SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin not worth a Penny -Review by SEO enthusiast

SEO Pressor - Actual Review by SEO Enthusiast

SEO Pressor Adpage

I am sure You have seen such ads for so many software or wordpress plugins claiming that without any such hard Search engine Optimization efforts, your website or keywords will dominate the internet search engine.

SEO Pressor is such much talked wordpress plugins on the internet. If you will search internet a lots of blog and forums members will recommend you “A must have plugin” if you are running your site on wordpress.

Lets come to the point, Last week I installed SEO Pressor on my wordpress blog and as per expectation I was also expecting something like “Rabbit will come out from Hat”. But nothing happened and it just displayed a little screen like this on my screen.

Seopressor Keyword Screen

ON pressing Enter button here. I was little bit surprised to see the results of SEO Pressor. Their result screen is here.

seopressor review

Let me allow to Explain you the meaning of these results

  1. “You do not have H1 tag containing your Keywords”. Most of the WordPress theme render  the title of the article using h1 tag. It means Your article title does not contain your  keywords.
  2. “You do not have h2 tag containing your heading”.  It is always suggested by the great article writer and SEO experts, provide facts in your post and try to divide your whole post into sub heading. Each sub heading must start with h2 tag and your sub headings, does not contain your targeted keyword.
  3. “You do not have h3 tag containing your keyword”. As i stated in the previous point your article’s sub-sub heading must start with h3 tag and that sub-sub heading does not have your desired keyword.
  4. “SEO pressor will automatically italic your keyword”. obvious.
  5. “SEP Pressor will automatically underline your Keyword”. Do you think you need an explanation.
  6. ” You have an Image , SEO Pressor will automatically add ALT tag to it”. A picture speaks thousand words and your every article must have a relevant picture. It will add that alt tag to it. that’s it.
  7. “You do not have keyword in the Last paragraph”. I think it is obvious.
  8. “Please add rel=nofollow to your external links”. WordPress automatically add rel=”nofollow” to all the external links and rel=”dofollow” to all its’ internal link. Since,my blog is a do-follow blog. SEO Pressor has just shown this error. We love to pay some reward to our Guest bloggers thus link with do-follow.

It does not do anything like all I was expecting from this wonderful SEO plugin. Throughout my journey as SEO student all that I already know is now has been shown on a pretty box. Or some keywords they are tying to make bold, italic or underline.

All these things has been reiterated by the seo Experts, You can have a look at complete on page search engine optimization guide.

On the other hand WordPress plugins world offers dozens of choices for SEO support. For years, many WordPress users recommended All-in-One SEO Pack and Platinum SEO plugin. Although both of these options are good and will perform many of the basic SEO functions you need, they have recently taken a backseat to a new SEO-related plugin.

We recently installed what we feel is the best all encompassing WordPress SEO plugin and have been extremely satisfied with the results.

What is it?  WordPress SEO by Yoast.

If you have not visited Yoast’s website yet we highly recommend you do so and bookmark it as it is a great site for learning about search engine optimization. Yoast – real name is Joost de Valk – is a web developer, SEO and online marketer.

This all encompassing SEO plugin allows you to easily enter your blog post’s meta title and description, change permalinks, add a breadcrumb, change Meta Robots functions and much more.

Let have a look at some awesome features of SEO plugin by Yoast and try to compare this free SEO plugin with our so called highly recommended SEO plugin SEO Pressor.

Post Titles and Meta Description


With WordPress SEO, each post and page you write will have have a meta box where you can enter your title, meta description and keywords. The cool part about this section is that it automatically shows you a snippet preview of how your description will look in search engines. This is a very unique tool that will also show you exactly how many characters you have left when writing your titles and meta descriptions.

Difference : WordPress SEO not only give you to highlight your featured keywords, it also help your to define meta keywords and Meta Description.  You may ask, what is the fun of meta keywords and meta description here. If Google does not consider these two factor for ranking purpose now.  What is the fun to utilize these two factors here? No, doubt you are right up to some extend, So my Question here is “have you checked your sites awstat stats?”. How many search engine really index your sites daily?. Does all of them index your data the same way?. We are providing this information for these less sophisticated search engines.


The Page Analysis part of Yoast SEO is specially very useful for the beginner, a lots of information is hidden here. if you really want to rank your post on the search engine, follow the suggestion. Please make very sure that no parameter should remain here red or Yellow. Both indicator show the weakness in that parameter.

Difference :  Do you not able to locate the difference  in WordPress SEO and SEO Pressor. SEO pressor does not Guide you about the length of page title and a lots of other factors responsible for better ranking.

Meta Robots Settings

When you click the ‘Advanced’ button in the meta box you have addition options available to adjust on a per post basis. If you have certain posts and pages you do not want indexed or followed by the search engines, then you can easily adjust these configurations with a couple clicks.


Breadcrumbs are a great way to help your visitors navigate your website and can provide additional SEO benefit. With Yoast’s SEO plugin, you can change the taxonomy of your breadcrumbs titles for individual posts and pages. This comes in handy for when you do not want to use your post title, which is the default breadcrumb title.

