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14 Must Have Sublime Text Plugins in 2016

Sublime Text plugins are basically used to enhance the overall functionality of this powerful editor a lot. There are thousands of plugins are already hosted on its plugin repository still,…..

C++ Code for number triangle

30 Best Recursive Programs in C++

Recursion is the process when a function can call itself without completing its definition. One of the best known example of recursion is – Find out the factorial of any…..

C++ Code for number triangle

Number Triangle program in C++

Today I am going to show you the code how to print different type of number Triangle program in C++/C. For all these program , we used dev C++ which…..

Scroll to Fix Navbar code in WordPress

How to Scroll to Fix Navbar in WordPress Theme

Fixed Navbar on mouse scroll is not new but to give this nice effect, there are several methods.The simplest method is to use CSS position. Just open your theme’s  style.css…..