Top 10 WordPress Themes for Cryptocurrency Blogs

As you may notice, such a thing as cryptocurrency started to conquer the world over the past few years. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies of them and, probably, you’ve already heard a bunch of information about them. A vast number of people consider this amazing breakthrough to have nothing but advantages. Some of people disagree, claiming that it will take a long period of time to establish such a way of payment and make it global. Anyway, you may be satisfied with this innovative, may be completely dissatisfied. Anyway, it’s impossible to deny that cryptocurrencies can be called something out-of-the-ordinary. Perhaps, by means of them, it will be easily to fight off fraud, keep your information safe, and so on and so forth. If you’re inspired by the game-changing achievement, you should definitely set your eyes on these WordPress themes for cryptocurrency blogs that will make it possible to share some information on cryptocurrency, its development, and progress with others. Yet, first of all, let’s find out the reasons for WordPress to be a perfect fit for your cryptocurrency blog.

Why Would It Be Better To Build a Cryptocurrency Blog Together With WordPress

  • WordPress has all rights to be called one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich platforms ever made – such processes as updating, customization, and management won’t require a lot of skills from you, everything will be extremely understandable and intuitive;
  • this platform will make you happy because it also has a huge community of web-developers – those people who are interested in its development, those people who are always ready to answer your questions, those people who have already made a vast number of websites together with WordPress;
  • in addition to this, a wide range of various plugins, extensions, and WordPress themes will impress your imagination and make your online-project even more powerful and, of course, attractive for various users.

Are you ready to create a marvelous cryptocurrency blog and make everyone be interested in this very topic? For this reason, let’s look through this amazing collection of ready-made template here and now…

ChainBit – Impactful WordPress Theme

ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Progressive technologies penetrated various aspects of our lives and gave us a chance to earn money. Together with this convincing template, its eye-catching additional pages, and diverse Cherry Plugins, it will be possible to make people get familiar with the most popular digital currency. In addition to this, a user-friendly mega-menu and good-looking bonus images will make sure that your cryptocurrency blog will assure users in the opportunity to become wealthy by means of bitcoin sell and buy.

Bitunit – Gorgeous WordPress Theme

Bitcoin WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Bitunit is a trustworthy and well-loved theme that will allow your blog to be much sought after. Let people believe in their success and future prosperity by means of this template that includes various custom widgets, stunning header and footer variations, and the most widely-used plugins. Furthermore, you will get a wonderful chance to build and customize your website together with a feature-rich Elementor Builder that comes together with a wide range of robust modules.

Buyinto – Stunning WordPress Theme

Business Capital Management WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Give people the opportunity to find out everything about one of the most amazing inventions of the last decade. A great set of layout options will make it possible to alter the appearance of your blog and play around with its structure without any hassle. In addition to this, a wide variety of custom widgets (like social media ones, post carousel or slider) will assist you in presenting your content in a creative way and thus, growing a powerful online-presence.

Imperion – Grand WordPress Theme

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Imperion goes down a treat – there are a few reasons for it to be so requested and well-liked. Actually, it can be called a universal solution as a bitcoin currency itself. By means of nice-looking header and footer styles, adorable blog layouts, marvelous topical images and Google Fonts, you will be able to unleash the visual potential of your blog. Moreover, a huge package that consists of the most popular Cherry Plugins will allow you to enhance the functional aspect of your website without any troubles.

Dollarex – Convincing WordPress Theme

Investment Company WP Theme

Details | Demo

Dollarex is an excellent template that will allow your readers to find out more about cryptocurrency, its impact on diverse industries, and how is it possible to start using it. A vast number of content modules will make it possible to add multiple types content to your website. For example, images, sliders, contact forms, and so on and so forth. In order to save your time and let you spend it on communicating with those who have only entered a cryptocurrency world, this theme also includes a fully-functional WordPress Live Customizer.

TradeBit – Marvelous WordPress Theme

TradeBit - Bitcoin-Trading WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Showcase your progressive business ideas regarding cryptocurrency and its ultimate use together with this remarkable template. Dozens of fantastic additional pages won’t leave you alone in presenting multiple kinds of information on your blog. In addition to this, by means of the powerful WordPress Social Login, it will be possible for your readers to use their profiles on various social networks in order to log in.

Digitalium – Vibrant WordPress Theme

Digitalium - Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Digitalium is a significant example of the powerful template designed exactly for presenting your admiration for cryptocurrency and its globalization. A huge number of on-trend pages will give you the opportunity to display your content in an out-of-the-ordinary way. Moreover, astonishing plugins that come together wonderful bonus images will influence your core audience by means of both functional and visual aspects.

TopMiner – Remarkable WordPress Theme

TopMiner - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Assure every possible Internet users that it’s pretty possible to earn money together with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Such outstanding Cherry Plugins as Services List, PopUps, Projects, and many others will make it possible to gain credibility and make people be interested in your posts. Furthermore, if you want to impress everyone with an eye-catching design, just make use of amazing headers, footers, and blog layouts.

TopInvest – Minimalist WordPress Theme

TopInvest - Investment Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

An elegant theme that will allow you to build a top-notch website and capture everyone’s attention of diverse visual and functional tricks. Together with a fully-fledged Elementor Builder, it will be decidedly easily for you to change the appearance of your future blog. In order to make your online-project even richer, this template comes alongside with a stunning mega-men and wide variety of marvelous plugins.

MineBit – Excellent WordPress Theme

MineBit - Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

A marvelous template that includes a content-oriented design that will focus everyone’s attention on the main topic of your website. A splendid WordPress Live Customizer will simplify a process of website building and make it absolutely pleasurable. Moreover, it will take you nothing to draw the eye of various users by means of various bonus images and exquisite Google Fonts.

Hopefully, it will be nothing impossible for you with one of these stunning themes. They will allow you to make the most visually-attractive and eye-catching cryptocurrency blog. Make certain to grab one of them right now and thanks for reading!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this!especially now at the peak of cryptocurrency!and now the mix of it and blogging!

  2. MineBit looks really cool. But given the current situation of Crypto, I don’t think it would be worth starting a blog in this niche.

    Thanks for the share.

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