Here’s How You Stay Sane While Moving Offices

You might get to the point when it’s time to try and grow your business. The time could come when the only way you can grow and develop your company is to bring some new hires onto your team. If you are currently working out of a small office then you will have to think about expanding into a larger work space so that you can accommodate all of your new employees. Even if you don’t have a whole lot of office equipment in your current small workspace, you will find that moving offices can be incredibly stressful.

But that is often a sign that the move hasn’t been planned out very effectively. So, ready to get planning? Here are some things you need to remember.


Get Some Professional Helpers

You probably won’t be able to carry out the whole move on your own, so it’s worth hiring some professional movers to give you a hand with it all. Moving firms like myBekins will send a team of movers around to your old office to load all of your boxes and equipment into their van. They will then drive everything to your new office and unload the van for you. This will certainly save your back from all the heavy straining and lifting!

Move Out Of Office Hours

One of the main problems with moving is that it will take some serious time away from running your business and doing all of the work that you will be getting paid to do. So, if at all possible, you should try and carry out your move out of normal office hours. Ideally, you should dedicate a couple of full days to it, so moving at the weekend will probably be the best option for most companies. If you want your employees to help with the move, they might be a bit annoyed about working outside their usual work hours but you will be able to offer them some incentives, such as a bonus, for all of their extra hard work.

Sort Out Utilities In Advance

You will need to set up new accounts for all of the energy, electricity, and other utilities at your new company office. You can wait until you are all moved in to do this, but it is a much better idea to organize everything like this in advance. That way, you get all the admin out of the way and don’t have to worry about sorting out this paperwork when you are trying to get settled into your new place. Plus, this prevents the chance of you moving into an office that has had its electricity or energy cut off! So, as soon as you have a new address for your business, it’s important that you let all of the utility companies know as soon as possible!

Worried that you might go mad during your big office mood? You’ll be safe with all the above tips – just remember, the key to a smooth move is good organization!