What Nigella Lawson told me about blogging

Yesterday, I was watching a  popular TV show on Cookery by Nigella Lawson, one of the most watched Cookery show, and Nigella Lawson, is better known as the queen of  kitchen porn or  Demi Goddess of Cooking, So You might been thinking about what she told you about Blogging and how she can teach you about blogging. Yes she did not teach me any thing directly, still she became my mentor in my endeavor to become a successful blogger.


1. Ingredients :

Before Preparing any thing she always love to show you how you can get the perfect ingredient for that meal. Even the quantity required for 3-4 persons. The same way we should also prepare our blog, The  niche of our blog, how much information is sufficient for our blog to host. Is there something very special about our niche that can make it very special. Everything must be in a proper proportion and well cooked.It is learnt that some times extra information tarnish the aim and readers gets confused. So always try to be straight and only provide the necessary information not less or not too much.

2. Presentation :

If you have not seen Nigella in any of it’s avatar. See at least once how she present the whole show.

Have you noticed something very special in this video. How she presented each and every information, Even if she handles a fork, then it seems that fork might be feeling proud, that the power of presentation. Most of the time she talk about how to cook recipe and how you can make it very special even a person like me who does not have any training in cooking love to cook and experiment.

Here are   my point about how should you present your blog article, Again the Power of Presentation is summarized in these 5 points read them very carefully and try to digest each one properly. It make make a difference in your endeavor as a successful blogger.

  1. Title : The same way we must try to present our information, in front of our reader, may be they are well aware of the fact even the way we are presenting must be very attractive. This begins with an attractive title, this is thousand times told by the blogger and SEO experts, Even though we does not much care about it. It hit the readers and Search Engine very hard.
  2. Picture : “A picture speaks a thousand words”, “First impression is the last impression”, These are two most famous proverbs and I am sure you have heard it thousand times if not millions times. So try to attach a very relevant and catchy picture related to your post must be there to explain reader what they are going to get from here. Some of the best use of picture are found it quicksprout.com by Niel Patel. I will not tell you not to forget Alt tag. The main point here i would like to add is “A properly researched keyword as a alt tag” of picture.
  3. Anchor Text: with Synonymous word of your main niche or keywords in the Beginning of  Your article and at the end of your article. These two positions are the hot spot and your can check it using several Anlytical Tools like GA or Crazy Eggs.
  4. Bold & Italics : Main point must be bold only once, if appeared more than once try to italic them. Too much bold or italic may force search engine to think that spam post.
  5. Lists : Categorized information may appear in list. Think positive about lists and make proper use of them.
  6. Conclusion: Write the summary of your article with a proper note for your audience/reader. We all know internet users love to skim the test very fast and directly, Jump to the end of the article. So, here  you can catch your reader. Think about it.

Some of the point i have taken from my old Guide on Search Engine Optimization.

3. Taste Yourself and Tell the Story :

After Every Successful effort, she always try the prepared food and never ever forget to tell how it taste to her viewer. Though viewer are not able to smell or taste still love to know the basic idea how it may taste, check this video once more.

The same way after every successful article you must not forget to market it off line, it’s offline Search engine optimization methods they bring your blog on the front page on Google and other search engine. It is known facts that our articles are read by the humans, Search engines only index them. So, Market your product very carefully and Do not forget to share with your friends, Social Bookmark, Networked blog, Facebook, Twitter like sites, Not to forget about the comments, your reader may post on this post. Treat each reader very special, sincerely check each comment and try to respond properly, They may bring a lots of fortune for you.

4. Conclusions

People have to get connected with your content in the first place before they comment, share, buy, or recommend your products or services. But never forget that it’s the relevant and tangible expression of that substance that creates meaning.

It is not the information, It is the presentation which attract the reader, So always try to serve your reader the precise and accurate information in a most attractive format.  Do not forget about search Engine and your readers. A well formatted draft always attract that Nigella Told me about blogging. Hope you received her message .

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