4 Social Media strategies to Reach Target Audience

strategy for social media

Social Media has become the hottest topic for businesses of every scale. Businesses of every scale are making efforts to build a community following their brands. Social media made it damn easy to bring brand loyalty among targeted audiences.

1. Set targets

The First step in making a social media strategy is to determine the target audience. As in case of a local restaurant which have plans to distribute franchise, the target audience is local people.

The Target audience could be identified in various terms such as age, demography, gender, interests or a combination of them. Taking an example of Johnson’s baby products, they target women of age group 20-35 as women of this age group buy their


strategy for social media

2. Decide social media channels

Deciding the social media channel is an important part of social media strategy. You have to decide that on which social media website, your target audience is active.

Every brand has different marketing needs. Take an example of NishaMadhulika, a well known chef providing recipes online. As she is a big brand, she is active on almost every social media website. She has 25,000 Facebook followers. You might be thinking that Facebook is the major social media channel for them but in reality it’s their YouTube channel which does all the magic. On Facebook they have 25,000 followers, and talking about of  600, which clearly depicts that  followers are not active on the page. Whereas on her YouTube channel each video gets 50,000+ views and hundreds of likes and comments. Further many brands are using Tumblr to reach their target audience, Tumblr is more of a blogging platform so you need a cool Tumblr theme to make it work.

What do we learn from Nisha Madhulika ?

Knorr needs customers’ loyalty. They want followers who cook food at home. These people search for recipes online and more likely they will try to find it on YouTube as everybody tends to learn quickly via videos. So we conclude that we need to find what our target audience is doing online and what attracts them. If you love to cook like me, go to their YouTube channel, You will fall in love with it but the Facebook page is not that attractive to me. Having a beautiful Facebook timeline template always attracts visitors, so try to invest some time on it.

 3. Decide your pitch

It is very important to decide the pitch you use in mass communication. It must be aligned with goals. Answer these simple questions to yourself :-

  • Are you trying to make the target audience aware about your products ?
  • Everybody knows about your Brand, now are you trying to bring brand loyalty ?
  • Do you measure the ROI in real terms and the sole motto of investing resources in social media is the higher sales number ?
  • The social media pitch should be clear before starting a social media campaign.

4. Decide success metrics and measure performance

Efforts without a predetermined targets and performance appraisal leads to wastage of resources. Success metrics should be pre-determined. There can be  following performance metrics

  • Referral traffic to business website
  • Community size
  • Mentions
  • Links to the social media profile
  • Engagement and responses

Success metrics should be selected carefully. As in case of Knorr, discussed above, YouTube channel can’t aim viewers to go to the main site. They need more subscribers and bigger community and getting traffic to their business website is not their goal.

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  1. Hey,

    Social media is the best place to get traffic easily but the problem is that how to reach the actual audience.Your post is very helpful.

    Jane Brown

  2. Thank you for the nice summary. I use Feedly and the iPad app is terrific. It connects to Pocket or other tools allowing you to save the article for reading later. I am using Hootsuite, but did not now about the syndicator. I will certainly try it out. Cheers!

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