Top 10 Niche Websites Title to make money online

niche sites

What is a Niche Website,  now this words does not need any introduction. More and more people want to set a niche website so that they can Earn Money Online using their affiliate Marketing Program.

You may be wondering why i am posting this, because you people always want to know what is the best and most used niche on the internet. So according to me these are the most used niche website on the internet.

niche sites
Top 10 Niche Website Words

1. Internet Marketing – This should come as absolutely no surprise since there are literally hundreds of thousand of people trying to make money online. This is a HUGE niche and the funny thing is it is still growing and there is still plenty of room to crack into this niche.

2. Weight Loss – Again it should not surprise you that this made the top ten niche websites  since we have become an obese country and there are millions of people trying to lose weight you can see why now a days TV Commercials and Newspaper  are full of weight loss programs.

3. Health and Good Food– We are living in a nation where everybody wants to be young forever. Thus,  This one should not be a bit of  a surprise, but it includes so many hot little pockets within it that it had to make the list. Now a days Everybody wants good food and supplements to stay young and healthy.

4. Home Based Business – This one goes without saying because there are a ton of people that are trying to make a living from home and trying to earn money online.

5. Real Estate – Still very hot even though the market is down. You just have to look at it a bit differently. Even in this time when every body is talking about recession.

6. Government Records – This one is a newbie to the list, but has become very hot over the past year or so.

7. eBay Auctions – EBay has cooled off a bit, but is still growing and is still very hot.

8. Stock Investing , Mutual Fund, Insurance – Has always been hot and there are ways to keep this niche hot while the market is down.

9. Better Sex – We all know that sex sells and so do guides to a better sex life. This is one of the best niche available on the internet. Since google and all the other major search Engine does not support adsense does not show their result on their search results use it causilouy, I mean it.

10. Computer Viruses – Where there is a virus there is a cure and it is a desperate group of buyers that make this niche light up. Even Some of the virus creator now setup niche sites for their removal antivirus webstores.

Though this list is not complete a new type of niche are coming every day. You can find out a lost of new potential market , Micro niche Finder can help you a lot in your endeavor to set up a niche site.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Niche Websites Title to make money online”

  1. Hi Rakesh. A well written article. I never knew ‘sex’ would acquire the number 9 position. I just checked the traffic for healthy foods and it is a very good niche to pounce upon.

    1. All these niches receive a lots of traffic and visitor, the point is how much your research is correct. If you are not able to target the proper keywords, it means you are just trying to start a lost battle. Thanks dear for your update for ‘healthy foods’. hope to see you very soon

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