What define a Successful Blogger?


Blogs are everywhere on the internet now. They’re no longer restricted to free blogging sites like WordPress, Blogspot, or LiveJournal – almost every website has a blog now, whether they belong to india online vendors or to major corporations. Blogging has become fairly easy, thanks to the new software like wordpress, websites, and scripts available online, and pretty much anyone can make a blog and claim to be a blogger. But are they successful bloggers?

Success for a blogger

What is success in the realm of blogs? I have posted a message on indiblogger.in some times back “Blogging is a waste of time”. The responses, I got from there forced me to write this post. Some of the most interesting message i received are listed below.

Blogging is not at all a waste of time. Let’s make it simple to understand. You are blogging for benefits or you are doing it for your own satisfaction? If you are doing it for only earning then you are seriously wasting your time. We need to take a lot of efforts to make one blog popular and it is pretty time taking task. Sometimes people just quit after 3 to 4 months because they don’t see any results. To be successful online, we need to work on a lot of things like keeping ourself updated with the topics and its latest happenings we work on. Usually write about the things that you like. Work properly on social networking and try to do a lot of research on what can help you to make your blog popular in less time. Always remember one thing… it is pretty easy to plan the strategy but it seriously depends on the way you implement it…Praveen Ganore-Nasik

Yes, blogging is a waste of time, not in terms of money but in terms of studies. But it does give me a lot of happines..Ranjeeth from Hyderabad

I do tech hardware reviewing because I love it. Before that I used to help people in forums. I was appreciated but blogging sort of increases that circle and expands towards the crowd that you don’t interact online because even if a forum is an open community, only a particular type of people will come (like either hardware fans or basically someone who needs a peer advice- they listen and they leave). On top of it, not many are well-versed with how online community functions.

Yeah, I wanted to be a hardware reviewer but I was discouraged because none of the publications wanted to hire me- despite having series of reviews on forums. Thanks to BBQ, I not only slowly growing in that but also I was offered a position of a reviewer in an international review source- a very well known review source. Point is you should blog for the right reasons. Fair enough, you want to blog for money- who wouldn’t like to earn some spare cash from the site (provided its an honourable way)? But if you are blogging, you’re blogging for a group of people who belong to a genre. That is your primary goal. If you keep money as your primary goal, not much will happen- unless you want to do one of those “Hey I am an SEO blah blah” blogs. If you expect wonders within 5 years time then its not possible. If you look at review sites like toms’ hardware, anandtech, tweaktown- they earned peanuts viz. good enough to buy some stuff or maybe take care of electricity charges at max, but once they started getting millions of active and dedicated readers on a weekly basis, its all good.Take a look at the oatmeal website. He earns good money, but that guy had many projects and worked with many clients- maybe around a decade worth of experience.

Here are my view when a blogger should consider himself/herself a successful blogger.

1. Readership

When discussing successful blogs, most bloggers will talk about readership and how the number of pageviews and visitors can reflect the level of a blog’s success. While a lot of bloggers can be the analytics and numbers, you have to remember that these statistics aren’t the only things that matter. You could have a lot of people just staying on your blog and then leaving after a few seconds without even reading any of your content. So what is success for a blog if it’s not just about numbers?

Having many readers isn’t enough to call your blog successful; what you want is to have a lot of loyal readers. These are readers who actually come to your blog and stick around, bookmark your blog and keep coming back to it, or at least comment on your posts to show that they actually care about what you have to say.

2. Achieving Goals

There are so many kinds of blogs that it can be hard to pin down one solid definition of success for a blog. What you need to figure out is what your goal is in creating your blog. The answer to “what is success?” with regards to achieving a goal can vary from one blog to another. Whether it’s something as easily attainable as just having an outlet for your thoughts or something more massive like becoming the number one authority on a particular subject, you have to find out what it is you want your blog to do for you, and drive your blog toward that goal.

3. Enjoying What You Do

What is success without happiness? Though it may sound clinch?, it remains true even in the realm of blogging. If you find yourself dragging yourself up to your computer and forcing yourself to blog about things that don’t even interest you in the slightest, then you can hardly call your blog or your work a success. While you pursue your goals and try to build up readership, remember to keep finding ways to make the blogging experience enjoyable for you, the blogger, as well.

Success isn’t doing what other people think your supposed to do. Success is doing work that you’re proud of, having a reputation that you’re proud of.- Seth Godin

Now, I strongly believe in the words of seth Godin, What do you think about a successful blogger?

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