WonderShare TunesGo Music Downloader review

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The first thing which I noticed after downloading Wondershare TunesGo is – It breaks the barrier between the two major Mobile Operating System Android and IOS.


Wondershare TunesGo is not only a music downloader or music recorder but it can also discover your music across the TunesGo user community. You are free to download music from YouTube and other supported websites like SoundCloud, MTV and many more and at the same time can convert YouTube to mp3

Download Music


Downloads your favorite Tracks from YouTube by searching into its built-in download panel or just pasting its URL. TunesGo now supports a lot of Video and Music sharing websites like YouTube, Soundcloud, MTV, Vimeo, Vevo and Spotify to mp3 music, few of these services are listed inside its download panel and have features to add many more.

TunesGo music recorder screen

Not only it is a music downloader but it is also a music recorder, if you are able to find and such service which does not allow you to download it. Just play that music and its music recorder is ready to record.

Backup Music to PC

While reviewing TunesGo we tried to take backup of our approximately 200 song + two complete length movies of mp4 format. You won’t believe it look around 2 minutes on my laptop to take the backup of all these files. That is an amazing speed.

Delete Duplicate Music

It is quite normal to have the same file in different folder as we keep on forgetting the location of our stored files start storing the same music in different folders. It is often required to search all such files and delete them in order to make some free space on your Smartphone but how manual time it takes?

It is super easy to delete duplicate music and Video files using TunesGo, for this review we just copied the same backup in a separate folder and tried its delete duplicate option. To my surprise it took around 1 second to locate all the duplicate music inside my device and produce a result like this

TunesGo Backup and Restore screen

From the above screen you can see how it has shown the duplicate music, Now you only need to click on Delete Duplicate only.

Transfer Music From One Device to Another

TunesGo music transfer screen

As I have already told you in the beginning that there is nothing simple than this software to transfer music from an Android device to iTunes library and vice versa.

Just click on Start Button and all music inside your Android device is scanned and copied in my iTunes library within a minute. No hustle at all but make it very sure iTunes is installed on your system.

Manage iTunes Library

Once you are done with your music transfer from any Android or iOS device. It has a built in feature to manage iTunes library and fix ID3 issues  (ID3 is a metadata container most often used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format. It allows information such as the title, artist, album, track number, and other information about the file to be stored in the file itself) . No Need to use ant third party to solve this kind of issues.

Discover Music

discover new music

We have not seen this feature in any software where you can listen to music and find lyrics and playlists from here:  https://www.tunesgo.com/playlist.html create your own playlist or download the playlists from other TunesGo users across the community. You can listen or download music for any occasion.

Final version on Wondershare TunesGo

It can download songs free, it can act as an mp3 downloader, mp4 download, free movie downloader as well as can convert YouTube to mp4 with a single click.

As far as we tested the software, we were not able to find any such issue that it had not promised. If you have multiple devices of different operating System AND you do not want to miss your music with your devices then it is a must-have Software for you. A highly recommended software for all the music lovers.

A highly recommended software for all the music lovers. Download it now from its official website

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