The Art and Science of creating power BackLinks

Power backlink method

Check the above picture once more? Why ! did you notice something ?  Power Backlinks !!!

The alexa rank of this website is below 60k and only 48 websites have given proper link back to this site, and believe me this is not a morphed image.

You are well aware of alexa, and can check the authenticity of this image very well.

Power backlinks

Do you also want to create a blog or website like this, One more point that I want to clear , this website is not more than 3 month old.

Surprised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and puzzled ???????????????????????????????/

If your answer is yes,

Yes means prepare yourself to consume a lots of high quality stuff for yourself and I am sure, after reading this whole article, Your idea about post generation and link building will be changed for ever

The whole article is divided into four major sub-parts

  • Tools required
  • Content Creation in Contest of SEO
  • Searching :
  • Link Building

1. Tools Required

The tools required to create power backlinks are not paid as the best things in our life are free.  Same way the major tools required to start out journey is also free – Firefox and SEOQuake along with do-follow blugin.

Now, don’t ask me the download links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. How to create Killer Content for Search Engines

First of all look at the screen shot below very carefully.

high Page rank page

Did you notice the difference?

Yes pages always outrank posts on your blog. Why?

Since, pages are considered as authority on any blog /website. Posts, commonly known as short lived news. This is the main reason major search engine award higher page rank to even poorly written pages.

So do you think I should convert all my posts into pages?

ridiculous! right , NO, if you are running a blog like me, then my answer is Big No.

But write all the static information into high quality pages like about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, Guest Writer, Contact us etc etc.

The second major points are how to write a fully optimized post for search engine as well as your readers.

1. Post Title

How to create killer post title

Have you noticed the title of this post and other titles of my previous posts. Post title is the first and foremost sign of your success or debacle. Want to learn how to write killer post title, research using these 7 Free keyword research tools. It does not matter how much informative your article is – nobody is going to read your best work if you do not work on your title.

2. Opening Paragraph

How to write killer opening paragraph

Full with curiosity and entice you to read the next paragraph and after that a link to follow . This is the perfect way to start conversation of any blog post. Remember this is not my advice….Neil Patel always write his every blog post and his blog is one of the most read blog on the blog sphere.

3. Lists

Lists means you have already researched the topic well, now you are in a position to classify and categorize the information.  This is the first impression; you create on your readers. Thus force them to read you article more carefully.

Here is my point- Never ever use numbered list to show the fine points, instead of that use message box or quotation mark.

4. Internal Links

Even though I do not practices it properly on my own website still it is strongly recommended that your article must link 5 to 6 your previously published articles. The benefit is double folded

The idea here is – Try to connect your low ranking posts  with high ranking post, once these higher ranking post will receive better rank, your lower rank post will automatically receive some link juice.

But do not link your thin contents for the sake of a better internal linking.

5. External links

Why external links? I do not want to give credit to any one else? This is my independent research and I must take the whole credit?

Fine!!! You have point but what you are going to write on your blog post is –not been written anyone else in the past. Is this information is ultimate unique ?

If your answer is BIG NO…………………then credit that guy. Even Search engines respect the hard work, if you mention in your post with a link, obviously you are going to have some benefits from that link also.

You can see in my next paragraph, how i linked an external site with this article!

External links are also one such big factor out of 200 deciding factor that decide the traffic and ranking of your website.

Big Idea : Always link back to higher ranking pages and sites, I am not asking you to link popular websites here.

6. Video and Rich Content

I am not asking you to paste a SEO optimized image? you are smart enough my dear friend!!!!.

A video is always recommended to enhance the richness of your content as well as it will help you to boost your adsense earning. If you are not aware how much a videoprenuer can earn then follow nisha madhulika a small time food blogger to a big you tube celebrity.

7.Closing paragraph

The last paragraph decides the future of your total hard work, it is the finishing work of your whole article, if you are not able to tap that, alas I am really sorry to say, your total research, hard work , knowledge will end in fume.

Though I am still working on that and trying to imitate the great work of content writers like brian Clark of copyblogger and Guy Kawasaki.

3. Searching for Better Authority

This is my favorite part – Searching for better authority, Don’t you feels that there is something wrong with this guy ?

Searching for better authority?

Yes, my mind is 100% in place.

Nobody in this world is going to notice your best work if you are not able to represent your work in a proper manner, and this is my point.

You have written a great article using the above mentioned points, its time to market your content, my dear !

If you have not read my few previous post on complete search engine optimization guide, 7 tricks for better commenting , 35 mistakes by wordpress bloggers, how to search relevant high pr blogs and forums. My dear friend it time to read all these article first, they will give you clear understanding of what I am going to tell you here in this article.

