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Viral Content WordPress theme

Socialviral is our new WordPress theme specially designed for the people who love to make money on socially viral topic by sharing the same contents through their blog/website.

No, No, No. Do not jump on the conclusion right now? Its not any ordinary WordPress theme designed to share your blog post. The theme is specially designed for social viral niche only.

So if you are planning to purchase this theme for any other purpose then I am really sorry my dear friend. From design to its final output this WordPress theme is designed to generate more ads impression than any thing else.

Viral Content WordPress themeSalient features of ViralSocial WordPress themes are as follows

Designed for Speed :

Since Social viral contents are mostly shared by the mobile devices and we all are very well aware that the mobile network does not support too much bandwidth thus the speed of your website in this case must be your first and foremost concern. In this case we were able to score 90/100 on gtmetrix on bluehost shared hosting with w3total cache.

The theme automatically loads all your images in lazy load format and on top of it, it also removes query string from the URLs automatically.

Responsive Design :

Generated with bootstrap 3.3.4 and font awesome, both were taken from their own CDN hosted on MaxCDN, well known for its speed and support. Thus there is not need to worry about your very own slow server ( if by mistake you are behind a slow server ).

Since its basic CSS framework is bootstrap so rest assured the theme will show stunning result on all type of devices.

Built in Related Post

Built in related post from the same category

No Need to add any extra plugin i nside your wordpress setup that require a lots of database queries. Its own built in related posts bring 9 post from the same category randomly. Thus no need to define tags on each post manually.

Paginated Post

Paginated post means you can break all your post into several sub-post and these posts will be beautifully aligned with pagination system that will always help you to generate more page view ( ads impressions ) all the time.

Super Easy to Use :

Viral blog Theme admin Panel for setting Logo, Adsense, social Media


The Socialviral WordPress theme is super easy to use. You have to just read its accompanied documentation to understand –how to change logo, favicon, Google ads and Page Templates. Sample data also comes with every theme so that you could better understand the working of theme as we are producing its demo. Our popular post is basically based on the view of a post not on the comments received, thus it always show you the current taste of your users.

SEO friendly

We designed this theme as per the Yoast SEO recommendation, so rest assured for the best result with Yoast SEO.

Plugin compatibility

Social Viral WordPress theme is compatible with all the major WordPress plugins like jetpack,Yoast, W3Total cache, Digg-digg, contact form-7 etc. It is also tested on its latest WordPress version 4.3.

Other popular Hack that make this theme suitable for Viral website : Pagination, masonary style home page and category pages. Even blog categories are also listed in post styles.

Adsense Ready :

Adsense Manager for Easy Ads Management


No need to install a new plugin to place your Google ads at the right position. It comes with built in Adsense support, Just copy paste your Adsense code and start earning from the day one.

Analytics Ready :

Google analytic Code

No need to add any extra plugin to add your analytics code on each page. Again copy paste analytics code and its ready.

Icon fonts Included

Font awesome fonts are added with the theme using its CDN rendered by none other than the market leader in CDN – MAXCDN so rest assured the icon fonts will not block your website loading time.

Price :

Right now , we are offering this them for only $29. Since We do not have any obligations to pay some commission to affiliates thus we are anyhow able to manage this theme at this price, Once We will launch our own affiliate system, Then my dear friends you have to pay more for the same theme may be $63 or $69.  No blah blah, Its demo and buy link is given below

DEMO of SocialViral WordPress theme

Your download load link will appear immediately in your email box. The download will contain socialViral WordPress theme + Documentation + Sample data + Logo PSD, You are requested to unzip downloaded file in a folder first.

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13 thoughts on “ViralBlog WordPress theme Socialviral launched”

  1. Hi Rakesh
    I have been using socialllyviral theme on many of my sites and it never disappointed me with what it is up to do. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Howard, Since all my theme are highly compatible with all the major WordPress plugins thus I am very much sure that Yoast if used with socialviral then i would produce some good results. I have never ever compared my themes with any others theme. I am trying to serve my niche audience :). Thanks for your wonderful comment. Keep in touch

  2. One thing i noticed when i see you demo theme, the home page , ” masonary style ” which looks awesome but its get messed up in to each other from the second row which looks very odd even i tried to refresh the page the results is same. At the same time it will put bad impression on visitors as well as moderators who are looking to promote quality sites. They might think this theme is not well developed so they will refuse to promote the site on their network due to quality issue….. i request please have look at your home page and fix this issue i am really looking to buy this theme.

    and sorry if use bad words or bad English i just want to say what i feel.
    Best Regards have a great day ….:- )

    1. Hi Rajesh. I think right now you are behind the slow internet. Otherwise we are not able to locate any such issue on the demo. You are requested to refresh once after initial page appears. ~rakesh

  3. Thank you Rakesh, to make me clear about this, i thought this theme is developed only for social social traffic.
    So as per your reply the theme is seo friendly and if i do good seo then i am able to get traffic for search engines like others seo friendly themes do.

    And the other thing you mention( split single post into multiple pages ) i am little bit aware of this, many of guys are doing the same, i tried too on my blog and the results are great more ad impressions and more clicks to my ads.

    But am unable to make profit due to low ctr on my adsense ads from my blog, as i am running paid campaign in content discovery network for traffic. But your theme looks like real solution for me the add positions are awesome i hope it will give me high ctr.

  4. Hi, Rakesh you said that this ” WordPress theme designed to share your blog post. The theme is specially designed for social viral niche only.” So if i use this theme i am not going to receive traffic from search engines by doing seo?

    1. still no reply form your side i really want to buy this theme but is it good for SEO purpose? can i get good ranking with these theme, of-course i will do social promotion for traffic but i want organic traffic too.

    2. wrong rajesh. Share some contents that is virl and divide them into multiple pages of a single post, share the same post on social media. When a visitor will come from any social media then to see your complete post, he/she will have to go through all the pages of that post. This way a single article will generate multiple ads view. The theme is developed like this.

      If you want traffic from search engine that you have to follow the classical rules of SEO. Theme is optimized as per Yoast SEO recommendations.

    1. Hi Ani, It is not the case, perhaps you are behind the slow internet connection , just refresh your browser once and will able to see the actual demo. Looking forward for a positive response. ~rakesh kumar

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