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Wix Answers

The quality of customer support plays an important role in the success of any business. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you cannot imagine running a business without providing quality customer support to your audience.

Creating a customer support system that features a full-fledged help desk, ticketing system and call center can not only mean a huge challenge, such a system can also cost a lot to develop. But there is an easy-to-use software that allows you to set-up your customer support system without the need to hire any professional service. Anyone with basic IT skills can use Wix Answers to create a professional help desk, call center and multi-channel ticketing system.

This free help desk software allows you to provide high-quality customer support to your customers and prospects. You get all the tools required for providing exceptional support.

How to Create an Account?

Signing-up for a Wix Answers account is easy and quick. You can create a new account using your email address or sign-up using your existing Wix account.

sign up process
sign up process for wix answers

Once the account is created, you will be required to provide your company name. The company name is used to create the Wix Answers URL. You can also customize this URL as per your needs.

The Wix Answers dashboard allows you to create tasks and articles and lets you assign tasks to different users. Allocate different tasks to different team members

Wix Answer filters
Wix Answer filters

Easily create tasks.

How to Create Your Own Help Center?

Create a help center that provides questions to all the answers. Provide articles, tutorials, and guides so that they can find solutions even before they have to call your customer support team. The help center can look exactly like you want. And you can link it to your domain name.

How to set up Your Ticketing System?

Wix Answers allows you to set-up your own ticketing system. It lets your customers create tickets and have their queries answered in an efficient and quick manner. The software allows you to set-up multi-channel ticketing system,allowing your customers to generate tickets from different channels including email, Facebook, and Help Center.

It is quite easy to set up your ticketing system. There is no need to worry about any complex procedures in the background.

  • Click on the ‘tickets’ tab from the menu on the left side
  • Tickets List window appears
  • Click on ‘create ticket’

Choose the Channels

Select the channels that you want your customers to use to raise tickets. Wix Answers allows you to choose 4 channels including Help Center, Facebook, Mailboxes, and Widgets. Choose one or more channels depending on what is most suitable for your target audience and your business.


Saved Replies

Save the replies and use them again to answer same questions. This can help save valuable time and increase your customer support productivity.

How to Create Support Teams?

You can also easily create support teams for managing your ticket workflow. Make sure that there is efficientassignment of tickets to different teams to improve productivity.

  • Click on the ‘team permissions’ tab
  • Click on ‘new team’
  • Assign Team Name
  • Add team members to the team

How to Setup Your Call Center?

If you have the team for setting up your call center, there is no need to hire a development team. Set up your full-fledged call center with ease. Let your team make and receive calls in a completely professional way.

It takes just minutes to set up:

  • Phone call lines
  • IVR flows
  • Call queues

Wix Answers alsoprovides you with your unique 1-800 number and lets different agents respond to a single call for providing the best-possible answers to your customers.

The Wix Answers Call Center also supports Callback feature letting your customers request callbacks at a time that is convenient for them. You can also allow them to provide details so that your agents will have customer information when making the call.

How to Set Up Widgets?

You can add widgets to your website and provide direct access to tutorials, articles and guides within the Help Center. Add relevant widgets based on the topic on the page so that your visitors can directly access useful articles on the topic. Thus, visitors can find all the required information and help on the same page without the need to go elsewhere. Widgets can also be setup as support channel, allowing visitors to reach youanytime.

To Create Widgets follow the following steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on ‘widgets’ option

Click on ‘create a widget’

  • Select the required module – ‘knowledgebasemodule’ and/or ‘messaging module’

  • Select the languages supported by your widget

  • Customize the widget for style, knowledgebase settings, and messaging module
  • You can also install your Wix Answers widgets on your Wix website

Thus, Wix Answers allows you to setup a professional help desk easily and quickly. You can power your business with a fully operational help desk and call center, while letting your customers know how professional your business is and how serious you are about providing high-quality services to them. Build a professional brand image while delivering convenience and speed.


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