Top 4 WordPress Plugins to boost your website traffic

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21 must know plugin for every wordpress developerWhenever you think of hosting a new website for your business, it becomes really essential to get some excellent tools for increasing the conversion rate and website traffic.

WordPress offers you plenty of plug-ins that can generate a huge crowd of visitors and online consumers. In fact, its tools and community features are so robust, effective and vivid that you can promote your website and its products in the way as you like.

Importance of website traffic – role of WordPress

Nearly all the webmasters and bloggers greatly opt for the effective plug-ins that can generate the required traffic for their websites. It becomes very simple when you install WordPress on your website with free services. Its community is large and everyone shares to its discussion panels and forums. When you will get the much needed web traffic, it will help you in promoting the products and services in a much better way. In fact, it will give you the very much required exposure and reputation to the website. Apart from it, you will be able to tag your websites into different social bookmarking and networking sites where link building for you will become much easier. We will see some plug-ins that can really work wonders for your website.

Effective WordPress plug-ins to enhance website traffic for your website

WordPress SEO by Yoast

yoast free seo pluginThis is an excellent plug-in from WordPress which assists you greatly in determining the friendly behavior of your content to different global search engines.

The website owner will be pleased to know whether his content quality and presentation before posting will go fine or not in the near future. With this tool, you can further edit your focus keywords, tags, title and posts to attract more traffic.

Post to Twitter

This post to twitter plug-in automatically create your posts on Twitter account that you have just created on the website. In this way, it gives instant notifications and updates to the business followers and fans on the social media platform without investing time & money.

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The benefit of using such tool is that webmasters are not required to do it manually rather it will be automated unlike Facebook.

PopUp Domination to increase website traffic

If you are really considering increasing the web traffic on your website, your approach and strategies will be incomplete without loading PopUp Domination.

This is an excellent plug-in which brings an informative pop-up on the landing page of your website and the consumers will attracted immediately.

The report suggests that it can boost the website traffic by staggering 429% but you will need to cough up $47. It should be well designed & presented in context of your business products and themes.

Social Media Slider – Sharebar

floating social media sharebar pluginsIt is an important and much effective WordPress plug-in which will simply allow the online visitors and valued readers to share your contents or business with their favorite social media channel. It will not only enhance their confidence but will also build your web traffic to a new extent. This is available in sliding form and users will find it much easier to share their favorite links and URLs.


WordPress plug-ins assists you in a different and unique manner, by supplying you with a lot of tools and community support. You can use these plug-ins in socializing and marketing your business and websites. It will expose your website and boost the web traffic too, at the same time.

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9 thoughts on “Top 4 WordPress Plugins to boost your website traffic”

  1. Yoast is really great but sometime it adds a lot on already SEO optimized theme, I stopped using it when I moved to Thesis..But I agree on above comment, commentluv should have been the one..

    1. You are right sanjeev, Yoast add a lots of information to your site, so the thesis and other search engine optimized themes, without these type of information, these can not seo your blog. Those who are not using thesis and don’t have basic knowledge of SEO can get a lots of information about how to seo your own blog/site using Yoast. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. CommentLuv is now a days become a standard on so many wordpress based sites. Thanks for pointing out the mistakes in this article, will try not to repeat it again in future. :)

  2. Very informative post.i never heard about Yoast.i learn lots of thing over here.Thanks for share this.

  3. I never used Yoast but heard a lot about it. I have used all in one seo and thats too good. I think I should a give a try to yoast also. thanks Russel for the nice post.

    1. Yoast is now one of the best Free SEO plugin for the wordpress. It automatically help you to grow your seo efforts. Hope to see you very soon.

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