What is earned media?

earned media

Integrating paid, owned and earned media has evolved over the past few years and what was previously thought of as a separate form of digital marketing can now be integrated with public relations.

Paid, owned and earned media is a great way to contribute to your overall public relations and digital marketing strategy if you want to spread your message far and wide, and of course, effectively.

A brief summary

To sum up paid, owned and earned media think of each of these media options as a form of online communication channels that can be used to reach your target audience.  An effective overall digital marketing strategy includes all three types.

To help you fully understand the differences and grasp exactly what earned media is, it’s vital that you complete a public relations course which will certainly boost all avenues of your public relations strategy.

Building a digital marketing campaign

The online marketing or digital marketing sphere is always evolving and earned media is simply another way to amplify your message to ensure it reaches your target audience.  The time is now to take a serious look at earned media as a strategic part of your digital marketing campaign.  Earned media is a sure fire way to blast your online messages.

Earned media defined

Gaining coverage on social media platforms is one of the main goals of digital marketing and earned media is a great way to spread brand content and gain massive coverage.  Earned media is the online form of traditional word-of-mouth marketing.  Earned media is gained through comments, mentions, shares, forums, blogs, social media, and product or service testimonials.

Measuring earned media

As with all forms of digital marketing and public relations exercises the measurement of your earned media campaigns is a must.  There are a number of analytics tools available to help you monitor earned media mentions and tracking this is crucial.

Here are a few ways you can monitor your earned media:

  • Public relations management – Earned media is of great value to online marketers as earned media, if done correctly, adds huge value to your online public relations ranking.
  • Importance of influencers – Influencers is a relatively new digital marketing avenue and it’s definitely worth reaching out to possible people who can help build your brand and ultimately influence your followers.
  • Content strategy – We know how important content is, but did you know that earned media improves your content shares? Understanding what your target audience wants to read is vital and creating just the right headlines is even more important to commence engagement.
  • Listening to your customer – What your customers are saying online about your business should be closely monitored. Increased visibility of your earned media shows that you listen and care about what your customer is saying.

Content is king

We all know how important it is to create high-quality, relevant and engaging online content but it is even more important when it comes to earned media.   Earned media cannot be bought.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when trying to secure earned media:

  • One of a kind – Ensure that your content is well written and comes across as unique.
  • Relevance – One of the main rules of content is that is must be relevant to your target audience.
  • Clear structure – Start at the beginning, have a middle and a brilliant end. Keep your content clearly structure.
  • Visually appealing – Text can get boring, so keep your content visually appealing and attractive to the eye.
  • Comprehensive content – Make sure your content is lucid and intelligible.
  • Search engine optimized – SEO rules apply to all your online content.

Also, remember that one size does not fit all.  To create effective influential content, always adjust your topic, tone and overall relevance to your target audience when trying to secure earned media as part of your digital marketing approach.

Earned media conclusion

The evolution of digital marketing continues and earned media has sparked digital marketers to re-evaluate how paid, owned and earned media can be incorporated to achieve greater success.  The goal is to secure earned media that gets noticed by your target audience.  If you plan on putting a lot of work and research into securing earned media ensure that all of your online content is as influential as possible.

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