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I Have seen a lot of  blogger trying to advice you, in order to get a lots of user and traffic, try to write  lots of article, fresh and informative in tutorial format. Fresh article attract search engines as well as people all the time.some says popular articles are the best.

before we dig the roots of popular article, some very tips to reduce your bounce rate and make every article popular on your blog.

1.    Remove dates from  Post and  Comments : You can notices how we have disabled posting dates from the  articles and message,  This simple trick, some times also makes these articles popular over the time, This method have some benefits as well as drawback. This method is mainly practice by shoutmelud.com and Copyblogger.com.

This is also a very Good method to reduce your bounce rate. People will assume that your content is outdated when they see a date from a few months ago or last year. Business blogging is about value though, thus you won’t just blog time sensitive news.

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2.  Update regularly : 

Here you can ask , are you crazyy ? how we can update each and every blog post on regular basis. The second hack is here make, some changes in your wordpress theme, so that after every day, it should display the current date as the last updated date on your blog post.

You can notice this in after this article, and mainly followed by my blog  and bloggingjunction.com

In order to understand what falls under ageless popular articles categories . Let me classify, this is.. according to me,

popular Articles
Complete guide on how to write popular article in a less time

Tip#1 Research :

“Do not scare me”, Research!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Do you think people…. like me… will spend years on research to write an article. No not at all, I am talking about the popular solution for a very common problem and you to have just write a very simple solution based on your experience.  That I call research. For example “easiest method to find relevant blog and forum”  on this blog is such a popular  ageless article.

You all are aware that how hard to find relevant blog and forums for backlinks and the post is talking about a simple Google trick that reveals relevant blogs and forums.  I have written it approximately one year before ,still has the same relevance and reader love to use this information.

To write such  article, You must  read more and more articles  on other blogs and also think how people will be benefited with this information.

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Tip#2 Tutorials :

Tutorials on popular subject like “ How to create a website”  or “Installing wordpress on Hostgator” is one of the most searched term by the budding web-developer and designer.

A quality series on such topics can also make your article popular and ageless.  Another Great example of such articles are how to create wordpress theme/ plugins, you can check yourself, Even wordpress docs contains that links to their outdated tutorial ( Some of them ). Complete guide on on-page Search engine optimization is another such ageless article.

Tip#3 Interview :

This may sound to you weird, but I am sure , if you have an interview with steve Jobs or Famous interview with Bill Gates or Interview with Warren Buffett. People will love to read again and again. Though I know, we are not so lucky that these celebrity will render their voice on your blog. Still there are a lots of people, who will be famous and wealthy in near future, There interview can also make you famous and the article, became ageless.

Tip#4 Solution

Have you ever visited ehow.com. This is famous for their mini- solutions and tips these tips are simple, easy to digest and implement. They provide these tips on almost every topic. Such solution also make ageless popular articles.

Yoast is one of the best seo plugins available on the internet and people love to see a complete tutorial on yoast. this is one such video tutorial on Yoast.


A lots of tutorial are out there how to write a perfect articles. But I strongly believe that your own writing style is more important for yourself. It is always better to be yourself then someone else. How to you find my little solution to write popular articles on your blog.  What else method do you follow to write popular articles, do not hesitate to share with us.

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