Canonical URLs

Duplicate content is an absolute killer for many websites. If your site has identical or vastly similar content that’s accessible through multiple URLs, then you may be getting penalized by search engines. This is easily avoided with the Canonical URL section where you can specify a URL to point a specific page to or simply leave it blank to default to your permalinks settings.

301 Redirects

If you need to change the URL of a page as it is shown in search engine results, it is recommended that you use a 301 redirect – this method is preferred by Google. This can be done by simply inserting the appropriate URL in the 301 Redirect section of the meta box.



Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual posts and pages. There are several ways to structure your permalinks and some are more SEO friendly than others. The default permalink structure in WordPress is not desirable from an SEO standpoint and any SEO expert will advise you to change it. This can be changed in your admin panel under settings > permalinks.

What Yoast’s plugin allows you to do is further optimize your permalinks. Often times, those who link to your site don’t always use clean links structures and often times make mistakes. By simply clicking one button, you can make sure links back to specific pages on your site use the exact permalink you want. There are also additional permalink cleaning options that will ensure the integrity of your chosen permalink taxonomy.

RSS Feed Options

WordPress SEO by Yoast also offers some great options you can use to enhance your RSS feeds. You can prevent search engines from indexing your feed and use the ping feature to inform search engines that your feed has been updated. Perhaps the coolest feature is that the plugin allows you to add content both before and after a post in your feed which will link back to your post or blog. This comes in really handy when sites scrape your content because the scraped content will include these links back to your site!

XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. This is an essential part of any SEO strategy. While there are other WordPress XML Sitemap Generators out there, they aren’t streamlined with your SEO plugins. For example,  if you noindex a page, preventing it from showing up in search engines, then it could still be showing in your sitemap. They also don’t allow you to keep certain taxonomies out of your sitemap. Yoast’s plugin does. Yoast also uses an XSLT stylesheet which makes your XML Sitemap readable by humans.

Additional features

For the more tech savvy people, you can edit your .htm files and robot.txt files directly from the Files menu of the Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. With just a few clicks you can also clean up the <head> section of your WordPress installation.

The import/export feature allows those of you who are already using an SEO plugin to import specific features into the Yoast plugin which makes for a much smoother transition.


No doubt SEO Pressor website has a Very Good Landing Page. Does it mean it worth #100 for a useless wordpress Plugin? If you have that extra $100 you want to waste, Do not waste on SEO Pressor instead of them donate to me, I am serious ;)  Since, I have saved so many others $100. These  features are already available in Yoast SEO and a better SEO optimized wordpress theme can enrich your post very much I really mean it.

WordPress SEO by Yoast, It almost forced me to uninstalled my five plugins ie Google XML sitemap Generator, Breadcrumb,permalink structure , 301 re-director and much more. In my personal opinion, This the best SEO plugin available for the wordpress.

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161 thoughts on “SEO Pressor WordPress Plugin not worth a Penny -Review by SEO enthusiast”

    1. Hi Joel, as per my knowledge and experience Yoast is sufficient for any type of website and I am using yoast on almost all my website from last 7 years. You can also go ahead with Yoast. from my side this is a highly recommended plugin for all wordpress users.

  1. SEOpressor is SO outdated nowadays. In fact, IT’S DANGEROUS. It encourages you to overstuff keywords into your posts, which will kill your search engine rankings. The more modern plugin (which is free!) is the Lexx plugin from tigerstep. That will ensure your posts get the search engine traffic they deserve without all the silly SEOPressor twiddling.

  2. I totally agree with you sir , I saw a lot of reviews making of this plugin a miracle , but when I instaled it I figured out that this plugin is just a reminder of basic stuff any newbie is aware of ! For anyone who is looking for a seoplugin i recommed PLATINIUM SEO

    1. dear alex, it is not a product that make a dent in your niche but research about your niche and presentation, some simple seo plugins / themes can bring a lots of traffic if used properly. for example i am using yoast on this site and seopressor was offered free of cost to me to remove this review/update in their favor. I am just going to write a new post on how to write a SEO friendly post that can bring a lots of traffic to your site. Please stay with me and thanks for updating on seopressor.

    1. I read this whole article and upto my knowledge these problems had been fixed. Since every blog has a different setup and most of these plugin developers develop these plugins according to general setup. my suggestion is – just install yoast seo on your site and manually check your source code for any such bug. if yo are not able to fix any such bug through its setting, just move to another seo plugin of your choice.

  3. Thanks for your reply i m now continue using Yoast only. can you please see my site it’s ranking and traffic dramatically down almost on yesterday ? any suggestions ?

  4. hi rakesh, i want to buy SEO Pressor, right now i am using WordPress SEO by Yoast please suggest should i buy it or not ?

    1. According to me big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It is other factors that decide your ranking on the search engine like similar words defining your keywords and how much they are spread over the article. other factors are already listed in yoast seo.

  5. Hey rakesh, i decided to install yoast after all. I noticed its similar to the all in one seo plugin that i already have. If I have all in one, do i need yoast? If i try to switch over to yoast, will i lose all the seo work that i put into all in one? Idk if you have actually used all in one but i figured i’d ask. thank you!

  6. SEOPressor trial finished on my blog. Didn’t do any miracles though. I will continue with Yoast only. At least it is least complicated for newbie like me.

