Top 8 Ways to Help Your Site Make Money fast

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You are one of many webmasters and bloggers who are making money, maybe even lots of money from the internet. No matter how much money you are bringing in now from your blog or website, the odds are exceedingly high that you could actually be making even more money through some simple changes or additions to what you are currently doing.

The following are eight of the top ways that your site can make even more money. These are only a few ways in which you can inflate your earnings, but they are a really great way to get started.

Tip  1 : Create fresh content that won’t quickly become outdated.

While blogging or posting about the coolest, newest current trends can bring you a lot of visitors right now, no one will be much interested in that content in a year from now. If you can, most of your posts should be pertinent now, but they should also be something that visitors will get value from in the long run. This way you will be getting visitors (and money from ads and other income streams on your pages) for years to come.

Tip 2 : Do some marketing.

Just putting out a website doesn’t guarantee that you will start making money, but you already knew that. Even if you are making money now, an increased marketing effort will make you money. Google Adsense ads, paying bloggers to post about you and even social media campaigns are great ways to boost your visitors and your income.

Tip 3 : Keep your costs down.

You can invest in dedicated server hosting, but if you presently only have 1,000 views a month the expense may not be worth it. We all know that the axiom that you have to spend money to make money is true, but you can make even more money if you can figure out ways to spend even less.

Tip 4 : Offer a service that helps others save money.

Regardless of what your blog is about, you can offer a service or content in that niche that can help others save money or make money – something that can lead to more traffic and more money. An eBook about saving money, cell phone repairs or do it yourself guides can lead to big bucks.

Tip 5 : Don’t buy ads.

You should go to affiliate programs instead. With ads, you are probably paying just for your ad to be up even if it yields no results, or you are paying per click even if those visitors to your site don’t translate into profits. Do affiliate marketing instead; that way you are paying only for results and not just for space. Also, if your affiliates want to get paid, they will help to push your site or your products.

Tip 6 : Add more revenue streams.


make money online

Don’t let your business be a one trick pony, as this could end up resulting in some big financial problems if something goes wrong. Sell ads, do affiliate marketing, sell eBooks, create a dropship store, add a special subscription section to your site, do a webinar. Whatever you do, start to diversify, and start to do it now.

Tip 7 :  Keep an eye on your stats.

By watching Google Analytics or other statistics, you can get a better idea of what things will make you more money. If you notice that a large portion of hits come from one geographic region, you can start catering to them. If you see that one type of post doubled or tripled the usual amount of hits you get, you should start putting out more of the same. Use this data as a guide.

Tip 8 : Be positive.

This may sound too simple, but having the tone of your blog or site be positive and upbeat instead of negative or even neutral can have some big results. People don’t want to business with someone who brings them down; being upbeat will make them want to come back to you, simply because your tone managed to make them feel better about themselves.

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7 thoughts on “Top 8 Ways to Help Your Site Make Money fast”

  1. I really think that making money fast with a blog shouldn`t be a goal. It takes time to grow your blog.

    1. no according to me everybody can make money, but in blogging no-body tell us what exactly we have to write or promote through our blog. most bloggers start blogging without even knowing the basics. This is the basic problem. I am just started this blog to help that type of bloggers to give them a proper start.

  2. so far Adsense is the best monetizing platform that I have tasted success with.. other than that I have tried BSA and it works fine..

    1. i think you must give -affiliate marketing a try as this is one of the best source of income for me as well as others.

  3. Very nice post. There are lots of ways of monetizing our site and we should give it try to each and every source.

    1. i think you must read my second article on different stream, Thanks Angelina for your positive feedback.

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