What I Learn After Loosing page Rank -5

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Page Rank or PR is the revolutionary algorithm developed by Google to measure the value of information available on any website/ webpage. This varies from 0 to 10. Google Crawler check each and every possible website available on the internet and based on some criteria they rank each page on their parameter.

Before the Last Panda Update of Google, The Page Rank of my website was 5.  it’s now PR-4. SO what’s gone wrong with me while most of the other website, I Know either maintained their Page Rank or gain some Page rank only few lost their rank.


Here the the List of  my mistakes

Mistake #1 : Paid Links and Page Rank

This is one of the most common method to monetize your blog. When we want to sell our blogroll links, we never ever think about the quality of Link or their Page rank, We simple bother about the money, it earns. And this was the greatest mistakes I have ever committed. In this Process of Monetization , I accepted some links of very poor website.

If you want to monetize your blog, Do not place links on your home page with below Page Rank and which does not match your niche. Instead of  selling links you can ask your probable customer about a related post having their links, in the body of post ( Here is a Sample Post )

Mistake #2 : Sponsored Post/Review

Many website out their offer you money to review their product/website and for the same they offer you peanuts. I was one of them to write paid post on my website/blog and earned some money. In this process I just forgot about my page rank and my readers.

Google as you know does not prefer this type of paid post/review and thus decrease page rank.

Mistake #3 : Quality Content

Quality content on any topic is must if you want targeted traffic and a lots of quality links from other sites. If you are trying to “Re-invent the Wheel”, i.e if you are posting outdated or copied contents on your blog/site. I am sure you are going to loose your traffic as well as your ranking in the long term.

If you are not able to find out topic/terms to write an article, How to write an article every day is highly recommended.

Mistake #4 : Guest Post

If you are in the blog sphere from the last 6 to 12 month I am sure, You have also been contacted for the guest post. select your guest author cautiously otherwise you can loose your readers as well as your Page Rank. Some time I felt that guest post are not too much informative and they are just serve the introduction of the topic, in return Guest author ask a link(s)  to their site. If you are accepting guest post ask your guest author to provide at-least 5 best article written. Check out their quality first.

Mistake #5 : Optimize Web-pages

SEO can boost the Page ranking and the Targeted Visitor of your website a lot. if you are new , Complete on Page Search Engine Optimization Guide is a must read.

Later on, I tried to recover the lost. Little bit , I am successful in my effort, Google has now upgraded my ranking again now it’s 4. These are my personal experiences , if you you also feel so, do drop your comment.

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8 thoughts on “What I Learn After Loosing page Rank -5”

  1. Hello Rakesh, thanks for this article. I am a software developer. Looking for ways to rank my own page on google. It was helpful. But one thing I would like to ask you, do you use different keywords for every other post you do? Is it harmful to use the same keyword twice in my blog?

  2. Sir, Happy to see you switch to this domain. But as I had messaged you on FB, pages on your old domain do not properly redirect to the corresponding pages on the new domain & thus you are loosing out on a lot of link juice.

    1. Dear Keshav it is not possible for me to redirect 1600 post manually so redirected the whole website using wordpress site location tool. Thanks for good wishes. Will catch you soon.

    2. You should use .htaccess file to do the 301 redirect. It is just one line of code & everything shall work perfectly on its own. Add this line to the .htaccess of your old blog:

      Redirect 301 / https://binarynote.com/

      Thats it. There are other things you can do as well with .htaccess.


    3. There is one more simple method to do that in wordpress , i applied that to redirect all my traffic from old site to new site. Thanks Keshav for your kind support. I will catch you very soon. ;)

    4. Gr8 Sir .. Finally now the redirects are 301 .. Keep putting great stuff for us to read on your blog .. cheers :)

  3. Hey Sir,

    Been a long time that we interacted last. I do come over to your blog at times. Just wanted to point out 1 thing. You are doing great injustice to your site’s potential by using a .in domain when your content is targeted at the global audience. I would suggest you purchase a more generic domain (preferable a .com) & completely move this website over there (301 Redirect).

    1. Dear Keshav, Changed the domain name as per your suggestion, Now check this and forward your suggestion, Will try to implement all of them one by one.

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