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Backup , Bakcup and backup is the golden rule of computing and we do understand the need of a Good backup software for our WordPress based website the same is true for our iPhone, Since a lots of  tweeks and hacks we love to do on our iPhone.

There are a lot of methods to backup your iPhone data including iCloud, iTunes and some third-party software but there are very few genuinely powerful software that work to recover your iPhone data. If you start looking for a good quality iPhone data recovery software, then you will be amazed to know that most of them are fraud and too much costly.

One fine day we found Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software and you won’t believe when we used to recover our iPhone data, it work like a charm.

Installation of TenorShare iPhone Data Recovery Software


You can download its trial version from its Tenorshare official website, it does not come in any internet based installer so you have to download its complete copy first and then the installation of this software is nothing special if you have ever installed any Windows based software. Just a few clicks to rock.

Connecting with iPhone

As soon as you start Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software it prompts you for iTunes, if it is not already installed on your computer. If it is already there then it show a screen like this


Once it is connected Hit Scan button to search all the available information.

iPhone data recovery scanChoose files to be recovered.

Hit Recover (which lets you recover the files in different formats depending on your selection.)


Review of Tenorshare iPhone data Recovery Software

While reviewing this software for iPhone, The most recommended feature, that we noticed is –Easy to use interface as we all know it that most of its users are not tech savvy so they can’t go through the long learning curve in order to recover their deleted Photos and other media from their iPhones.  These types of people just want a right kind of solution that must work out of the box and believe me Tenorshare iphone data recovery software does it very well.

The software lets you recover data directly from the iPhone or from a previous iTunes backup file you’ve got. As regular users, we’re going to find ourselves wanting some photos back (photos that we deleted eons ago). Or maybe you lost some contacts when you tried to sync to iCloud. Things can go wrong when you try iCloud for the first time or remove and re-add iCloud accounts.

Final verdict on Tenorshare iPhone data recovery software

As we recovered our data without reading its manual or trying it several times before actually figure out how it works, we can proudly say that this data recovery software is designed for the normal people who hates to read bulky manuals or have to run a software several times to able to understand how it works.

If you’ve really got to recover that lost data from your iPhone at any cost and do it without any hassle, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is your answer, a highly recommended iPhone data recovery tool. Just don’t wait grabbing its copy now.

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