Wix: Easy-to-use & Advanced Customization Site Builder to Build Sophisticated Functional Websites

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Wix Website Builder-1If you are looking for an easy-to-use Website Builder that is all-inclusive and covers all aspects of website designing and development, Wix is an excellent option. You don’t have to develop different aspects of your site separately. All you need is just one platform and one software – Wix. Your website will be maintained on their servers, and all aspects of security and maintenance will be taken care of by Wix.  All you have to do is take care of the website designing aspect.

Key Reasons for Choosing Wix

There are many reasons why beginners and experienced users will find Wix to be the perfect place to build and park their website. To begin with, some of these key reasons include:

  • Zero website set-up fee
  • Google Analytics
  • Minimum 500 MB storage space
  • Premium support
  • Domain connection
  • Free hosting

When you sign-up with Wix, you will come across a UI that may not be the most elegant in the market, but it is something designed for simplicity. You can design your website using simple drag-and-drop feature. There’s nothing more to it. You don’t have to have any knowledge of coding.

Wix offers all the tools and templates required to design your site. You can design your site anyway you imagine it. The design and functional elements can be dropped anywhere. It is also easy to comprehend how to use the tools. Using the tools is straightforward and simple and anyone with basic IT skills can understand it.

Ease of Use

If you ever set out to compare different website builders, you will notice that Wix the almost at the top in terms of ease of use. It is specially designed with this goal. You will find a true WYSIWYG user interface.

Other site builders have a preview option that needs to be clicked to check how your site looks. With Wix, you can get a preview as you work with the elements. There is no need to check the preview separately.

Absolute Positioning

With Wix there are no restrictions as to where you can drop the elements. You can drop them into almost any block on the page. Thus, you can start from a template and take your website to a custom level that’s hard to match with other site builders.

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There are two sections in the Wix control panel:

  • Editor: It allows you to build your site.
  • Dashboard: It allows you to manage the major settings that include contacts, SEO and much more.

The flexibility offered also means that once you have developed the content, it will not be possible to transfer it to other themes. But you will have complete control over the creative aspects.

The ‘absolute positioning’ concept thus has its positives and negatives. No doubt Wix provides you total control over your site’s customization, but the content and settings cannot be transferred to another template – unless you want to start from the beginning with the new template.


Wix offers hundreds of unique professionally designed templates. They are free to use, are responsive and are categorized for different industries.

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Even in the templates department, Wix is among the top players in the market. The templates are elegant and are available in more than 70 categories. Some of the most popular categories include:

  • Business & services
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Online shop
  • Photography

It is not necessary to choose a pre-designed template. You can also choose blank templates and build your custom site from the ground up.

There are also single-page templates for those looking to create landing pages, personal sites or temporary sites. So whether you want to build a full-fledged website for your business or profession or a temporary page, Wix has the templates, tools and resources to make it a breeze.

As already mentioned, there is a limitation to using the templates. If you are midway through the designing process and have added a lot of elements, you cannot switch the template. So you should be meticulous about the choice of the template before choosing the best one. In fact, this is the most common complaints we have seen with Wix users.


Wix offers ease of use, advanced level of customization, convenience in terms of managing your site, and tons of apps to help you create a fully-functional website. The site builder offers a wide range of apps for different features and functions:

  • Online Store: Use the app to create and manage your eCommerce store with ease. There’s no need for professional help.
  • SEO Wiz: Build your site on Wix and boost its search engine rankings using SEO Wiz. Get your site found and drive more traffic.
  • Email Marketing: Power your site’s online marketing campaigns with elegant, targeted and track-able email marketing campaigns.
  • Invoices: Create and send invoices instantly to receive payments. Also avail complete invoice management.

Get custom domains and mailboxes, organize your contacts, send automated emails at the right time, or add new apps to enhance your site’s functions.


It is not just ease of use that makes Wix an excellent site builder. Advanced level of customization is a big factor. In fact, there are very few other site builders that offer this level of customization in designing. You can literally drag and drop elements anywhere on a page. This benefit does come at a cost, but it is apparent that anyone designing a website would be careful to start with the best-possible template from the beginning.

A professional customer support team, a comprehensive knowledge base, and sophisticated apps make Wix a winner. It is ideal for beginner and mid-level users. Advanced users may find its simplicity to be too simple for them. If you love high level of creativity, this is the Website Builder for you.

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