Why You Should Research Before Writing

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One of the most time consuming activity of any writer or blogger is the process of research. We’ve always heard that content is king, and this is still true in a lot of ways.

Great content gets you traffic and back links from important sources. Great content also is the proof you need to get that big writing contract, or to attract the big bloggers for whom you want to guest post. All of the above factors are keys to building a great blog. So how does a writer or blogger produce great content day after day, year after year?

The secret lies with research. Here are 3 top reasons why writers who research their work have better content that stand out.

Researched writing teaches the reader something new

A lot of sites on the web publish spun articles, stuffed full of redundant key-words. You have to decide what your purpose is when writing an article.

Do you just want to establish a word count or do you want to be respected for the work you create? Researched writing teaches the reader something new, ignites a different perspective, or shows them an alternative way of thinking.

This sort of fact-rich article shows your reader that there’s something of value on your site. They’ll come back for more because they understand that sticking with you will increase their knowledge in that particular niche.

Nothing of value is gained for free, and while research won’t take you hours, it will take up some of your time. The pay-back you get from your writing is worth every second spent on it.

Tip on how to give your reader something new with your writing: use a personal anecdote alongside your research. No matter how many opinions they’ve heard, they wouldn’t have heard it in the way you expressed it.

Researched writing helps the reader

Give your readers something that helps. They’ve clicked on your site voluntarily. This is your opportunity to either attract a loyal reader or send them scurrying away with dross. Your researched writing will convince them that they need your expertise and knowledge (and dedication to your art), and will most likely result in a regular reader or a subscriber.

No one knows everything, even about their chosen topic. There’s much written about every topic under the sun, but your research can bring the reader to a realisation he’s never considered before. If you continue to just write about all you know, your entire repertoire of articles will all sound exactly alike. Research will give you a different perspective and give your writing the edge it needs to rise above the dross and spun articles on the Internet.

Tip on how to help your reader with your writing: find out some dates, research results, or a quote from a respected person involved in your chosen field.

Researched writing is thorough

Have you ever read an article that had so little information it left you more baffled than when you started? A writer who wants to be respected for his art needs to dig deeper to find the facts. The reason the reader clicked on your article title was in order to find a piece of information.

If your page offers little or no insight he/she will move on and may never look at your page again. When you research your writing (and you’ll do this from various sources) you sound like you know what you’re talking about. You encourage the reader to look at the topic in a different way or you provide an alternative opinion to the question at hand.

Your writing shows clarity, it gives information, and it sets you up as an expert in your field. This of course, will take some time to establish, but once you’ve accumulated a number of these articles you can use them to build up a solid fan base of loyal fans, and may even be head-hunted as a person who’s knowledgeable in his chosen field. Always give your readers something they can think about long after they’ve left your site. The only way to do this effectively is to research before you write.

Tip on how to make your researched writing thorough: gather and present different perspectives of the topic to your readers. Show what other bloggers on opposing sides have said about the topic and add your opinion to the mix.


Give your reader researched writing so that you can teach them something new, you can help them with their problem, and give them an alternative way of thinking. Always be thorough and you’ll be rewarded for it.

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9 thoughts on “Why You Should Research Before Writing”

  1. well though a good research is required but i believe the blog should be very easily comprehended by the readers and writing skills should be equally good and yes keyword research is the most important part… Thanks for sharing the post rakesh… it was really helpful :)

    1. Thanks madhu for your time to comment,Besides all these the actual facts you want to share with your readers must be conveyed anyhow. This is the objective of any blog. ~rakesh

  2. James everyone in this world can write articles but the real difference between a well researched article and ordinary article is that well researched article will be appreciated and shared by everyone.

    1. YOu are right my dear friend. that is the only reason problogger even exists in such a high competitive world of blogging and still going strong. Thanks Zeeshan for your comment.

  3. I agree that researched writing is ideal. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, the information is more in-depth and original, and you will in my eyes be seen as more of an expert and an authority in that subject.

    Research has the connotations of higher education, of research labs at university.

    If one can find the time to research rather than spin articles that simply have thesaurus-related words but the content is the same, do research.

  4. Very nice topic you are disscussed in this blog.It is the fact we never research before writing.We should research on writing topic.

  5. Keyword research is most important thing before writing any blog or article. I agree with you that keyword research help to learn new things from other blogs or writings.

    1. Without keyword research it is like you are throwing your stone in a ocean and no body is going to notice about your stone. Thanks sarah for your time to comment on this article.

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