Advanced Tips To Make Your Web Design Stand Out


Most articles you read online with web design tips tell you the exact same things. You are told about the importance of the navigation structure, consistency in branding colors used, typography and so on. Every single web designer already knows that but how can you take your site to a brand new level?

Going the extra mile in web design will always offer better results, no matter why you actually build the website. The next time you build a site, here are some things to keep in mind.

Incorporate Video Into Web Design

The common design approach is to first create the site and then think about how to add some video, as the designer figures out the importance of this element for modern websites. A much better approach is to factor in the video from the start. Nowadays, thanks to affordable editing software, you can always create videos that blend in perfectly into the design of the site. The idea is to find a way in which to use movie editing software to create videos that are a functional element as opposed to just an afterthought.

Leave Breathing Space

The use of white space in web design is highly documented but only some web designers understand how to properly use it. Understanding why it became popular can help. Some time ago, websites were cluttered, with many images and graphic elements that basically covered every single part of the screen. People did not like that and now want breathing space. This is what white space is for.

Take a look at markreeslaw.com/ar/Jonesboro-truck-accident-lawyer/ to see a great example of white space use. Identify the key areas of your web design, those regions people actually look at. In our example, it is the header. This is where you want your web design to stand out. In the other parts of the site, you need to seriously consider using white space as this will make people look at the important parts with even more attention, thus increasing conversions.

Leave Room For Future Design Changes

When you build the design of any page, you need to think about the future. Trends will change and in some time the website will need to look different. This is why you want to be sure that you leave room for future improvements. Every single design element should be saved in a format that allows future editing and every element you add (like vectors) should be customizable.

As an example, in Photoshop you can rasterize layers. If you do this, future changes will become difficult to make, especially when the format that you save it is one that does not allow the use of layers. Every single designer in the world received JPEG images and was told to make some changes that were practically impossible. Do not make this mistake and be sure that you save all design elements in formats that allow complete customization. If not, you will make it really hard for someone else to make a change.

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