    1. Happy to know that. Now you can better understand the title of my article. Keep in touch Naeem

  7. So it sounds like both of these plugins, (Yoast/seopressor) enhance your SEO and work well, it just comes down to a matter of money? I just downloaded the trial for seopressor. Hoping it will at least be a step up from nothing!

    1. in my personal opinion , you should choose yoast seo for your site as this will not load extra tables, thus will not make any extra burdon on your database and server and on top of it – its free. :) Keep in touch miguel.

    2. Thank you for your timely response rakesh! I really appreciate the feedback, plus you really can’t beat free! I will definately check it out

  8. I have been using the excellent yoast s.e.o. plugin on my web site. I have stopped up loading because I have great difficulty getting the Yoast page analysis light green. My text usually scores 50 – 60. (70 is required for green lite) I must find software/ program that will show me how to improve my text score HELP!! Other comments- 1 Yoast appears not to use the same Flesch- Kincaid test as readability- score.com- I wrote a page on readability(75) put it on my site- Yoast scored same text at 71- 2, when you get a 70 it appears to positively affects other fields (buttons)3, Yoast has repeatedly refused any comment on this issue- 4, Am I the only person who knows he cannot write well? ANYONE with text analysis/modifying software Please contact me (email) scott@buildandtune.com thanks scott

  9. I felt the same thing Rakesh. I used trial version of SEOpressor on my blog; but somehow I could not add Keyword in meta keywords and meta description.
    And I could not find a tutorial how to do it.

    If it was Yoast; I could have locate at least half a dozen tutorials.

    1. LOL. so you are not using due to lack of proper tutorial,raise this issue with daniel tan, i am sure he would love to solve your problem.

    2. Its always better to do some keyword research before writing any post. That would bring lots of targeted traffic to your site.

  10. I’ve been getting good reviews about SEO pressor so far. Now, after learning about the affiliate connection, I think I should do a bit more research about the effectiveness of SEO pressor. Thanks for the article!

    1. The more you know about seo , the more you start hating your seo plugin. The basic purpose of seo to present our information in front of search engines, if you are able to understand that , then i am sure you can achieve your goal with any seo plugin. Keep in touch my dear. :)

  11. I was just to buy that plugin from an affiliate link of my friend..But reading your points , I think I was making a mistake..

    I am loving WordPress SEO and will continue with it :)

    Thanks for opening my eyes ;)

    Keep writing such post.. Can you write review about the HYBRID CONNECT Plugin ? please …

    It also most talked..You write very true !

  12. I have Yoast installed on all of my wp blogs. It is fantastic, and much easier than All in One Seo.

    Thank you for your post. I was going to lookat seopressor with a notion of buying it and now I am satisfied with my Yoast.

    1. I am really happy to know that Sharon Deloy,it is basically our keyword research that matters a lot and place our article on top of search results.

  13. I have a question. What happens if I migrate from one SEO plugin to another. What happens to the meta description and meta title that I used with that plugin in so many posts? Does it stay there or is it deleted along with the plugin?

    1. There are two possibilities here abhishek. 1- You have to redefine all your post meta description like in case of all in one seo plugin and SEO Pressor. 2- You can import your previously defined meta description into your new seo plugin like in Yoast. So Choose wisely your seo plugin.

    2. Honestly, I am used of changing the plugins several times. I did not pat attention to it earlier and when I think of it now, I feel there should be some negative effect on traffic if the SEO plugin has been deleted.

      May be you can write a tutorial on how to “secure” your meta data of posts while switching SEo plugin ;)

      By the way, I am using SEOPressor for couple of months now and I find it pretty okay. I spent around $45 on it one go. It is cheaper than Scribe but expensive than Yoast. I won’t say it is an excellent plugin but if you don’t consider $50 a big amount, it is pretty much fine.

    3. money is not a problem my dear friend but are you able to attract the much more traffic then usual on your site after using seopressor on that site? in my opinion it is not seopressor but the highly optimized keyword research that award your site articles on the top of search engine results. waiting for your kind reply on this issue.

    4. Of course content is the king. The plus point of SEO Pressor is that it lets you target more than one keyword at a time and it also suggests LSI keywords. It is cheaper than Scribe (by Copyblogger).

      About traffic. One of my blog has constant traffic while my open source blog has seen quite an increase in traffic. But I believe it is more because it has good content for a specific nice readership pf Ubuntu Linux.

      If you ask my experience with SEOPressor, I am pretty much satisfied with it.

    5. What basically is LSI keywords? They are synonyms- Am i right ? so does google adwords keywords tools can give you ample results. besides that you can get the same typing in google search box. The LSI keywords seopressor show comes from microsoft azure, and how many bloggers or normal readers search using bing? So i am little bit doubtful for LSI keywords suggested by SEOPressor. The second point is- It lets you optimize you upto three keywords- Most seo experts ( I am not ) suggests that optimizing more than one keywords can make your article spammy- thus you may attract panda or may distract readers from your site/blog.

      No doubt you have a better blog on foss. It is basically the content of your blog that is attracting the visitor not seo plugins. Plugins are even not required in genesis/thesis theme. SO the main point here is-how you represent your basics and inform search engines, what you are basically targetting in your article and in my opinion all seo plugins are ddoing this very well.

