Web push notifications as a way to perfect your communication with customers

Communication with customers is one of the crucial aspects for any business. If you are able to build trust with them, your company will grow and develop at a quick rate.

SendPulse, an online marketing platform, offers a variety of ways to reach your customers and gives you an opportunity to combine three channels of communication — emails, web push notifications, and SMS — to make your marketing efforts really effective. So, let’s take a closer look at web notifications that can become an efficient tool if used correctly.

Benefits of web push notifications

Web push notifications are short messages that appear on the screen of your device. Their primary goal is to inform users about new content on the website, updates, or other news. Moreover, with the help of web push notifications, you can collect a qualitative list of subscribers even more effectively than through a subscription form.

  • It is very easy to subscribe using web push notifications. All you need is to press “Subscribe,” and the subscription will be realized.
  • In SendPulse, you can include web push notifications in an automated flow, which will send them in case your customer hasn’t opened an email. Therefore, you will always be sure that your message was received.
  • According to the statistics, web push notifications have 90% opening rate, which is 50% higher than that of emails.

Web push notifications How to create web push notifications

You don’t need to be proficient in programming to create web push notifications in SendPulse. At the platform, you can do it through four steps:

  • Register at SendPulse.
  • Select “Push,” then “Add new website.” Here you should add the link, the image of your website, and choose the time for subscription request. You have two options: by opening a website or by clicking the element. Choose the one that you consider more convenient.
  • Add the code received after Step 2 to your website.
  • Select “Send push” and choose the list of recipients. You should also write a title, a text for the notification, and add a web push link.


Like emails, you can send web push notifications to the right people and at the right time. With the help of segmentation, it is possible to choose a platform, browser type and language, subscription page and date, and location.

Be reasonable

Here are some tips that will help you use web push notifications to the max:

  • Do not overuse them. Remember that it’s quite simple to lose a customer if your messages are too annoying, so try to send no more than 2-3 notifications during a day.
  • Do not offer something that is not related to your product. The news or offers should be relevant; otherwise, they will look like spam.
  • Always give your customers an opportunity to unsubscribe — they should feel that they have a choice.
  • Analyse your actions. Use A/B testing to determine which notifications are the most effective.

SendPulse offers a variety of tools that will make your company develop. Web push notifications are an effective instrument to reach your customers fast. Moreover, at SendPulse you can use them absolutely for free!