not work. How can I fix them?

    1. Hi Hasib, Just check out the last reply on skype to sort out your specific issue. And do not forget to update us. :)

  4. Hi There,
    I want to buy quotebank wordpress theme but your online payment doesn’t seem to work. Let me know how to get it done. Thanks


    1. Hi Sanjeev, A separate email has been sent to you regarding payment option containing my bank details. Please check it.

    1. Hi marie,
      It seems that you have not unzip the downloaded zip in a separate folder. The zip file contains
      1. Your QuoteBank WordPress theme
      2. Complete Documentation
      3. Sample Data
      4. Plugin is required to run this theme as per demo
      Hope this information will be helpful to you.

    1. Hi Khairun, It depends on the Excel structure and other related factors. Could you share a small part of your excel file so that we could develop something for such situations.
      Right now we do not have any such plugins. We have given options to post each quote one by one.

  5. This theme is cool but as it dont have any title for every post then how google will pick titles to give traffic as it is not seo friendly.

    1. Title will be there very much but will not be there on output screen. other ranking factors can be involved in this case like url, image and seo description.

    1. Dear David, Thanks for this Wonderful Feedback but I think like others you could not even Guess the traffic such sites receive from search engines.

  6. Nice responsive theme. Submit your theme in some wordpress theme network sites which will drive some sales in your account.

  7. Hello sir, QuoteBank is very great theme.
    It has lots of feature. especially Adsense ready theme.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Areesha, Happy to know that you like QuoteBank WordPress theme, the main feature of this theme is not only its front end but using its backend. You can control a lots of its features from background, adsense to fonts. Thanks for your valuable feedback

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