Should we give our Exclusive knowledge to our Blog Readers Free of cost

Exclusive knowledge

Exclusive knowledgeDid you notice the loading time of this website? It is hosted on shared host on hostgator and using almost 10 most used plugins like w3total cache, Yoast SEO, wp125 ads, comment form-7, Jetpack etc, still able to load in less then 1.2sec.

Last Month when, We updated our facebook page to showcase the page-load time measured by gtmetrix, but it was not 100/100 thus asked,
one of my old friend satish Gandham to suggest me few more ideas to increase its loading time.

Pagespped Theme actual test

Not to be obsessed with these metrices but instead of that concentrate on the suggestion

but never revealed the secret.

Then wasted a lots of time to figure out how to load my website faster on a shared hosting, browse hundred of webpages in order to get some
useful information regarding this and then suddenly realized that Everybody is writing between the line and no one is actually
providing us the exact information.

Most of the time these guys are either trying to re-invent the wheel or forcing us to buy their exclusive product to know more or fooling us to sign their e-mail letter and we all know what we actually receive later on?

So why should we bloggers should give that? The above scenario forced me to think more about on this topic and then found few reasons

1. We can make money

This is the first and foremost reason for not sharing exclusive knowledge, Instead of publishing such information. I decided to design a WordPress theme and start selling that theme(  Yes my pagespeed theme is the result of these Techniques and I am proud of that
some of my old friend even written about that also but they are not paid review – mind it even they are not my affiliate ).

If you had been connected with me then you can see, I removed all Google ads from this site in-order to make some extra space for  my money making themes that are also the fastest loading Wallpaper WordPress theme  in their niche.

All of these themes are designed to make fewer http request and loading your CSS and JS files on demand, automatically able to remove query strings from the URLs etc etc.

2. People can replicate your knowledge

Once published, people can replicate your knowledge in their products like you can say wp-page-nav is the first plugin that used numerical pagination and later on the same was implemented in so many theme.

On the other hand Slider Revolution  and other Image Sliders that have power to enlighten to your website within minutes, prepared their exclusive products and now enjoying the status of most successful image players on the net. Almost every premium WordPress theme is boasting to have this plugin.

3. You may increase your competition

“Sharing is caring” may be? But sharing your exclusive knowledge with your followers can increase competition for you. This is bitter truth but it is true.

I know how to decrease the page loading time of any WordPress blog exponentially even on shared host but love to see slow websites on the internet so that I can see my site on the first page for the same type of contents.

Did you get my point my dear friend?

4. They Don’t Believe its free

Before starting my point. Let me share a simple story. If you are not new on binarynote.com then you must be aware of rahul kashyap of  thememonster.com. One fine day, he asked me how to increase the Page Rank of any website in next update.

Since, I was not charging anything, he never applied my hard earned knowledge, And the people you charge for are bound to at-least experiment with your knowledge and believe that would help them to achieve success.

Now its Your Turn

What’s your idea on this issue? please Give any solid reason to share your exclusive knowledge so that I can share my exclusive knowledge with you people all the time.

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4 thoughts on “Should we give our Exclusive knowledge to our Blog Readers Free of cost”

  1. Hahaha! As to how to convince you to share your exclusive knowledge to us your readers, I am yet to find to find how to convince but if there is one thing I know for sure, it builds up trust at end!

  2. Nobody provides the whole information.
    They remove the chemical X from the “Power puff girls” solutions.

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