Top 4 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

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Because there are many great opportunities to make money online, a large number of new bloggers flock to their computers each day in the hopes of striking it rich, creating huge traffic hits, and selling ads and other products and services in order to earn a great income.

Unfortunately, some of these new bloggers don’t quite know their way around the internet, nor do many of them have a good understanding as to what sort of commitment it takes to run a successful internet business. As a result, they tend to make some mistakes when getting their feet on the ground; as an internet entrepreneur, you don’t want to make these same mistakes. Instead, you want to learn from the mistakes of others!

Here are the top four mistakes new bloggers make so that you can avoid them!

1. Fail to Focus

Perhaps the biggest mistake new bloggers make is they do not focus the nature of their blog. Often you’ll see new bloggers who blog about all sorts of subjects, from their personal lives to their hobbies and interests. Unfortunately, a seemingly random selection of blog posts will unnecessarily dilute your brand, so you want to avoid this and select a focused subject about which you’ll blog.

Tip: Make a list of your favorite things to talk about and consider focusing your blog on one of those subjects. If you’re knowledgeable or passionate about the subject, then you’ll have an easier time blogging about it!

2. Blog Inconsistently

New bloggers also tend to blog inconsistently, especially when they realize that it’s going to take a lot longer than a couple weeks to build up a solid traffic base. Then they become disheartened and lose interest in their blog. Inconsistent blogging further adds to the problem, as readers themselves will lose interest if a blog they’ve visited isn’t consistently updated.

Tip: Create a blogging schedule and stick to it! If you have to miss a few days, schedule some posts that can be published while you’re away.

3. Ignore Audience Expectations

New bloggers tend to only focus on themselves; they forget that what they’re writing and publishing is actually a public blog, not a personal diary! Because they don’t have a good sense for their readers’ expectations, new bloggers miss out on making meaningful connections within the blogging community. They miss out on the great resource that a loyal readership can become, especially later on in the life of the blog.

Tip: Don’t ignore your readers! Respond to their comments and emails! Ask them what they want to hear!

4. Not Having Long-Term Goals

Finally, you often see new bloggers expect to become successful bloggers in a relatively short amount of time; they sometimes try to monetize their blog before it’s not really ready to be monetized, which ends up hurting the health of the blog. These bloggers don’t really have a set of long-term goals that are guiding their blogs’ growth. You often see these bloggers give up relatively quickly. Don’t become one of them!

Tip: When you create your blog, make a list of long-term goals that you can follow. If you want to make money in a year, think about what you need to do as far as growing traffic and so on to achieve that goal. Your first goal is to create an excellent blog with great content that people will want to read and link to. Then the money will come afterwords. Good luck!

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