The Career Change Guide: 7 Steps To Make A Career Change in 2020

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Making a career change is a process that many people have been through in 2020. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, many employees lost their jobs and faced a difficult situation. The lack of technical skills made getting a job a whole new challenge. For that reason, coding bootcamps became very popular. These courses allow unskilled workers to learn from home. If you’re looking forward to making a career change, but you don’t know what to do, these steps will help you start your new journey.

Research and Identify What Moves You

Before getting training and changing careers, you should do some research. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many organizations to freeze their operations, and only a few are hiring new employees. You should look for job offers in the healthcare sector or the online retail industry. After all, because of the coronavirus lockdown, more people are spending time online.

Researching will also allow you to identify what makes you tick and what field you should pursue. You can make a list of your strengths and see how you use them at work. Don’t forget that enjoying what you do will allow you not only to provide better results but to achieve happiness in life.

Make a List of Your Alternatives and the Skills You Need

The next step you should take is creating a list of your job alternatives. This will allow you to identify what soft and hard skills you need to land a job that fulfills your expectations. Employers’ demands are now higher, and the learning journey can be tough. Prioritize your options and create a new strategy to get skilled. Also, you should create a new plan to approach employers. In 2020, companies are looking for aspirants who like to try new things and get out of their comfort zone. Don’t forget that the competition is getting more challenging, and companies need workers that can help them innovate.

Change Your Mindset and Set New Goals

To switch careers and thrive, you’ll need to change your mindset. Before starting your new journey, you need to relax. This will allow you to think straight and make better decisions. Also, to attract good vibes and move in the right direction, you must keep a positive mindset. When people feel motivated and think positively, they can find solutions and move forward. Otherwise, they will only see problems.

After changing your mindset, setting new goals is a must. Setting goals will enable you to stay on track and focused. Also, by setting short-term goals, you can recognize when it’s the right time to celebrate. Short-term goals are indispensable for achieving long-term goals. In other words, they allow you to take small steps towards achieving the big ones.

Take Advantage of the Digital World and Do Informational Interviews

Before making your decision, you should get some extra information and see how the potential job actually is. Conduct informational interviews with experts in the field to see what tasks you’ll have to do in your possible new job. You can also identify what tools are often used to deliver excellent results and stand out from the competition. Ask them whatever you need to know and conduct as many interviews as necessary. You must feel confident about the decision you’ll make. After all, most employees spend over 40 hours per week at work, and you need a position that could provide you with something more than a salary.

Get Training

At this point, you should have made your decision. Since tech skills are a must to land any job in 2020, there’s no better option than enrolling in a coding bootcamp. Many coding schools offer excellent programs to help aspirants get equipped with in-demand programming skills in the US. However, if you want to learn from the best, you should take a course at Thinkful.

Thinkful is among the best vocational schools in the US, and it offers several courses in fields like software engineering, data science, product management, and web design. Thinkful’s students learn through hands-on projects. They get experience and build a portfolio before landing a new job. The company also provides students with a career support team that allows career changers to receive help during each course.

Galvanize is another great option for career changers. The company offers 26-week part-time and 13-week full-time courses in software engineering and data science. Galvanize’s programs are designed for students who are looking to launch tech careers quickly. At Galvanize, aspirants also learn through real-world experiences and get equipped with the right knowledge to catch employers’ attention.

Attend Virtual Events to Meet Potential Employers

Networking is necessary to increase your chances of getting employed. To become more noticeable, you should attend virtual events to meet potential employers. This will also allow you to meet workers in the field who can share their experiences and teach you new ways to meet employers’ needs. Attending virtual events is also an excellent way to build connections and strong relationships to have better job opportunities. As a result, your chances of landing the job of your dream will increase.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

Many hiring managers and employers use LinkedIn to reach potential candidates. In that case, you should create a LinkedIn profile to attract their attention and get a new job. To build an outstanding LinkedIn profile, you’ll only need to follow a few steps. Don’t forget that being professional is the most important thing. To create your new LinkedIn profile, you should add a profile photo. Use a picture that shows how professional and spontaneous you are. A photo smiling with white background might get the job done. Then, write an eye-catching headline to let employers know what you do.

After writing a headline, you should write a summary to show them what you are passionate about. Write about what makes you feel motivated, your goals, and your mission in life. You should also make a list of your most important skills. This will allow you to catch employers’ attention. Finally, you should ask for recommendations. Tell your friends or previews co-workers to write recommendations in your profile. This will allow you to become a trustworthy candidate.


To make a career change, you’ll need to make a significant effort. However, following these steps, you will get there. If you consider this guide, I can guarantee that you’ll have no regrets after making your decision. Remember that the tech market is affecting every industry around the world. So, starting a new career as a tech professional will allow you to be ready for future challenges.

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