SERP Empire Review [ Do not buy it before reading this ]

serp empire review

Research-based, search engine optimized, unique and highly engaging content is great for your website but what if that content is not able to bring the organic unique traffic to your website that is trying to sell or promote affiliate products on your website?

Getting that organic visitor is now a big deal when a lots of websites are competing on the same keywords and doing all those things you are trying on your own website ie using the same tools for keyword research, same web 2.0 website, blog posting, media management, engagement on facebook groups, answering question on Quora and all.

So how do you may outrank all those websites for tons of organic traffic searching for the same keyword and products?

SERP Empire provides organic traffic to increase your SEO. It sends automated traffic that clicks on your website on the Google SERP to increase your rankings.

SERP Empire manipulates your website’s CTR ( click-through rate ) and helps you to gain an advantage in search engines.

Before writing this review we checked the working and effectiveness of the SERP Empire on https://binarynote.com and what we experienced are going to share with you.

SERP Empire Review

The keyword SERP in the SERP empire stands for Search Engine Result Page. SERP empire is basically a cloud-based web application that allows bloggers and marketers to track their keywords position on the Google search result page.

SERP Empire generates automated traffic to help boost your keywords’ rankings on various search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. The software works in this way that it manipulates your website’s keywords’ CTR (Click Through Rate) so that you can rank above your competitors on Search engines.

This software is specifically developed for website owners and digital markets, by sending automated limited traffic SERP Empire to boost organic traffic and push your website to on page 1 position on Google and other popular search engines.

The Web app is flexible, straightforward and easy to use. Its free version or you can say trial version lets you add one keyword, amongst other limitations. But, the paid versions are very much considerable and fairly priced. Frankly, the SERP Empire is a useful SEO cloud app for digital marketers, bloggers, and even eCommerce websites.

Salient Features of SERP Empire

  • SERP Empire is an intuitive and easy to use interface, with all of its supported tools arranged for quick access.
  • You can generate a new campaign, as well as stop/delete your old campaign at any time.
  • Easy to understand dashboard.
  • Quick links to other useful information like CTR, SEO factors, etc.
  • SERP Empire supports geotagging to allow users to choose specific countries but this is limited to only a few countries where they want their keyword(s) to rank. This also helps to get more targeted traffic to your website.

SERP Empire Pricing

serp empire price

SERP Empire has a completely free, but limited plan that allows you to use this tool for 15 days without paying. You are required to get a paid plan after using the free plan for up to 15 days.

The basic paid plan starts from $59/month  as shown in the above image that supports up to 100 search engine visits daily.

Standard, Professional and agency plans go for $129, $299, and $499 respectively.

How to use SERP Empire

In order to use the SERP Empire, you have to join their network by clicking on the “Join Now” button on their official website. Supply the necessary information requested. YOu have to use an active email address for signup process, the same email ID will be used for confirmation of your registration.

However the Joining process is simple and straightforward, useless information like your name, your address, your bank details are not required at all for registration.

Also, during the registration, you’d be asked to enter a keyword you wish to rank for. Once you’re done verifying your registration, you’re directed to the SERP Empire dashboard, where you’ll start using and exploring the software.

1: Create a Campaign

serp empire review

You have already created your first campaign during the sign-up process and signup process automatically activate your free plans so you cannot have more than one campaign in your account

Delete automated traffic

So the first thing you can do it – either remove your existing campaign or upgrade your account to make more campaigns.

2. Fine Tune You campaign

You can Geotag, Mobile search and Desktop search percentage and bounce rate and other useful parameters. Depending upon your plan, there is a limit to the number of keywords you can add to your profile.

3. Run Your campaign

Once you are completely satisfied with your configuration, click on the “Save” button and save your campaign to get the bot to click on your website.

Final verdict

SERP Empire is extremely simple and easy to use web application. All you need is to have a suitable plan for your needs, Creating a new campaign, assigning new keywords and configure it as per your needs, the bot will start generating traffic to your website instantly.

It is a very helpful tool for SERP manipulation for all businesses. SERP empire web app can be used for event blogging, money-making sites, and affiliate websites / eCommerce platforms. If you are in any one of these businesses then it is a must-try tool for you.

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