It had been reiterated several times, “Content is not king”. It is links that makes that content king.

Am I right ? Yes , this time I know I am right, so what I do so with such a small website support my website …. Is able to stand out of crowd.

It is links that is pointing to my website? Right !!!!

There are several methods already available out there to create backlinks for your websites, I do not want to comment on any one of them. You people are already aware of penguin and panda updates, thus there is no need to reiterate which is better and which is now a days outdated.

My method purely discuss – how to always links from higher page ranks pages.

This method is a combination of our some old methods and a new google search query powered by SEOQuake

  1. How to find out relevant blog and forums without any software
  2. How to find out high page rank commentLuv enabled blogs for commenting
  3. 7 commenting tricks for better ranking
  4. 5 Tricks to create authority backlinks
  5. etc etc

Step 1 :

First of all install seaquake firefox addon plugins. This firefox plugin is compulsory for our tricks…. As it directly shows the most vital factors of any website.

Step 2 :

Issue the following query in Google

“Your Keyword” + “Leave a reply”

This is the default string attached with every wordpress blog. Now Google will show you a lots of wordpress based blogs having your exact buyer keyword.

Now these results will be books like something this. My keyword for this tutorial was “free wordpress theme” + “leave a reply”

high Page rank


Now it does not means open these first second and third sites and start writing your comments.

No agin wait for some times, These results only shows the cumulative results of that whole website. It does not mean all the posts and pages are worth page rank -7.

Step: 3

Note down the domain names of these high page rank website and again open your favorite search engine Google and issue this command


Now this is the killer google dork for all the bloggers.

only high page rank pages

4.  Link Building – Power Backlinks

Now read my article 7 commenting tricks and start posting your comment. Once all these comments are approved, You are bound to receive a higher traffic, better alexa and page rank, i.e.  power backlinks

You can apply this method to grab some .EDU and .GOV links also. For any query or further discussion, you can leave your comment. You are of course welcome to share this to your friends by liking it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Hope you enjoy reading!

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    1. Welcome masum, i am sure if you are able to understand this article properly, you will be able to make some high quality backlinks for your website. Keep in touch for such articles.

  1. After a long time I realize that I have to work a lot on SEO to improve my traffic. And I desired to get some .edu and .gov backlinks. But this post opened my eyes and showed a full path for better SEO. Thanks author.

    1. Actually all other source dried up very soon but the source from seo is everlasting, so every one must take very good care of his/her blog/site. Keep in touch Dr Monnaf.

  2. Nice and more informative article which can drive more traffic and better alexa rank. I will surely follow the steps to acquire more quality links to improve my keyword rankings in search engines. Thanks for the post.

  3. Your alexa ranking now is 26951 as of 26 May 2013. As far as i know, Alexa ranks are based on number of visitors, then how can you get nice alexa rank by number of sites linking to your site. If number of links determine alexa rank, then softwares like scrapebox can make 1000’s links in 1 day.

    Also, in various forums there are services providing high Pr comments for $10, then each of those sites must have good alexa. So, i am confused on this. How can 48 backlinks have effect on Alexa ranking?

    1. answer is in front of you. But these links are not paid.If you are able to follow the tricks i have mentioned here, i am sure you can also achieve such alexa ranking.

  4. amazing article ! rakesh and this all happened in 3 months , will defentely try your tips and tricks thanks and expecting more seo articles from you.

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  5. nice and well explained post thanks for sharing
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  7. This is really an awesome post and very interesting to me. Good content and good backlink is the best for ranking a site.

    1. You are right brian, right contents if supported by right kind of backlinks, ensure your position on the first page all the time. I am really happy to know that you read between the lines. ;)

    2. lol! I’ve gotta outsource my blog commenting to someone that puts a little more effort into it. I told her to find dofollow commentluv blogs not blogs that mention commentluv. Either way, I read your article now and that’s the exact process I outsource. Great info :) To add some value here, if you copy the url to the little commentluv heart, you can do a google reverse image search and find more blogs to comment on. just another footprint ;)

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    1. The only suggestion is… do not re-invent the wheel. Try to discover if invention is not possible and post that on your website/blog. Syndicate it not copy it over the social media. Hope that will bring your alexa back. ;)

  9. SEO will survive for only those who knows the art of link placing and the usage of it for betterment for both the parties…Black hat is completely ruin in coming algorithms of google

    1. Right my dear friend Pieter but the method mentioned in this article is not a black hat method, it is totally white hat method and i can bet on this. ;) See you soon

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  10. Hello Dear

    its very useful post for every blogger and your points are amazing and i think guest posting is one of the best way of link building, use only unique content on your blog. thanks for sharing me

