Why Will Instagram Be Good For Your Business?

instagram for business

There are many theories about why Instagram is going to be good for a business, but let’s know from here without spending much time, how really Instagram is good for your business.

instagram for business

As a businessperson, if you still haven’t made an account on Instagram for your business, you can be sure that you are missing something huge. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, a small mom and pop shop, personal business, big company, etc. you need Instagram to promote your brand with a unique marketing strategy. Let’s look at some points:


There’s a very few who don’t like stories; everyone loves stories. As a kid everyone grew up listening to fairy tales, then they love gossips of Hollywood, which celebrity did what twists, then news, and in every step of life, there is some kind of stories everyone loves. So, storytelling and story listening is what people love from time immortal and will love till time immortal. Whereas, in the business perspective storytelling makes your potential audience gets connected to you emotionally.

When you are sharing a post, the post lets the audience know what you do, and you and your audience create a relationship, and in the near future, your audience is going to be your customer and also an ambassador for your brand.

But don’t make your posts such that you are pushing your product to sell, rather you should focus on the emotional side. You would want to build an emotional bonding with your audience, and then you are going to get them as your customer.

Try to share behind-the-scenes of your company. Audiences love it.

Marketing with Visual Content

If you compare text-only posts with the posts that are visual, you can see that 650% higher engagements are there with visual posts. Through Instagram, you can engage with your audiences, and If they are pleased, they will come back to you again and again. You need to know what your audiences will like relevant to the product you sell. If things fall in the same line, you are going to get authentic followers on Instagram.

A Huge Number of People CanBe Reached Through Instagram Marketing

Imagine 800 million active people on one platform and 500 million of them are active on a daily basis. This is huge. Out of them, 80% are from the outside USA. So, imagine, you can make your brand internationally famous if you can engage a decent number of audiences with you.

You can also buy Instagram likes cheap when you start using Instagram, but the main things rely on the way you post. Only likes won’t work or followers, but engagement with audiences is needed like you need to reply to their queries.

But when you post something on Instagram, the post is visible to only who follows you. But you need to increase your following base, you want other audiences too watch what you have posted and for that hashtags are given on Instagram. A relevant hashtag will take your post visible to a large number of people, and if it’s a quality relevant post, many more people will start following you.

Engage with Community

Amongst all popular social media platforms, Instagram has the highest rate of average engagement. So, it beats Twitter and Facebook with the engagement rate. Instagram has a higher rate in brand engagement too, and the audiences on Instagram are more engaged in the contents of brands compared to any other social media platforms.

When you find some audience commenting on your brand, reply to that person, this will make the engagement. Good or bad comments, take all feedbacks by your customer positively and thank that person for showing you what that person finds negative about your products/services.

You can take that person’s feedback and make your products/services better. Also, engage in other’s post of similar products/services that you are selling. Engage with people there. Not only audiences will like you; they will stay following you and someday end up becoming your customer. Engagements are required to build up a relationship.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

A successful brand means you should be a step ahead of your competitor. Use Instagram and follow what your competitor is doing and posting. How often they are posting, and how they are engaging with the audiences.

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