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Forever on our list of things to do in life, ‘buy car’ is the one that can fill us with a bit of trepidation too. After the initial euphoria of getting your dream model, the EMIs will start coming in and your finances will get affected.

There will be days when your car gathers dust in the garage, a slowly depreciating asset, while you still pay based on its original cost.

The ZAP initiative or Zoomcar Associated Program is bringing the shared economy response to deal with these money headaches. Acquire your new car with an assured solution that will help you negotiate the EMIs.

The ZAP program works on the premise that your car is an asset rather than a liability. As a ZAPster, you can list your new car on the Zoomcar platform and earn a chunk of extra money, simply by making it available for renting when you are not using it.

You can earn up to 20,000 rupees a month with this program depending on the car you choose to buy. With such a scenario in place, your car will cover its costs and may even earn a little extra for you own holiday fund, without you having to sweat extra.

Imagine yourself sitting back and relaxing at home while your car is earning money for you, and earning its own EMI and maintenance expenses.

Zoomcar has a nationwide presence and is allowing you to be part of its ever-growing success story. The company has a great relationship with India’s best car makers so you can enjoy some special discounts on the new car prices. Reach out to a trusted network of car loan providers and get a low interest rate.

You can even afford to get ambitious and pick up a top model variant with the latest specs, something that you probably wouldn’t have opted for without the ZAP financial cushion.

To be a member of ZAP, your car will need to have a commercial license to be listed on the Zoomcar platform so that it can be used as a rental vehicle according to Indian laws. You will also be protected from any liabilities for the period when it is listed onthe Zoomcar platform.

All your transactions related to managing the rental activity will be enabled through the app. Share your car according to your convenience and get notification related to renting, delivery payment and more without having to interact with the customers.

Your new car will be fitted with Cadabra, a car-monitoring tool that will send you alerts on the different aspects of car usage such as the speed it is being driven at. With a high-tech preventive maintenance tool like this, you can keep an eye on the maintenance of your vehicle even when it is with a customer. Since your car will be GPS enabled, you can also track it if you need to.

Owning a car is your ticket to liberty. No more harried commute and shying away from road trips – you do not have to worry about the costs anymore either! Sign up for ZAP and enjoy freedom with no lifestyle compromises.

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