Web Design Mistakes That Need To Stop Happening


Nowadays, it is easier than ever to create a website. There are so many interesting options available and you can truly create a site that looks exactly as you want it to. However, this does not mean that you should do everything that you imagine.

Unfortunately, most websites simply look horrible. This is usually because of some web design mistakes that appear. While there are countless ones that can be mentioned, some have been happening for a really long time and need to disappear. We will focus on web design mistakes that simply need to disappear because they really hurt a site and appear due to a simple lack of knowledge.

Using Too Much Color

Most web developers learned a lot about the use of color in the past 10 years. They often use highly complimentary colors, pastel and subtle hues, all in order to add a clear visual flair. However, this does not mean there are no websites where color is seen as the most important part of everything. Such websites simply pop up and can actually hurt your eyes. For instance, using really garish green layouts or a lot of bright red is simply horrible. Such sites are visual nightmares. A competent web designer will never do this, even if this is exactly what the client wants.

Using Too Many Fonts

Choosing an appropriate font can so easily make the entire site a lot better. For instance, when you look at the site of this Plumber Dandenong specialist, you see how the font simply inspires confidence.

Fonts influence experience and perception. Arial inspires professionalism, Papyrus character and Comic Sans is great for sites designed for children.

There are numerous font options that are available so it can be a little tricky to make a good choice. However, the worst web design mistake is to use too many fonts, usually in an attempt to send different messages. You want to use as few fonts as you can to convey the desired message.

Sites With Music

Some time ago, music was present on so many sites. However, this was a stable of the early 2000s, when MySpace allowed site owners to quickly add songs to sites. This was in order to showcase the personality of the owner. The trend went on for years but you should never even consider it these days.

If music is added to a web page, it distracts the visitor. Many actually end up instantly closing the tab as they cannot be bothered to close the player.

Using Backgrounds

In modern web design, less is more. Simplicity and proper use of white space are mandatory for professional results. When you add a dark background with some repeating patterns, the entire site ends up looking worse. Backgrounds are distracting and can ruin the entire layout of a site. At the same time, the design ends up looking juvenile.

Generally, backgrounds need to be a single block color. The best option is usually faded or pastel. When this is in place, content is complemented instead of attention being taken away from it.

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