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10 Best Free Android Apps for Web Designers

Android apps are now almost every thing you and I can think about. I am not a full time Web Designer -programmer, though I love to use these handy android…..

Attention Grabbing article Title

10 website to Learn How to Write Most Attractive Title

Do you want to write the most attractive title for your post /article? Title that can attract the attention of your readers instantly. It is always suggested by the SEO…..

What Nigella Lawson told me about blogging

Yesterday, I was watching a  popular TV show on Cookery by Nigella Lawson, one of the most watched Cookery show, and Nigella Lawson, is better known as the queen of …..


What define a Successful Blogger?

Blogs are everywhere on the internet now. They’re no longer restricted to free blogging sites like WordPress, Blogspot, or LiveJournal – almost every website has a blog now, whether they…..

How to add or Place Ads anywhere inside the Blog Posts

Ads can be placed anywhere inside a blog post. You can easily garner users’ attention by placing ads at the right location. There are no hard and fast rules to…..

5 Tips to Build a Mini Site from Scratch

Mini sites are also some time better known as niche sites meant to showcase the talent, interest and to make money online.  As the spread of  world wide web and …..