      Thanks Abhishek for this wonderful update. keep in touch

  14. i am confused, i tried both of plugins on localhost but whenever i tried to show results from one post either seo pressor or yoast was showing some mis-decorating of seo :/ i know one of them are wrong but when i searched pr1 ranked posts in yoast it always shows green signal rather then pressor which is always showing 10% of score. so moral of the story go for yoast do not spoil 100$, or if you have extra money then donate to admin :P

    1. But Never ever got any donation from any blogger ;). Thank bhushan for your valuable feedback, Keep in touch.

  15. Yeah, well, I have not yet bought seo pressor. By now, I’ve been using Yoast seo. But I’m still having very few traffic. So I was considering Seo pressor.

    1. That would not help you to get new traffic at all. its better to concentrate on keyword research using google adwords tools and engage in famous social media sites like facebook, twitter and google+. I am very much sure if you would implement all the defined parameters well, you will get some good targetted traffic to your site. keep in touch my dear ;)

  16. I have been using the SEOPresor 4, have got a huge traffic but after some time , My blog have been HIT by some kind of penalty and My traffic was almost Zero, by researching and asking many bloggers, It was due to keyword density,
    from Then i stopped using ON Page seo plugins,
    it is always better to do manual SEO and write high quality natural content rather than using pl,using,I have not tried SEOPressor 5 but hope it must have some changes and is Google Friendly..

    1. Now you know the value of high quality contents, Google and new age search engines are smart enough to sniff out the most important data from your articles, so its almost useless stuff keywords. Thanks aliakbar for this kind of feedback.

  17. Hi
    On page SEO is actually a skill and is important too. Many useful tips are shared here. I also recommend using a good SEO plugin in case of WordPress

    1. Besides a good seo plugin, knowledge of basic seo skills is equally important for all of us. Keep in touch saad ;)

  18. DO NOT USE SEO Pressor – EVER!!!!! This is absolutely the WORST plug in ever invented and I have had a 30% drop in traffic since installing it. It’s not as easy as deactivating it either, as it it still leaves remnants of their horrible “tagging” on your site that you cannot remove. You need THEM to run some kind of query on your SQL database to remove the VERY POOR SEO tags.

    Their support is horrific, they only respond once every 2 days, and even then, they are fairly useless. I have been waiting WEEKS for them to remove the wrong SEO they put on my site. Example: I have a page about the US Tennis Open (a page, not a post)…SEO Pressor added these tags to it: 4th, best, fireworks, nyc, view. Not ONE of those words is a good tag, and most (except NYC) are not even on the page. I can’t remove the tags, because it’s a PAGE!

    So I repeat: DO NOT USE SEO Pressor – EVER!!!!!

    1. The same message even i tried to convey all my readers. Though i tried my hands on seopressor but never ever dig seopressor up to this level. Thanks Melissa for this comprehensive update on seopressor. Please keep in touch.

    1. Dear Anurag I am happy to know that now onwards you will come to check us everyday. Thus it give me a pleasure that today onwards i will have a good friend who will keep an eye on all my activities and a fear that you may become my fierce critique. ;) Keep in touch.

  19. Rakesh, you are the only person who speaks it very straight in your articles. I normally wont comment anywhere because I do not have a blog that can get a link via your blog :P But, your articles are always so impressive and I am a real fan of this site. Today, I have subscribed to your blog and hope to read all your articles as soon as they come into my pretty mail box. I advise any individual never to go with SEOpressor. There is no dash kind of stuff in it. It is, I mean the reviews are made inorder to get the affiliate bucks. I am shocked to see a person like you mentioning it clearly though you can make quick dollars as you have cited 1st place for seo pressor. Thanks for a wonderful article. Another reson could be the unavailability in wordpress repository!!! Yoast is simply amazing and I was shocked when a pro blogger I follow said yoast is onpage plugin and seo pressor is off page plugin in his comments to get those quick bucks :) Love your blog for the content you deliver!!!!

    1. Dear Rakesh, Thanks for your great words for this review, I know i am ranking 2nd position on the google for the same keyword “SEOpressor”. Yes i do endorse articles through my blog, but if i think they worth – my readers’ “HARD EARNED MONEY” otherwise i love to educate them. ;) Keep in touch my dear friend

    2. Everyone learns from the stem. The way bloggers advice does impact a lot and when people are straight in this manner, truth comes out in a short span. Waiting for your further articles,

  20. Hello
    I just installed SEOPressor 5 in my blog yesterday.Before it I was using Yoast.I like Yoast too much, It is a awesome plugin for SEO.i need How to migrate settings from WordPress SEO to SEOPressor?

    1. dear mustapha there is no feature like migrate from yoast. So you have to manually migrate each and every post. That is a big task. All the best my dear friend. I think you have not read my review on seo-pressor 5?

  21. I was actually very impressed by the plugin, yes it only shows fundamentals, but that also is useful.

    1. agree that why i have givent his title for this review. Thanks gautam for your comment ;) Keep in touch

  22. Cool.. an unbiased review buddy, hats off!

    I strongly believe there’s not much difference between Yoast and SEOPressor. The reason why most people are still buying it because the kinda marketing they are doing (we both should appreciate it!). People are dying to get search engine traffic (it’s why they are falling in the trap).

