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how to bring targeted traffic to your site

This is the single question no money making blogger would love to answer. If they will answer then you can not conclude anything from their answer, Means You will get…..

create backlinks easily

Easiest Guide on how to Get EDU Backlinks

The Backlinks from the  .Edu and .Gov domain names are thought to be very effective since they generate a lot of traffic around them and regarded as authoritative by search…..

Top- SEO-Books

10 Best SEO books ever published

10 Best SEO Book, No introduction, I really mean it!.  These are the best books I have ever read on seo, some of them are in paperback format and some…..

Google Knowledge Graph and SEO

How to use Google Knowledge Graph in SEO

When Search engine watch published  Google map and  Google graph is stealing all your Organic Traffic, my instant  reaction was, Does it mean everything else we did in the past…..

Keyword research tools

7 Most Powerful Best Free Keyword Research Tools

I do not know how many of you care about SEO for every blog post and do proper keyword research before hitting that the most hard button- Publish. When you…..

Google Adword Tool

How to Use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website

The Targeted traffic is one of the most important entities in the internet universe. Any website owner recognizes the importance of generating traffic to his website. If you do not use…..