SEO Quotes Website [ 2019 Edition ]

SEO Quotes Website

SEO quotes website or SEO Shayari website is one such question that is being asked by the webmasters on social media and user-generated websites like Quora but people are not providing these webmasters proper step by step guide to rank Quotes website.

Why we have to write a complete web post on SEO quotes website when there are already thousands of article already available on the net – how to optimize a website for search engine optimization? The simple answer to this question is – because these two types of the website contain very few words in a single post.

All these articles floating on the internet is targeting a huge blog post that might contain 1000-1400 words in a single post and ask you to follow the same pattern for your Quotes website.

Here in the SEO guide for Quotes website, we are going to explain that mystery in 7 easy steps. These 7 step guide for Quotes website is not arranged in any specific manner so you are requested to read all these points one by one and implement the same in your Quotes/ Shayari website.

The whole article assumes that you are running your Quotes website on WordPress and using some standard Quote WordPress theme to render your quotes.  Though these steps are specific to WordPress still I believe that you can implement the same on other CMS.

Define Long tail keywords and your categories

People normally do not take very good care of their categories and just name their categories as “Inspirational Quotes” but it is a very short name and it’s very hard to rank this keyword in search engine. Instead of that, I would recommend naming “Inspiration Quotes for Students” like that.

Do not name any category randomly, use any keyword suggestion tools and do some keyword research on your idea and search volume behind that keyword and then do the needful.

Also, make it very sure that URL  must not contain word category before showing your category URL. An example of  such a bad category URL is


instead of that, I would recommend you to go with this URL


Second URL is more user-friendly and it also does not have any stop word. So the chances for ranking this URL is quite high.

Aim for the Most Quotes on the SEP

SEO Quotation website

The meaning of the above statement is – search on Google for your desired keywords and if the results are showing “7 Inspirational quotes for students” on the first page, then write a complete blog post on the same targeted keywords with “100 Inspirational quotes for student “. ie your blog post must contain a higher number than the ranked post.

Secondly, do not show all these quotes in a single blog post instead of that just paginate your blog post into numbers. This way you are going to increase the user time on your website, this way you are going to show search engines that you have more valuable content than the previously ranked website on the same keyword.

So suppose your blog post contains 100 quotes than this single blog post must be paginated into 50 posts. Make it very sure that your search engine should not consider these 50 pages as different pages otherwise all your efforts will not fetch any results.

Make Sharable Images for Some Quotes

SEO Shayari website

Images attract more than the Words and if you are making sharable image quotes than believe me people will love to visit your website than anything else.

Quotes on Girl Child

Well, images are hard to rank so we have to take very good care of this situation.  Here are some points that you must consider while sharing sharable image quotes.

  1. SEO every image quote as per our guide for SEO Wallpaper website
  2. Put your original quote below the image so that the search engine can consume the same quote.
  3. Put additional information about the quote and it’s author/writer if possible.
  4. Use any professional software / professional to Generate Image Quotes as typography of  Image quotes attract people much more than its original contents.

Use LongTail keywords as Subheads or filter

Since we all are aware of how sub-headings are important to show search engines how our article has been structured and how much-related information that particular post contains.  Do not put a single keyword in heading tag and place all 100 quotes in on the same keyword.

Divide these 100 quotes in 4 to 5 sub-heading and place all these quotes in these 4 -5 sub-headings, this way you are announcing that you covered all aspect of that keyword.

Allow People to Share your Individual Quotes

All WordPress plugins available right now does not allow you to share an individual paragraph of your post instead of that they allow you to share your whole article.  An individual paragraph or quote or image if they found sharable then they definitely share.

The below screenshot is only for example as right now, I am not able to locate any such website that allow such facility.

Share your Quotes

Whatsapp is right now one of the most used communication media, You should use such plugins or  WordPress theme that would allow the reader to share your quotes / Shayari on WhatsApp platform.  WpUpper Share Button Plugin is one such Plugin.

Images should be enabled in such a manner that image sharing sites like Pinterest / flicker can consume your image quotes easily.  You can also generate embed code for image quotes and make them sharable.


Embed code generator plugin can generate embed code of your image quote. The embed code is one such source that can enhance the backlinks of your website.

Index Category not single Quote

This is especially useful when you are publishing a single quote at a time in a single post and you already aware that a single quote or single image does not have meat. In this situation, I would recommend you to index category and do not allow single media to be indexed.

Use LSI  Kwyrods and  display them as Tags

No need to define the importance of LSI keywords in Search engine ranking, But in our case, we are not writing too many contents in our posts/ quotes so how we can place LSI keywords in our quote.

The idea is – use all such LSI keywords as a tag in your post and display them at the end of the Quotes. Do not display these tags to your user, hide them using CSS. This way you are pointing your search engine that these are related keywords.

A piece of very vital advice put only 3 to 5 LSI keywords only, otherwise, you may get Black hat SEO penalty.  You can read our old blog post on 30 Black hat SEO that you can use for traffic.

Bonus Tips

Allow your readers to submit their own quote/Shayari to your website, make it very sure they must submit their Shayari/quote in the prescribed format/size.

Make your website ready for accelerated mobile pages. AMP plugin for WordPress can help you a lot to convert your quote website into a mobile-ready page.

Implement SSL into your Website. SSL is right now considered as a ranking factor. free SSL  certificates can be obtained from SSL for Free.

Select a Quotation specific WordPress theme, General themes does not perform well for such niche sites.


Few things that I have not discussed in this post is – how to configure your website for indexing, speed optimization, responsiveness and mobile-ready that also matters your ranking on search engine. But I think people are right now quite aware of the responsiveness of their website.

These are some of the most useful SEO tricks that can help you SEO quotes website in search ranking and if you find anything else that is equally useful to rank Quotes website for better ranking, Do not hesitate to put your ideas in comments.

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