Why AdSense is the Best Way to Make Money from Blogging

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I have been using Google Adsense program for last 10 years now. And I can tell you for the fact that it is the best ad network in the world.

I have tried over dozens of ad networks and number of affiliate programs but none of them are as good as Google Adsense.

Why is it so?

That is why I wrote this article why I find Adsense one of the best ad networks to make money.

Although Adsense has changed over the time but basics remains to be the same.

So here are some reasons why Google Adsense is the best for making money.

Easiest Way to Make Big Money

This is the only reason most of the bloggers & website owners in the world prefer AdSense to make money from their sites.

Just display variety of ads on your website & make money every time your website readers click on the ads. No worry about any sale or other targets like in affiliate marketing.

And if your website topic is good enough to receive high CPC ads then you can make much better income than affiliate marketing.

Many of my niche sites are giving me CPM of more than US $20 & many of my affiliate sites are giving me CPM of less than US $5.

Most Trusted Ad Network in the World

You can trust Google Adsense blindly. Google distributes over $3 Billion every year to publishers around the world.

Big boys make millions of dollars every month. However small bloggers like you and I can make anything from $500 to $50,000 a month.

Google Adsense is here to stay. It is not going anywhere because of trust of millions of publishers and bloggers around the world.

Why I like the Adsense most is because it is so trusted among the blogging community. You meet these bloggers in an event and they will tell you how much they like this program.

Excellent User Interface with All the Features for New Bloggers

Second best thing about Google Adsense is it’s easy to use User Interface and Dashboard.

Especially if you are a new blogger and looking a way to make money online then Google Adsense will make it easy for you.

The user interface is so intuitive that even a newcomer like you can learn things in just few days.

You will be creating ads and examining traffic on the Adsense interface for the months. It helps to make things easier for you.

Other network’s UI is so clumsy and difficult to understand for a new blogger.

Ads are Easy to Set Up and Starts Showing in 10 Minutes

You can’t make money unless your ads is up and running on your website. With Google Adsense you can create an ad in no time and it will start showing in just 10 Minutes.

You just copy the code and paste it into the HTML source of your website. If you are running a WordPress blog then there are dozens of great plugins that will make it easy to display ads on your blog.

Google tries its best to make your ads relevant to the content you are publishing. You can rest assured that the Google will do the complete justice to the ads running on your website.

The ads automatically showing on your website are the most relevant. So you earn more CPC every time someone clicks on them.

Variety of Ads to Choose From

What make Adsense really great is its ads and that is why I am mentioning it again. You can choose variety of ads that are available.

Choosing right ads are very important if you want to make more money with any given program. Google AdSense does it the best.

You can choose image ads, text ads or both of them that blends in with the content on your website. You can choose from a rectangle ad or a leader board or a button ad or even a link ad.

Google can show your ads for content, search and even videos.

All the Help from Google for Monetizing Your Ads for the Maximum

Google Adsense is all about monetizing your ads. Bloggers and publishers leave thousands of dollars on the table every month because they don’t know to monetize.

Monetizing your ads rightly helps you to earn 20% to 30% extra every month.

Monetizing means how to choose ads, where to place them and other things like that.

In fact Google Adsense department contacted me and I had a meeting with one of their representative on this issue. She told me how I can monetize my ads to make more money.

You can write a book on Motorizing Google ads.

Google will give completely help you to monetize your ads.

Run Hundreds of Websites with One Adsense Account

If you are running too many websites showing Google Ads then you can have all of them in one account. You don’t need to get separate AdSense account approval for each site.

It allows you to keep track of things in a more appropriate manner. It helps your income to keep on growing day by day.

You don’t have to waste much time on managing all your ads because they are already managed at one given place.

Your Monthly Payment Will be credited into Your Bank Account

I am reiterating this; Google will credit the amount on the due date each month. You will never miss your payment.

Earlier Google used to pay by check now they pay you via direct bank transfer.

I remember not even once in my blogging career Google forgot to pay on time. They always paid on time and you can trust them your eyes closed.

So these points will convince you why Google is the best way to make money from blogging.

However you need to keep in mind that now a day’s getting an Adsense account approval is not that easy.

If you are a serious blogger then you may get it in few weeks otherwise it may take months to get a final approval.

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