    P.S: You’re ranking 2nd for the keyword “SEOPressor” buddy.

    Have a great time :)

    1. You are absolutly right rahul, it is not the seo plugin that place our articles on the top of search engine, it is basically research that do that wonderful job. SEO plugins only help us to present our data to search engine, thus yoast and seopressor both do the same thing.

      I knew that my article is now a big killer to seopressor right now ;) , since i am behind them for the same keyword.

      Thanks rahul for this feedback, hope to see you soon.

  23. I Think Yoast Is Better Than SEO Pressor. Becaus eyou can generate seo optimized title and keyword for your content that you can’t do with SEO Pressor.

    1. Dear VIn Dicarlo, You have the same feelings as i have for seo pressor. Thanks for your feedback.

  24. Hmm…well I just bought SEOpressor plugin yesterday but i did not knew this…Anyway I know that i can’t get my money back…what to do!

    1. You Will Get 100% Money Back if You Request Refund on Clickbank, Yeah!! SEO Pressor runs on Clickbank Marketplace, so you can get refund within 60 days. Clickbank Handle All Refund Request without any query.

  25. Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I’m also lover of Yoast WP SEO Plugin. Many people roar about SEOPressor much, But It’ just the similar plugin to Yoast WP SEO. However, Yoast’s one is million times better than SEOPressor. Good brave review.!!

    Best Wishes,

    1. Dear shyam, I am not an affiliate of seopressor, thus can write a proper review on any topic. if i am an affiliate , how can i guide you? Thanks for this update and for your kind words for my review. ;)

  26. Hello Rakesh
    I just installed SEOPressor 5 in my word Press blog yesterday.Before it I was using Yoast.I like Yoast too much, It is a awesome plugin for SEO. But Now I shift to SEOPressor 5.This plugin also have a lots of options similar to Yoast.Lets see what will it do.

    1. How many post actually do you have in your blog ? Dear Mahendra if you do have more than 200 post on your blog then i am sure you can not take risk. besides that seo pressor also add seven new tables to your wordpress database, that also increase page loading time. I think you just need my new reviewe on seopressor-5. Good Luck for your experiment and do not forget to update us ;)

    2. Ya sure…..and Currently my blog is too new so I have only 20 blog post in my blog.So lets see……………:-0

    3. you can try then this plugin for your blog. 20 article is a manageable amount. but be careful for speed at the same time. ;)

    4. Well Rakesh ,Thanks for your kind suggestion.I will be careful and delete this plugin when I will face this speed factor.

  27. Excellent review but I have to say I disagree with your take on SEOpressor.

    It alone will not bring you SEO traffic.

    You have to choose the right keyword and create content that Google deems relevant.

    All this plugin does is help you describe the post better so that it does get found.
    Who can remember where to put everything? This plugin does make that process easier. I would have linked to a review that I published on my site but the commentluv had an error.

    Why do you hide the dates on your posts? This looks like an OLD version of seo pressor the new version doesn’t look like the screen shots that you shared above.

    1. we have already covered the new version of seo-v5. YOu can check that also. I do agree that it is our research that makes the difference. The second point you raised in your comment is quite valid it help us to check the minor details which novice forgot to resolve thus help us but the same functionality is available in squirrely, yoast and other such seo plugin, that is the reason, title contains that keywords.

      Since, i strongly belive that i do not publish news type article, so it does not matter to show dates published, instead of that i do want to give impression that article was upated recently.


  28. Hi, I am not new but left the business for a couple of years and decided to come back and try again. I bought my version about 3 years ago and was happy with it ( maybe I didn’t know better) but with all the changes with Big G I decided to read the reviews and I am glad I found yours. Thank you for your review and it sounded honest to me and helped me to make a decision. I had read others reviewed WordPress SEO by Yoast and with yours makes it final. WordPress SEO by Yoast WINS!! I bookmarked your website to come back and read other tips and reviews.

    1. Thanks Dora for this wonderful feedback on this review an enhjoy the true power of yoast. ;)

  29. You just save me from the trouble of having SEOPressor, I’m in a group that many of the group member recommended seopressor, that it is a must have plugin and I don’t really know why most of them like, and again I don’t have much information, then I decided to search it on google by typing what is seopressor, but your headline caught my attention, I was like what! Let see why this person is saying this, and I must tell you that I’m glad, I find your review useful to me, I could have wasted some money to purchase seopressor instead of continue using the Yoast plugin.
    Thank you so much for the save.

    1. because all of them are affiliate of seopressor, that is the main reason they are misguiding you. Happy to know that i could help you to decide.;)

  30. Thank you, Rakesh, I was looking for an honest comparison between SEOPressor and Yoast. Have you had a chance yet to review version 5? Looking forward to that. :)

    1. review of version 5 is ready and will publish today. Hope you will also enjoy that one. ;)

  31. Even i think the same way. Yoast is an awesome plugin with lot of advance feature. But as google is turning into a bit semantic engine importance of LSI has increased. Hope yoast will include that too.

