SEO Techniques – Do’s and Don’ts

SEO Tricks

SEO Tricks

In the business world, the fight for each client is merciless. Recently, many companies transferred their business on the Internet. So the real struggle is to increase the traffic to the web page and the number of potential users.

An SEO serves to do this in the best possible way. With numerous methods, you can improve the quality of your content, which will “push” your site in search. The better position you have, the higher is the chance that you’ll attract users. And it still opens many possibilities. Maybe not all of them will be your customers, but you can use them for promoting, giving suggestions, or bringing other potential users.

Read here how to avoid penalization: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2017/06/23/what-to-look-out-for-to-avoid-a-google-penalty/.

What are the techniques used today, and whether they are all desirable and useful, read below.

White Hat technique – The “Good Guy”

A website that is well-optimized for browsers, but primarily focuses on quality content, is optimized with some of the White Hat methods. This “natural” improvement in the quality is also called organic, as the position in the browser improves without “cheating” algorithms.The use of White Hat is a long-term investment, which will result in time. Also, your position is safe because you play fair and according to the rules.

Quality Content

The point is to sell the product but without pushing your users to do that. With excellent text and relevant information, your content can be commercial, and not to look like one. Those who liked your content can share it with others, give suggestions, or use it for some further research.

Quality texts must be followed with catchy titles, relevant links, references, video and audio content (tips for writing engaging content find on this page). Not to mention that grammar, spelling, and syntax are a must, so as the natural flow of the writings. Make it brief and concise.

Use of Social Media

Social Media for SEO

Being present on social media leads to more frequent appearances in searches. Whether you advertise on your own, or you have a good link building that motivates users all around the world to share your content (for example, someone from Wichita can share your article about Japanese art from your design agency’s website located in Tokyo), you have to keep up with trends.

This form of interactive communication leads to better contact with potential users. In return, users who prefer this kind of search will quickly come to you. For the search engine, it is important how much you are present on social networks, how many users follow you, and what kind of content you provide. Numerous algorithms check your page daily. The rules for communicating through social media are authority sites of importance for your business. Everything else, Google considers “fraud.”

Black Hat – The “Naughty Boy”

similar to those for your website content.

Link Building

This technique relies on marketing and promoting your content through other websites. If you create quality content, other directories and pages will want to link with you. The relevant information you offer is your advantage, but other sources can profit from it too. All needed is a good link building, of mutual benefit.

The strategically placed internal and external links will provide the client easily moves through the site/Internet search to find desired information. But you can’t just connect with anyone. These have to be web pages and

Back Hat SEO Tricks

Black Hat was a common technique a few years ago. At the very beginning, while the number of Internet users was small, and with modes knowledge of SEO, Black Hat was the only way to became visible on the Internet.

In time, as the market began to grow, SEO experts got more knowledge and experience, and the requests of Internet users crystallized, Black Hat found itself on the list of unwanted methods. Not only for search engines, but for users too.

Their preferences have changed; the quality of content has become more important than quantity. And this is what Black Hat had to offer – an aggressive approach, stuffing with irrelevant content, and a lot of useless information and links.

Those who opt for this SEO method must be aware of the risk for Google to “hate” them. There are various techniques considering “unfavorable,” but many web pages still use them to gain financial benefits (usually short-term, until Google detect the fraud).


A passé in SEO, stuffing is based on the overloading of content with keywords, so the user becomes clear that they found what they were looking for. Such texts are often hard to read and don’t seem natural. It’s like you force users to get attached to your website.

This content has no quality, andthe only purpose is to be stuffed with keywords. Stuffing technique is mostly used by commercial sites and should lead to a better position in searches. Browsers’ tools can recognize this content using keyword density algorithms.

Check out why finding the appropriate keyword is not as easy as it seem: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-guide/complete-guide-keyword-research/.

Copy-Paste Technique

One thing is to provide fresh content and give it a personal mark, and quite another to copy the text from a website that is better than yours. Especially if you don’t mention references and sources. It’s a kind of criminal activity because you’re using other’s content just like that.

The other way is spinning, or simply, rewriting articles, so they look unique. Like, it’s the same, but not entirely. Luckily, Google’s algorithms are significantly improved to recognize this “uniqueness.”

Using Spam Content

Span contents

Spam content can really get on nerves. It is mainly used to promote a web page in comments on forums, blogs, or below articles on some authority websites. These comments contain the links that advertise random web pages. These aren’t “handwritten” comments by the real users, who put a link in place with the natural flow – link building. Find more detailed explanation here.

The other way is spinning, or rewriting articles, so they look unique. Like, it’s the same, but different – you just paraphrase sentences and change the order. Google is improving its tools to ban this plagiarism method.

SEO optimization consists of a number of techniques and depending on your needs, you can opt for one or a few. For making this “game” fair, you have to follow the rules search engines prescribe. If you “cheat,” you risk sanctions, and if you adhere to the rules, Google will award your efforts.

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