Why I don’t Like Theme Framework

Theme Framwework
Theme Framwework
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Premium framework shows that how many influential bloggers are using their framework and using their framework , how easily they became so successful in such a sort time period.

Do you really think so  ?  Using only a framework can make you a successful blogger or you can achieve success over night ?

I have some serious doubt about ?

I am sure you have seen a thousand of blogs and article where bloggers are advocating about the premium theme or some sort of framework.  On the other hand, here in this article I am going to write some thing different “Why you should not choose a Framework based Theme”

Here are some of my point consider at least once before choose a framework based theme

1.  Load Time – A very Serious Issue

There is an inverse correlation between how fast your blog loads and how much traffic you are going to get. The faster your blog loads, the more search engine traffic you will get. The slower it loads, the less search engine traffic you will get.

Framework, Perhaps framework is the first and foremost problem in this case. Most of the frameworks are  either free or premium, does not comes with some default stunning  themes. So every time user has to load some sort of child Theme.

If you have ever read the wordpress documentation then you know that these child themes firstly scan your parent themes framework and than check the whole child theme framework, thus increase the un-necessary  load time.

Do  You know that ?

Popular bloggers who already earning big money, compensate this using CDN like MAXCDN or other CDN services.

But, If you are a small blogger like me, I am sure you don’t have enough money to spend on CDN  to overcome this speed issue.   Though you can compensate it little bit using a Good webhost and a caching plugin like w3Total Cache or super Cache.

2.  Child Themes Design

No doubt framework enhance the overall development process but they have a very inherent problem-  Child theme and these child themes are not most of the time free. Every child theme developer wants some hefty amount to customize according to your requirement.

If you want to use already customized child theme then sooner or later you will realize  that a more than a few thousands websites have almost the same layout just like your, thus some time confuse your readers like in this case.

Allbloggingtips.com and learnblogtips.com have almost the same layout, since both of them are using the same framework  and the same Child Theme.

3.  Extra Learning Curve  for Theme Framework

When LISA IRBY of  2createawebsite.com left the thesis framework after using it for more than a decade, we normal bloggers can understand the learning curve required to place all the nuts and bolts to get the desired results.

Though framework support a lot of things but you are not able to add or enhance the core very easily. They need some extra learning curve, if you want to enhance the core functionality of these framework.

Look at the core of two famous premium framework  thesis and genesis and just try to enhance the basic functionality of their admin panel or just try to add some new custom fields.

If you have ever seen any such framework code before than I am sure you will think twice before experimenting with that, instead of  that You would  love to  do the same think using the wordpress theme framework.

4. Money for Theme Framework

Money comes in this case the last. Here for the framework, you have to pay as well as for the child theme, you want to use with that framework. Some Premium Framework charge one time payment but for every new child theme , they need extra money.


I am not sure how many of you have ever feel like me for Theme framework, but I think there is always some very Good reasons to learn customization and programming. Do not hesitate to drop your idea about framework.

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16 thoughts on “Why I don’t Like Theme Framework”

  1. Well, some find it beneficial because of less work with regards to design and SEO work, but completely agree to you. Customization is really not a bad idea as long as you’re knowledgeable about it.

  2. Thank you Rakesh for this addition of offering me some help and for your words to encourage me to get going. I think I should not write those simple yet but important questions regarding theme development here which would irritate your readers if prolonged. I have you as a friend in my facebook account but I deleted my facebook account. If you do not mind, kindly provide your email id so that I could send a mail when I need some suggestion or advice. Thank you once again,

  3. Accidentally, my name is Rakesh and I am an IT student interested in Open source technologies and I am a great fan of wordpress. I wanted to go with Genesis for my blog but with their recent update, I have to maintain the unnecessary CSS. As you said, I guess initially the CSS of parent is loaded and then the child theme CSS is loaded. I hope that I am correct with that approximation. After getting to read many theme development from scratch and especially “YOUR ARTICLE” made me clear in my mind that I have to start tweaking a wordpress theme of my own from scratch. I do have some other factors into consideration like updating and others, but after reading your awesome article, I have sticked to this decision of starting development according to my needs.

    Thanks a ton and a million for your awesome and the best way to put this in front. Now, I should confess that “I am in love with the content you provide”. Thank you and hope things to go in a great shape for you in the future and for me too by the way :P

    1. I am really happy to know that the original purpose of my article has not been defeated. You are not only sharing my name but also my ideology also. if in case you need any help while learning theme development. Do not hesitate to call me. Hope to see you very soon. ;)

  4. Without learning customization and programming, you are stuck with what others come up with. If you learn to customize your sites yourself, you are only limited by your own imagination and ability.

  5. I think a Theme framework reduces the efforts for SEO of the blog. Thesis framework is designed by the Google’s SEO expert. and always very good organic seo results. Also the Genesis is very good famework, faster to load and seo freindly.

    1. Yes you are right ravi, but besides these advantages, how many disadvantages it also serve. Now a days the seo qualities basically served by these elite framework by, are also available on free seo plugins like – Yoast seo and easywpseo, This is the main reason instead of using these so called framework, i always prefer my own custom made themes. Thanks Ravi for you valuable feedback, hope to see you very soon.

    2. There are always pros and cons for both the framework and the plugins. Using extra plugins reduces the loading speed of site as you know.
      I like it that you use your self made theme. I also tried before to create a theme. but due to lack of time and sources it couldn’t complete… :).
      Can u suggest me the easy ways to create a minimal theme for wordpress… ?

    3. The minimalistic approach to generate a theme is – define a style.css and index.php file. using these two files you can render any wordpress powered site. The more you want – the more it became complicated. If you have any idea which type of theme you want on your blog or site. send it to me at rakesh.linux@gmail.com

      I would try to do something positive for you. ;)

    1. Love to know that you are like me. ;) Thanks Bro for your valuable feedback. Hope to see you very soon.

    1. “Great minds always thinks the same”. very happy to know that you are my kind of blogger.

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