    1. Sudeep LSI is nothing more than synonyms, you can find out synonyms using google query “~keyword” and place in metakeywords in Yoast SEO. That is the best solution i can refer to you. if you are too lazy to do that then you can purchase seopressor. Thanks sudeep for your valuable feedback on this article hope to see you very soon. ;)

    2. You took it wrong. I am not intended to use seopressor nor I’m lazy ;)
      I use yoast for all my projects.

    3. Dear sudeep, it was not my intension. Even though i have both of them seopressor v5 and yoast still i can not take risk to switch over. According to me its for only the newbies and lazzy people, You are none of them ;). It was a nice to know that you are my kind of blogger.

  32. I really hate SEO pressor plugin. I am doing seo for clients since from 5 years till now and this plugin is the perfect example of useless stuff. I always writes for my readers and not for search engines. What I believe if you write a great content and do a minimal optimization, you will rank well in search engines. I personally recommend only one tool for seo is that Adword Keyword Tool.

    P.S. I am getting error on your commentluv plugin: Error. Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized 5954e0ac56
    Great Post!

    1. Dear Amrik, You are my kind of blogger and seo practitioner, I also really do the same thing on my blog and i do believe in keyword research rather than on any “useless SEO Plugin”. Thanks for this wonderful update, will try to catch you very soon. ;)

      Note: CommentLuv plugin error has been fixed now.

  33. nice article Rakesh,
    I wanna share my experience with SEO pressor(actually it was cracked version of it), there is no doubt the SEO pressor is one of the best SEO plugin but.., I had encountered a major problem with that..,
    SEO pressor increased my site’s loading speed to a drastic level, and i lost much of my traffic. It was my fault, to save some money I used cracked version of SEO pressor.
    I would suggest you to “buy” the genuine SEO pressor or just use free plugins like SEO yoast or SEO Ultimate.

    1. I do agree with you rohit. SEOPressor is a Good tool but only for the beginners, if you are experienced then in my personal experience, you can achieve almost the same results using Yoast seo. Right now in a process of writing a review on version-5. Next week will publish the same on this blog.

      Thanks Rohit for this wonderful update. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. You are right avinash, It is your keyword research that makes your article unique and place high in the search result, not seopressor. Thanks for posting your comment. I will try to catch you very soon.

  34. Damn…many of you say that only good feature on SEOPressor is LSI and that’s the only one I cant get to work (and tryed everything! And got API key “the way I should”) …it simply doesen’t accept the key…

    But I still think it is ok plugin…

    1. Dear Leon, Let me explain you LSI first, LSI is based on the principle that words that are used in the same contexts tend to have similar meanings ie synonyms and you can get the most used synonyms using this google query
      ~”your keywords”
      SeoPressor use LSI keywords from Bing AZURE. Now you can get how much information bing collect or traffic send to your site using awstat of your site.

      Happy SEO
      ~rakesh Kumar

    1. My dear Sudip, that is the major problem with SEOPressor-v5. Perhaps you have to wait for one more day to read my complete review of seopressor-v5. Till then only a single advice, re-optimize only your high yeilding post first and then do it one by one. Right now i am in conversation with Daniel Tan on this issue. Lets hope something better will come out.
      Welcome sudip, hope to see you very soon.

  35. Thank you brother, I was just about to ditch my WordPress SEO by Yoast. But now I will stick with it. No seopressor for me :D
    Thanx for this eye opener!

    1. Dear Aditya Nath,

      You have read my review on seopressor-4. If you are planning to use that then it is fine. If you are planning for seopressor-5, Just wait for two days, I am going to publish my version of review on seopressor-5.

      That will help you to decide, whether you really need this much hyped seo plugin for your website or not.

      ~rakesh kumar

  36. review on seopressor-5. if you are using yoast seo plugin then, i would highly recommend you to learn keyword research for better conversion and

  37. I was about to push the purchase button on SeoPressor website, when I came across you article. It indeed raised my eyebrows and I have planned to decide on this post further researchs.

    Thanks for your views.

    1. Wait for some time neeraj as i am waiting from Daniel Tan for my reply. After that i will put my complete review on seopressor-5. if you are using yoast seo plugin then, i would highly recommend you to learn keyword research for better conversion and traffic. Thanks for posting your positive feedback.

  38. Your Review is Outdated and Very bad..I am using SEOPressor and Satisfied with it..
    WordPress SEO Does not automatically add nofollow attribute…

    1. I know this review was for seopressor-4 thus it is outdated right now, I do have seopressor-5 and it is showing some sort of wiered error message for all my posts. You are right seo pressor does not add nofollow attribute automatically, since at the time of this review my blog was do-follow thus seo pressor shown that kind of error, I think you just missed that paragraph.

      Daniel Tan has already been given me a free copy of seopressor-5 to update this review. You will get its update very soon.

      Thanks for posting your valuable opinion on this matter Vishal , See you soon.

    2. what I said was WordPress SEO by Yoast does not add nofollow attibute, buy SEOPressor 5 adds. I think SEOpressor is better but there is no free version..So I choose WordPress SEO by Yoast,

    3. Just wait for my review on seo-pressor-5. If you are using yoast seo… according to me you are in safest hands. All i can suggest you is – concentrate on keyword research. That will be a real deciding facotr in future. Thanks for your valuable feedback Vishal. See you soon.

