Two tier affiliate program-The truth behind

Two tier affiliate

A two-tier affiliate program is simply a structure whereby affiliates (you) earn commissions on your conversions as well as a smaller percentage of commissions of other affiliates you refer to the program. This is one of the best method to earn money online via affiliate marketing.

A typical two-tier affiliate program looks like this

1st Tier affiliate = 25% commission of the affiliate product

2nd Tier affiliate = 10% commission of the income earn by your sub-affiliate

A  Two tier affiliate program allow only up to two level of affiliates but there are some affiliate programs that go more than two level deep, they are up to 5 level deep.

Does it means the more deep the affiliate system the more money you are going to earn but it is not always true as the deep affiliate system go the less money it produce. Therefore, the deeper is not always the better.

How much to expect when promoting a Two tier affiliate program

Two tier programs seem very attractive. You just promote a two-tier affiliate program from your blog or website or Facebook page and recruit a small army of other affiliate to promote your affiliate programs and you just start planning for a vacation, as now your army of affiliate will work for you while you will enjoy your vacations.

Right? No, Not at all,

Because 90% of your affiliate will never ever be able to convert

Reason, Reason is very simple. Your army of affiliate will again think like you and they will be engaged to create their own army of affiliate and think for the vacation as if you did.

Therefore, army of affiliate will generate another army of affiliate but none of them is actually selling the actual product thus you will never ever be able to make affiliate commission from a two-tier affiliate program.

So How to make money with Two tier affiliate program

The best way to make money via Two-tier affiliate program is to do the work yourself.  It means do not promote the affiliate program; always try to promote affiliate product.

Try to promote the best product in the market and spend your best time and effort to sell that product, treat its two-tier affiliate system as a bonus and always guide your sub-affiliate to do the same.

One more idea is – help your sub-affiliate to make them sale the product, the more they will be able to sell the product the more you will earn your two tier affiliate income.

Though I am not a affiliate marketing guru, still I am able to make some two tier income. The same idea I can teach you – You can contact me via contact us too.

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Recommended Two Tier affiliate programs

I am going to recommend few Two tier affiliate programs using them I am able to make money

  1. Shareasale One of the best affiliate program available on the net with tons of product and services. They are extremely reliable and their reporting tool is the best.
  2. WpEngine : Two-tier program for a managed WP hosting company.  Great product and they always pay in time.
  3. Sellhelth : A multi-tier program to anti aging and sexual health program, These are hot selling product and sellhealth always pays.

Two Tier Programs Final Tips

Always choose good quality products and services that converts well.

Make sure to tell you sub-affiliate that your cut of their earnings is going to be paid by the vendor not by him. That way they have no reason to circumvent your affiliate link to join your suggested two tier program.

Read the fine prints very carefully to determine if the second tier compensation is calculated as a straight percentage ( % of revenue generated by the sub-affiliate, or a percentage of the percentage of the earning generated by the affiliate) . A lots of two tier affiliate programs suck so make it very sure you know what you are promoting.

Do you know anything else that can help two tier affiliates to earn more ?

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