Tuneskit Spotify music downloader [ full Review 2020]

Spotify has changed the way people are listing the music on the go. This is one of the fastest-growing music apps that right now sending tsunami in the music industry.

We can get access to millions of songs with its free subscription, meantime with its free subscription they also display boring ads, low-quality music, and some other restrictions. The major drawback to the Spotify music app is its free version has some limitations and you can only listen to music when the internet is accessible via your music device.

So how you can listen to Spotify music offline. Another very bad idea of Spotify- it does not allow us to listen to a single track.

The solution is simple.

Play music that you want to listen offline and record the same using some sort of recording software but the major problem in this approach is – it also records the surrounding noise.

Another very feasible solution is – use the Spotify Music Converter for Windows. Tuneskit music downloader is specially designed to download music from the Spotify server for later use. You are also free to convert your downloaded music to convert it into many supported formats so that you can play the same in any type of device.

In this article, we are going to review this wonderful software for you. This software is available for the two most popular operating systems  Windows and Mac.

Tuneskit music converter review

You can download the Best Spotify music downloader from its official website.  We downloaded it’s a trial version for windows 10 operating system.

Installation of the Tuneskit toolkit is just like counting 1-2-3 and it’s done. The basic interface of tunes kit music converter is very simple.

All you have to do is- just drag the music link on this home page – This software automatically detects whether it is a single song or list or song.

Music Converter

Tuneskit support almost all type of music file formats.  You just need to drag the Spotify track, album, artist or playlist to the software screen and the music will be download in seconds within one click only.

Before converting your Spotify music files, select your file format according to your desired device or file format and click on the convert button.

Tuneskit is able to convert files in mp3, m4A, M4B, AAC, WAV, FLAC. These are some of the most popular music formats available on the net.

Besides these formats, you can control the sample rate and bit rate of conversion.

These downloaded and converted files can be placed according to artist/album, that is a big plus for music management in your devices.

After conversion, you will be able to play the Spotify music offline on any MP3 player, mobile device, home sound system, car radio, and so on.


The trial version of the Spotify music converter allows you to download only 1-minute music of all the files in any list. It has a very reasonable price for all music lovers and comes in three different licenses Single, Family and unlimited.

These entire prices are onetime payment for both windows and Mac version of the software, so this is a win-win situation if you are planning or using any type of subscription.

Music Organization

Downloading and converting music libraries is very easy. Lots of other such software can help you to do this but what differentiates a well-planned software with well-designed software is – its humanization.

Your converted music library might become bigger and bigger as time goes. To make it easier for you to manage and archive your Spotify music files, TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify for Windows provides the option to save the output tracks by artist or album automatically.

There is no need to sort your music files one by one manually so that you can save lots of precious time.

Free Upgrades

TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify is a very intuitive and well-planned software with the simplest user interface (UI) for a better UX( User Experience). Anyone means anyone can handle it without any manual.

Another very good feature that we noticed while reviewing this wonderful software they keep updating the core of software so that it does not obsolete with a new Spotify version.

The best part of TunesKit Music Converter for Spotify for Windows, you can enjoy free lifelong software upgrade free of cost.

The final verdict on Spotify music converter for windows

Tuneskit Spotify Converter for Windows is an excellent music downloader software that not only downloads your favorite music from Spotify but also helps you to manage your download music.

We tested the Spotify music downloader on windows 10  with 16 GB RAM  with 100 MBPS net speed. Spotify in its free version was not able to stream the music smoothly thus launched the Spotify music converter and downloaded the whole playlist in less than 3 minutes and Spotify was able to convert the same music in less than 5 minutes in mp3 format.

According to our understanding of software and its pricing, Spotify Music Converter is a must-have software for all music lovers. It has a total value for money.

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