WallpaperSite WordPress theme

wallpapersite wordpress theme

WallpaperSite WordPress theme is a fresh, responsive, clean, modern & stylish template for Wallpaper websites. Event blogging is one of the fastest ways to make money online in any part of the World. If you are also planning to run your event blogging website in this festival season to make some extra money, I am very much sure you would love our Wallpaper WordPress theme-WallpaperSite


Wallpapersite WordPress theme

The theme can enable you to start earning from day one as it needs minimum human efforts to run and can be installed on any type of shared hosting.   The key features of WallpaperSite WordPress themes are as follow

Custom Wallpaper Size via the Theme Admin Panel

Define your custom wallpaper sizes according to your requirement.No need to hire or hack theme files. Just open theme admin panel and define your image sizes as per the theme documentation.

One-Click Installation

Detailed Documentation ( Download )

Adaptive Images

Adsense Integration

Analytics Integration

Copy Paste your Google analytics code inside the theme admin panel and it is ready to measure your success. No need to install any extra plugins

Plugins We support

We support all the major plugins that bring in useful features and functionality. The image shown below is only indicative of that.

Fully Functional Website Demo

Other Salient Features

  • Smallest Code to render your website/Wallpaper site
  • Does not generate multiple copies of your uploaded image or No need to upload multiple copies of a single image / Single Image upload is sufficient to generate multiple copies when user want to download.
  • Even these multiple images sizes are not stored on your server
  • Demo Content is available with each upload so that you can generate your own lookalike website in no time.
  • The bulk Image uploader is included with this theme to help you populate your website in less time
  • Website Logo and Favicon can be changed using the theme admin panel.
  • Personalized support on any one domain of your choice.
  • Designed as per Yoast SEO recommendations.

What else feature do you want in a Wallpaper theme? Let us know via your comments.

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