    4. There are many free plugins which automatically adds no-follow tag to all external links. You don’t have to buy SEOPressor by wasting 50$ for that :)

  39. Just get this Premium Plugin here. Just Qualify the above rounds and this can be urs…

    hi i want say i love your post in fact it got me cracking up especially at the end you said donate the money to you. you do have a point i also wandered why the plugin is so popular which all in one seo already does the job and you can easy memorize what to do to any blog post it no big deal.just by going to youtube you can easy see what it been done to post for better search engine traffic. thanks for this am still laughing.if i had $100 bucks i will definitely donate it to you.

    1. No problem my dear, do the best with the help of your paid version and do not forget to submit your valuable feedback. See you soon JUAN

  40. hi i want say i love your post in fact it got me cracking up especially at the end you said donate the money to you. you do have a point i also wandered why the plugin is so popular which all in one seo already does the job and you can easy memorize what to do to any blog post it no big deal.just by going to youtube you can easy see what it been done to post for better search engine traffic. thanks for this am still laughing.if i had $100 bucks i will definitely donate it to you.

    1. You are most welcome sabrina, always choose a proper plugin for your seo needs. See you soon.

  41. I came across your blog looking for buyers keywords. I watched your video’s about using the Google keyword tool and even though I am very experienced in using this tool you have given some incites that I didn’t know about.
    With regard to the SEO plugins I use both of the free ones and they do the job. I have seen the paid one you mentioned being peddled around by affiliates and am not impressed.
    Some of the information you have on your blog is very valuable, I am very impressed. This sort of info could be sold if you chose to.
    There is a lot of crap being sold at the moment on certain sites, I could do a better job of putting together info packages.
    The only reason its being sold is because affiliates are promoting this stuff to there lists.
    Someone puts up a “new or never before discovered”(bullshit) way to earn money on line for $7 to $10 and they sell a few hundred copies, not bad money if you can get is for rehashed generally available info.
    Very glad I came across your site I have booked marked and will be back to read all your posts, refreshing to find someone who gives out very useful info without trying to sell the “new wonder push button package”.

    1. This is the main reason, i have gathered all this information to educate my readers. How can i sell “valuable information” listed here in my blog, if you have any idea or want to have a deal, kindly let me know and thanks for your valuable feedback, see you soon.

    1. LSI keywords are the synonyms of that keywords and related terms used to search that information,LSI keyword feature is the only feature that is very useful with the latest version of seopressor-5. Otherwise the on-page SEO feature is not new to seo plugin developer and as i mentioned in my post, that can be achieved using yoast very easily.

      Thanks Narender for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you soon bro.

  42. I also intsalled Seo pressor in my wordpress and really i’m 100% dissatisfied from it.Yoast is better than Seo Pressor and now your article clear my doubts.Thank you sir.Really Seo Pressor just making people fool nothing else

    1. I do have the same feelings for the seo pressor, thus written this article for my dear fellow bloggers who keep on investing on such software. Do not forget to spread the message

  43. Thanks for your reply rakesh I just though that the review was fresh, because I read “Updated on : Wednesday 30th of January 2013”.

    1. That is the General setting of this wordpress theme. So it seems all the articles was just updated a day before thus seems fresh even after years. A small cheating all the way ;)

  44. You made a huge mistake: in your comparison you used SEOPressor 4, a version that was released more than one year ago. That fact make your review/comparison worthless. In my experience, as a real SEOPressor user, I must said that SEOPressor worth every penny I spent on it and I’m very happy with my investment. I invested $100 for have on my hand for the years to come a WP Plugin that involve accord SEO best practices with enterprise level support. From my two years of experience using the product, I can tell you that SEOPressor have one of the best in the market support, in the sense of helpdesk and features updates. Anyway, is just my opinion.

    1. Dear Frank, You have already cleared all the doubts yourself. You are right- at that time seo version -4 was on the market , thus taken the product. How can i see the future of any product? So according to that i made this review.
      Thanks for your valuable feedback on this article. Hope to see you soon. ;)

    1. Sorry Vickey, If you read the whole article, it is clearly mentioned… what this seo plugin is trying to do, the same thing and extra you can easily achieve using Yoast SEO. Think one more time before purchasing it.

  45. Very Honest review Rakesh. I also have the same feeling. Yoast SEO plugin can do the same thing for free. Nobody should waste their hard earned money by buying SEOPressor.

    The name of SEOPressor is made popular by the fake taglines and the reviews by the greedy affiliates. Don’t fall victim to their fake reviews.

    1. “Two Great Minds always thinks same”. Thanks Nekib for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you very soon.

  46. Thanks for this great review, I found the website of seoprocessor very annoying, specially when you want to leave. Anyway Yoast is a great and the best choice, but I’m wondering which plugins are stay by you ? you said you almost delete all other plugins? I have uninstall Google Sitemaps and All in One Seo, I run Yoast and I think if you run it that do everything Yoast so no other sitemap plugin or rss plugins only Yoast.

    1. I said, i deleted all other plugin like all in seo, breadcrumb, redirector and sitemap as well as keyword density checker. as all these features are embeded with yoast plugin. so my recommeded seo plugin for wordpress is Yoast.

      Thanks Danielle for your wonderful feedback on this article. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. You are the first person sandeep, who has given me such a positive feedback on this plugin. Do you really a totally newcomer in this field?

