Wondershare Data Recovery software Review : Complete Data Recovery


It is very common to see all our data loss due to accidental deletion, System crash or System formatting. However, not anymore, Wondershare Data Recovery software is here to take all this situations out from our life.

Now you do not need to worry about the accidental deletion or system crash because of the data recovery software , You can recover all you document, images, audio, video or email document  in a very secure way. The software work really fast and within no time you can have all your lost data back.

A friend forever for your storage Devices

It works just fine with all type of storage devices like hard disk, external hard drives, digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3/4, iPods, Pen drives and various other useful storage devices.

Data-recovery-software supported devices

In order to help you recover your lost files, The Wondershare has 5 modes in its standard recovery edition. Depending on how you have lost your data you can select any one of these 5 recovery modes –

  1. Wizard Mode recovery
  2. Lost File Recovery
  3. Partition recovery
  4. Raw Recovery
  5. Resume recovery

You can also recover your lost data from inaccessible folders or files also with the help of Wondershare data recovery software.

Try Wondershare Data Recovery Software for win-7/8/8.1/10/ Vista/XP  Its FREE

It is completely safe and more than 500 file formats including zip files can be recovered through Wondershare.

Easiest way to recover lost data

Wondershare Data recovery software is one of the easiest and effective data recovery software retrieves your lost videos, audios, images, Email and documents not only from your PC’s hard drives but also from other popular storage medias.

scan preview recover images

Depending on the amount of experience you have using this type of program, you may want to use the Wizard or switch to Manual Recovery mode. You can also select the type or types of files you’d like to search for, the location you’d like to search, and whether or not you’d like to enable the Deep Scan feature of the program. This particular option is better for recovering formatted files.

You don’t have to wait until the program has finished running to see what it’s found. In fact, you can begin previewing files almost immediately, as they show up in a list as soon as the program locates them.

Recovery Modes supported  by Wondershare Data Recovery software

There are four type of recovery modes supported by Wondershare Data recovery software, You are requested to select the mode as per your requirement or you can say how you lost your data.

recovery modes supported

Once mode is selected, it start scanning the whole path and start showing lost files or partition.

What you can recover with Data recovery software

Just imagine any type of lost file, Perhaps you would not believe me it is able to recover more than 100+ type of files which you have lost due to unavoidable situations like these.

recoverable file types

How to recover Files using Wondershare data Recovery software

How to use Wondershare Data Recovery software  Step by step guide

First of all you are requested to download Wondershare data recovery software from its official repository. Double click on its setup and it will start installing on your system just like any other windows software.


After installation, When you click to start this Recovery software, it will prompt you to choose from two modes Wizard Mode or Standard Mode.  Choose any mode as per your experience or your requirement.

winzard mode to recover data

Once data recovery mode is selected the software will again prompt you to choose the location of your lost data.  Click on your desired location,

final-recoveryBoom,  It start showing us all type of  available data on our lost drives and their current status.

Select your desired file/folder , click on recover button and define the location where you want your recovered filed/folder.

Now you can save your scan status so that in near future, the software will not rescan the whole scenario once again

Reviews  on Wondershare Data recovery software

This is really a good software to recover your lost data due to any reason, This is not only my opinion, people around the globe used this software and also shared their view so that it could help the others to choose a better data recovery software.

reviews on data recovery software

Conclusion on Data Recovery software

The Wondershare Data Recovery software for Windows is a powerful and easy to use tool that recovers universally formatted, deleted, inaccessible, and lost data from a myriad of devices. Whether it is a PC, external hard drive, digital camera, mobile phone, USB drive, iPod, or MP3 player; the software recovers any kind of file effectively and safely. Further, it supports diverse file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and  exFAT ( File system used by removable media ).

Wondershare data recovery for Windows ensures safe, fast, and easy recovery on all devices and for all users, whether you are a first time data recovery software user  or a professional user.

A highly recommended Data recovery software for all the windows/Mac Users.

Download Wondershare Data Recovery Software – Its FREE

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