5 Tips to Build a Mini Site from Scratch

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Mini sites are also some time better known as niche sites meant to showcase the talent, interest and to make money online.  As the spread of  world wide web and  cheap hosting plans and web designer lost of people are now moving towards internet and trying to make their presence on the web.  In order to register their presence on the internet they are purchasing domain name and hosting plans, does not matter how small  or different their business like happy ending massage, They are trying very hard.

Building a website is now a days is not a rocket science,  a lots of options are available  out there, You can select a web 2.0 style site or a blog or forum or directory. Even you can hire a professional to do this small job for you, you can better explain , what is your requirement or how you want to represent your business on the internet. The best part in hiring a professional is, you   need not to worry about the skill, You can entirely focus on the goal.

Here in this current article i am going to discuss the options available to create a mini site or niche site.

1.  Web 2.0 mini site. The sites which allow users to create a small site inside their own website, These types of sites some times charge a little fee or some times offer their service free of cost. These small sites are called web 2.0 types sites. There are thousands of these kinds of sites that you can choose from. The good thing with this method is, it is simple to put up and it ranks high on the search engine too thereby giving you opportunity for thousands of people to view your site.

The major advantage of these types of  sites, You need not to worry about how  you will find out your visitor/customers, search engine optimization, backup and all other related problem.

The major problem with  with web 2.0 sites are, they are not your property anyhow, You are not the owner of that site, You are only the user of someone else property, if some fine day company decided that they can not continue with you, you have not write to take over to your mini site /niche site. However, if you are on a very tight budget you can opt this type of mini site, which runs on small budget and can give you a marginal profit easily, run this type of  mini site for a short while when you are ready to get your own site.

2.  Blogs . Blogs are a very special kind of websites where user write their own experience to share with the community and invite their suggestions in the form of comments. Softwares like WordPress, Blogger, tumblers are famous for their 5 minute installation service  even few of them free users for even the installation, they offer what do you want like features.  They provide you with the options ,”What do you want in your blog” like feature in the form of template, choose your template and your blog will start behaving like that. You can do anything you want with this kind of site but you cannot sell them or have it customized to your taste expect if it’s a self-hosted blog.

3. Blogging company. This option is new and not a lots of person choose a Blogging company  to run their site or blog. still if you are planning a niche blog and you are new to your niche, You can hire a blogger or blogging company to write blog post for you.

While hiring a blogger or blogging company always remember to assign limited access. It is always better, if they make any unfavorable decision that might not suit you. I have seen the situations where Blogger ceased FTP publishing account and change the administrator passwords. This may also helpful for you when ever you want to hire some another blogger or blogging company

4. Site Builder. Site Builder  is a service offered by web hosting companies that allows only their clients to build site from any of their template. You cannot customize this kind of sites much and when you become dissatisfied with their hosting service and want to change hosting company you will not be allowed to transfer your site.

5. HTML. Lastly and the most recommended way is to learn how to build a site using HTML code. This hyper text make-up language is not as difficult as most people think. If you take the time to attend a web development school, you will find building website a piece of cake. You can also take a shot at learning it from the internet.

These are the basic tip and hacks which i have seen during my journey as a blogger and website developer. Though i have taken utmost care to produce this document, still if you find any thing which can enhance this document please drop your message.

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