Effective Methods and Software to Recover Lost Word Documents

MS Word is graphical word processing programs which allow users to create, save, edit, and print documents.  It is the most commonly used computer program and has completely replaced the use of typewriters. This program offers different tools and commands to help users perform their work effectively. But sometimes user counters several issues related to the MS Word. The most common issue everyone faces is losing and recovering their word documents.

How to recover the word document? It is probably the most searched question on Google. Everyone from high school student to business executive experiences losing a word document. Fortunately, there are several built-in and third-party software that ensures successful completion of work and many dependable ways to recover word document. These methods are efficient and reliable to find out lost word document. Here are a few reasons behind the loss of files and tips to recover them.

Common Reasons for Losing Word Document

There can be various unfortunate reasons behind losing a document in MS Word.

  • Usage of shift+delete command
  • Hard disk formatting
  • Command Prompt Used for Erasing Files
  • Empty recycle bin
  • Recycle Bin bypassing
  • Closing without saving

How to Recover Lost Word Document?

Here are different methods and ways to recover word document without panicking.

Method 1: Locate the Word Backup File

To follow this method, make sure you have already backup enabled in Word. To locate the ing file, search the Word Document Backup File (.wbk).

  • Click and open Microsoft word.
  • Go to the File tab
  • Click on Delete Word Document Recovery option
  • Go to the File again and click Open
  • Choose Lost Word Document and How to Recover
  • Select the folder where the document was stored
  • Click on the Backup File
  • Click Open

Deleted Microsoft Word document will be restored after completing these steps.

Method 2: Search Temporary Files

Usually, the system creates temporary files for everything, give it a try for word document recovery. Follow these simple steps to restore missing files.

  • Click and open Windows Search
  • Search for *.tmp files OR
  • Check C: Documents and Settings*USERNAME*Local SettingsTemp

Method 3: Search for “~” files

Many temporary file names start with (~) character. To find such files follow these steps.

  • Go to Start
  • Type ~ in the Search Box.

Scroll through all the files showed up after the search then select and recover the file.

Method 4: Use Word’s Auto Recover Tool

The accidentally deleted document can be recovered with the help of an inbuilt Auto Recover tool of MS Word with these steps.

  • Open the Word Document
  • There might be a pane on Left Side of the document
  • Open recoverable word files

That’s it! The process is done.

Method 5: Manually Recover Unsaved Files

If the auto recover tool was not helpful and no deleted content was recovered, following this manual approach might get the job done.

  • Go to Microsoft Word, click and open it
  • Click Files Tab
  • Select Recent Option
  • Choose Recover Unsaved Documents from the menu
  • Browse the file you are looking for in a list.
  • Click on it

The file is restored!

Top 5 Document Recovery Software

Microsoft office has emerged as a beneficial partner to create, edit, and save documents.  However, there is always a risk of losing important documents either from human error or system failure. After losing an important document or file, there is always a question of how to recover lost word documents? There are so many different paid and free software available that help in recovering missing or deleted software.

1.      iSkysoft data recovery software

It’s a complete data recovery tool that finds and restores data of all formats. It’s just not limited to Word documents, but widely used for it.

2.      Recoverit

This software is used to recover various file types such as documents, emails, videos, audios, and images from hard drive, memory cards, and external media storage. Recoverit has four recovery mode for data loss due to deletion, partitioning, formatting, and virus.

3.      Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus is the powerful recovery tool which can recover data from DDR memory card, floppy disk, hard drives, memory cards, digital camera, and computers. It can also recover deleted files from recycle bin.

4.      Recuva

This software answers the question of how to recover lost word document perfectly by recovering the entire MS office file. Recuva can restore images, videos, and audios by deep scanning that are in FAT, NTFS, and exFAT file system.

5.      Pandora

Pandora is a classic data recovery software which can recover NTFS and FAT files. This software can restore deleted files that may have lost due to formatting and system failure.

6.      Fireebook Mac Data Recovery

It is a Mac-based software which not only recovers emails, archives, photos, videos, and music, but can also restore various Excel, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, and texts documents.

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