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rakesh kumar

How to generate more affiliate sales than anyone else

It’s every blogger’s dream to earn 5 figure money online via his /her blog, and to achieve this goal they use different type of tactics – Place Google Adsense, create…..

WebsiteBuilder home page

Create your Free Website Now – Website Builder Review

Hi, today I am going to give you a tip to create a stunning and professional website without any coding knowledge? Yes, I really mean it. You must be already…..

Article Marketing

Top 7 tips about outsource article writing task

Outsource of article writing tasks is quite huge. There are many paths to achieve great outsources. People can get best 7 ways for availing successful consequences. The little businesses can…..

How to disable right click and Text Selection in WordPress

It is very common to watch that some bloody spammer keep on copy pasting your important article on their website and, Since your countries cyber Law is not applicable on…..

Scroll to Fix Navbar code in WordPress

How to Scroll to Fix Navbar in WordPress Theme

Fixed Navbar on mouse scroll is not new but to give this nice effect, there are several methods.The simplest method is to use CSS position. Just open your theme’s  style.css…..

count total uploaded image

How to Count Total Images Uploaded in WordPress

Images are integral part of  any website. Photo blogging now a days becoming more and more popular among event bloggers. New and lazy bloggers also do not want to write…..