    2. Hello Rakesh my name is not sandeep. By the way i am Sudeep. I am not totally newcomer in this field. I was searching the review of SEO pressor plugins.

    3. Sorry for the typo sudeep. As i mentioned in my article the whole process it does? It only show what is missing from the article and prompt you to do that and for that according to me not worth $47. Thanks for your comment Sudeep Acharya. ;)

  47. Good review and comparison! I think we should learn the guidelines of SEO optimization and leave all these plugins alone.

    1. Since SEO is not built in the wordpress. We have to depend upon either on the Templates or on these types of plugin, but before spending a lots of many on these types of craps its better to differentiate , As you pointed out in your wonderful comment. Hope to see you very soon.

    2. That is right Rakesh but these plugins are handy for someone who don’t know anything about SEO.

      I am using SEO by Yoast which I feel is really good but after looking at lot of recommendations I thought of going for SEOpressor but then I was googling to know whether its worth a buy.

      Thanks for your honest review.

  48. Nice to see an honest and useful review.

    Anyone searching for reviews is liable to see all the false positive reviews written by affiliates of SEOProcessor.

    1. really happy to know that, Hope now you will not purchase at-least this crap for your wordpress blog. Hope to see you very soon.

  49. Hi Rakesh,

    I’m a novice level blogger, trying to learn as much as i can. I found your post while looking for information about SEOprocessor. Now i agree not to pay that one. I’m gonna try YOAST SEO as you recommended. Right now i’m using All In One SEO. Do you think YOAST SEO does everything that All In One SEO does. I mean, should i remove it?

    1. Both of them are eqaully good for SEO purpose but Yoast SEO is right now ahead of All in one SEO. In my personal view you must give it a try first on a Local system and then on your live system.

  50. I must say that SEOpressure is one of the most valuable tools around for getting that onpage SEO sorted. Its a must have plugin for any blog. Its tells you to add the important elements to rank you well in the search engines. I must say to those who are not using it to get it as they will start reaping the awards very quickly.

    1. Perhaps, You have not read the whole article my dear friend. Read it once and then decice yourself, whether you want to involve yourself with this seo plugin or not.

  51. I found your post while I am searching for seo processor plugin, as I have read several people recommended this plugin. I wondered this pluging is free or paid.

    Your review is just the opposite and I think I agree with you. I am not sure that those who recommend seo processor are making money or not.

    1. They are affiliate of that plugin and i am not, this is the major difference between their review and my review. The second point is this is a paid plugin. Have you read my whole article carefully? if you think you can do these things yourself, than, according to me don’t waste your money on this plugin. Instead of that install YOAST SEO – a free seo plugin for wordpress.

  52. Seriously I though the review about SEO processor was serious but it truned out to be a shit. very boring thanks anyway by the way this not comment luv is just fake

    1. May be this review is not as usual as you are used to see, if you do not believe at this go ahead and invest ( i really mean it) your hard earned money on this superior SEO plugin. Thanks john for telling me about how i wrote the review. Hope to see you very soon.

  53. Install All in One SEO Pack on your blog and WordPress SEO that has some more options on another blog to compare the performance of the two best WP plugins.
    Obviouslly, you’ll probably need to build two quality sites, and write original content while creating a number of posts for both websites.

    1. But again the problem remains same, You can not compare two article on and ranking on two different niche. Thus its again up to you. IN my personal opinion, it is personal preference. Thanks again Steven for your thoughtful update.

  54. Great, I would rather keep this kind of configuration and install the WordPress SEO by Yoast on another site to compare the performance of each plugin.

    1. That’s your choice my dear friend, Right now i have not seen any other plugin has such a capabilities. Update me also as i have not compared these two plugins as performance wise. If you do not feel offended may i ask you how will you compare these two plugins?

  55. Well written review, thank you for detailed description of WordPress SEO by Yoast. If I have installed All in One SEO plugin, do I have to get rid of it now??? Is any type of incompatibilities when using multiple SEO plugins?

    1. I do not see any extra advantage of having multiple SEO plugins. SO in my opinion, You should install only one.

  56. Hi Rakesh,

    I am a novice beginner.
    But I just cud relate to what all you wrote, as I am working as a VA for a wordpress developer businessman.No Idea as to how to go about though.
    Knowing that there is so much to do and so much to earn online,
    I made-up my mind to patiently make my own blog.
    This is my first project.Cud you please add some highlight to how i should take off and go about?

  57. Yeah I think SeoPressor is the best plugin for SEO in WP blogs…Many bloggers are very much satisfied with this amazing plugin…..Thanks for sharing author.Nice article

    1. But itender i do not think this plugin worth s much amount. Instead of that i would love to use Yoast SEO.

    2. I’m using Yoast on my site, it looks nice but I’m hearing a lot about SEOPressor, you’re the only one who does not recommend this so far. So I’m confused now.

    3. right now i have seopressor-5 and i am very much confused whether to suggest it or not, without proper research and impact of seopressor-5. You will get my complete review and comparison between these two great seo plugins in the next week. Till then cross your fingers.
      The article you have read here was based on seopressor-4. Thanks dear for posting your concern.

    4. I also use the yoast plugin for SEO on my site and I can hardly believe it is free. If you are thinking about buying seopressor or another plugin for on-page SEO you may want to read this article I found .

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