VideoProc Video Editor Review [ 2020 ]

VideoProc Video Editor

Video Editing software is a new boom since the video streaming platforms gained momentum. Many of us are engaged in uploading and downloading videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat and TikTok.

Video Capturing devices like mobiles, tablets, and cameras are now coming up with more and more features that allow users to capture videos is not only in high definition but also provide options to capture them in 4k and even 8k formats.

Video Processing HD(high definition ) and 4k video formats, is not an easy task, simple video editing software like openshots cannot handle such large size video properly.

People are capturing videos for YouTube, TikTok and like application and all of them are not software professionals, so they need and easy video editor that is easy to use but at the same time it should be fast and can convert 4k video too.

You need to have a good video editing tool handy to bring the best creativity and interesting videos to grab a wider audience base. Before selecting any video editor, one must see all the features of the software to make catchy presentations.

VideoProc Video Editor is one of the most advanced GPU acceleration based 4K video editor software available on the market that can edit, convert 4k video in any format that you can imagine. It can be used for video processing, editing, converting, video downloading, Music downloading, screen recording too.

VideoProc Video Editor

I have already used a lot of video editor for video editing like open shots to Camtasia but none of them are so easy to install and lighting fast and user-friendly.

In this article, we are going to present the whole experience and whether you should consider VideoProc for your video processing or not.

For this purpose, we used windows 10 based Operating system with 12GB RAM and an i3 5th Generation CPU with Intel HD Graphics.

GPU Acceleration based Video Editor


Download VideoProc Video editing software from its official website VideoProc.

After downloading we start its installation on our windows based system, we were able to install the software in only one click and in less than 4 second.

Video Editor Installation

User Experience

The UI(User Interface) of VideoProc is so simple and to the point. The main screen contains only four buttons that define the purpose of its own.

VideoProc-Main interface

Video Editing: Complete Video Toolbox to cut, trim, merge and edit videos. Convert and compress 4k, 8k video in any format you want.

DVD/CD: Digitize DVD/CD  toMPV or any other format. Compress them to play on your iPhone, Android, YouTube. 6 Backup Options are available to maintain the original quality.

Downloader: Download videos from multiple streams, Live Video, Video Playlist and Music from YouTube and thousands of other video streaming websites in different resolutions and formats.

Recorder: Easily capture videos from your computer’s screen as well as from webcam. Chroma Key, Draw, Type, Highlight. Or add voiceover during recording. The set recording quality, formats, etc.

Video Editing

While checking its video editing features, we downloaded a few videos from YouTube and tried different options.

Video Editor

Effects, Cut, merge and conversion of video into a new format is so easy and fast. Thanks to the GPU hardware acceleration, we were able to convert a 3minute colored video into grayscale in less than 30 sec.

Easy Video Editor

That is an amazing speed.

All you need to select the effect, watermark, cuts and target formats and tadaa. Click on the run button and it’s done.

DVD Converter

The interface of DVD Converter is almost the same as the others. You just need to put a DVD and click on the load button and video format.

DVD Converter

It is one of the simplest method to convert DVDs for your iPhone or any other device.

select device

Downloader: The main USP of  video downloader is – It can download not only a single video in your selected format but also support list download, that is a  big plus.  All you need to just paste the URL of your video or list in its downloader screen.

Video Downloader

Downloader display all the available video and allow you to download either selected video or all of them from the dashboard.

Download Video Playlist

Select the video quality and format that suites you and its done. VideoProc support more than 1000+ video streaming website, a comprehensive list of website is available on its official website.

Screen Recorder:  Technical teachers and YouTubers generally capture screens to showcase how to perform a particular task on the system and for that they need a strong screen recorder.  VideoProc not only allow them to records their computer screens, webcams.

Final thoughts on VideoProc Video Editor

VideoProc is a complete bundle of Video Editing, Downloading, Recording, Converting needs that support GPU accelerations and this feature is rare to this kind of software.

If you are searching for an easy video editor that can edit and convert 4k Video very fast then VideoProc is the best bet for you. A very highly recommend video Processing software.

Right now you can avail this wonderful software at VideoProc 60% discount.

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