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    1. Quality content is must but my dear friends it is backlinks that support your quality content and push your article to appear on the top of another such articles. Love your idea about the article hope to catch you very soon. ;)

    1. Did My article inspired You sai Kalyan to do something like this for your website/blog? ~rakesh kumar

  12. you didn’t mention regarding OSE anywhere! If you check the sequence of my comment, then I created my very own opinion however i favor OSE

  13. Thanks for making a wonderful post with exact heading Art and Science i really agree to your point Good SEO is a creative Art for getting quality links and real traffic

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  17. Rakesh…thank you SO much for this article. I can tell you worked long and hard on it to make it so useful. It shared some amazing things with me as well. What really surprised me is that pages would rank better than posts, but I really understand better why now.
    Thank you again–I’ll be referring back to this post and your blog in the future for sure. Much appreciated!

    1. Thanks Francesca for your kind support, do not hesitate to give this method a try to rank better on search engine. ~rakesh

  18. You are saying that content is not king without backlinks, but my thinking is totally different. Backlinks are important to support your articles but if your article is totally unique and nobody has that article on his/her web, then why wouldn’t you’ll rank better? Trust me, try to provide totally unique and original content for 2 months see what happens.

    1. Agree Maddy, unique contents are the soul of any website/blog. But if you are not going to tell that you have some wonderful contents on your website. how people will come to know? Here comes the role of my whole article. Did you get my point ? see you soon my dear friend

  19. Really a details article about how alexa rank and pagerank works . But one question does alexa rank is the measurement of the popularity of a website?

    1. Alexa actually try to find out how many visitors are actually moving through different source. So you can say it is a type of indicator, but it does not show you how many of them are really interested to consume the contents. Thanks buddy for this wonderful feedback, see you soon.

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  22. It’s one of the best educative articles about powerful backlink building I’ve read. You’ve completely changed my link creating thinking and yes I’m still following the old way to get page rank and that’s why I getting very slow result. I’ve fully studied you article and looking forward to follow mentioned ways to get better result for my site by creating quality links. Thanks.

    1. Dear Viren, I am really happy to know that you studied my article thoroughly and do not forget to update us. Good Luck for your success. ;)

  23. Excellent article with great images to simplify the process, just got to your blog but am hooked. Continue the good work

    1. Hi Rakesh there is a little typo : Now these results will be books like something this. My keyword for this tutorial was “free wordpress theme” + “leave a reply”
      : It should be: “Now these result should be something like or look like

  24. Nice article Rakesh!

    Thanks for the SEOquake tip too. Hadn’t heard of it before and will be giving it a try.

    1. SEOQuake is a must have plugin, if you want to implement this tricks to get some really powerful backlinks for your site. if possible , do not forget to update your experience.

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  26. Are external links in the posts or pages content, no-follow by default in WordPress?

    In my site (wordpress) external links in the content area are do-follow by default. I have installed a plugin to make them no-follow

  27. But some people say that we outbound links to high authority pages should be do-follow. So I am a bit confused.

    1. Dear Nekib, that must be no-follow, otherwise the whole link juice will follow to that site. WordPress create all internal links as do-follow and all external links as no-follow. If you do not believe me. Disable all the plugins and create a dummy page with these two types of links, check it source.

      I do not feel my self authority but i just want to follow the guidelines. ;)

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    I like your articles buddy, the way you explain things are really professional and helpful for everyone. You speak like a authority figure and I like it. Carry on.. :)

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    This is the best SEO article I have read till now. Will implement these methods once i get free from exams.

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    1. Thanks rakesh for your good wishes, I want your constant support like this in future to run this site. Hope to see you soon.

  34. Nice and interesting one Bro. For searching authority, I use OpenSiteExplorer. With this tool I can also find the complete backlinks of any blog and find the top authority links and top pages of that.

    1. Open site explorer is a great tool but it does not display all the pages/posts from a blog getting high page rank, thus avoided and also wants to show my readers a free tool. Thanks Taswir for your valuable feedback, want this type of support in future also. ;)

    2. Actually Bro that is not possible with free version, but since I am using the paid version I can see all the pages authority of my site or any other site I wish. If you need such report for any site please drop me a email. I will be glad to assist you.

    3. Dear Taswir, Which one os now paid, as per my knowledge SEOQuake is still free and the tricks i have shown you in the screenshots is still workinng. Kindly pinpoint your issue. waiting for your reply. ~rakesh

    4. Hi Rakesh I was actually talking about the paid version of OSE. SeoQuake is good as a free tool, but OSE is considered as the search engine for links and simply awesome to find out authority and links of any site and page. Hope you got my point. :)

    5. Got it Taswir, But i am not a little bit confused, where did i recommend OSE in my article? ;)

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