WordPress Plugin performance Profiler – Determine the Blocking factor

How to you determine how much delay factor your plugins are contributing ?  It is always said more plugins means more loading time. So what do you do?  Do You uninstall all your plugins? No not at all , it is not possible, Even for the best wordpress themes, Best optimized for Search engines.


According to the matt cutts of  Google, Website speed is an integral and undisputed characteristic  of a successful website.  Faster website have a greater impact on search engine and users on the other hand slow website is now penalized by the Google and other major search engine, It also increase the bounce rate.

There are a lots of website and plugin/tools to check the overall performance of your website. Yahoo Yslow and Google Page speed are the typical and famous plugins for firefox and Chrome browser. Online tools like tools.pingdom.com and  loadimpact.com  also provide you a view how fast is your website and how you can improve its overall performance.

Plugin performance Profiler

Similar to the Tools provided by Google and Yahoo to check website performance, Godady. com has  launched a plugin performance profiler for wordpress to measure the load impact of plugins on that website.  This ingenious plugin create a profile of your websites’ plugins, just measuring the impact of  these plugins on your  website’s loading time.

It generates virtual traffic for the website and measure the performance of each plugin and stores them in its results file. You just have to click on “Start scan” and it will do all the work automatically by loading multiple pages of the website. Once finished you are ready to check the result in different format.

The statics of my site’s plugins are shown in this pie-chart. Besides these you can also check the performance and impact of your theme also.

P3 Plugin Profiler ‹ RSA Blog — WordPress


A detailed Time Line report Looks like this

P3 Plugin Profiler ‹ RSA Blog — WordPress3.3


Now using this plugin performance performer, You are able to pinpoint the exact problematic area. There are not direct solution this plugin provide or suggest, So this is up to us how to deal with these types of plugins.

  • Remove the problematic plugin
  • Replace the plugin with another less time consuming plugin
  • Embed the same functionality inside your theme – This may need a little bit of your programming skill. Though there are a lots of  website available to help you to tweak your theme.


In my personnel opinion, a must try plugins for each and every webmaster running their website on wordpress and want to know the load impact on each and every plugins.  Do not hesitate to Share your experience.

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    1. Thanks dear for your kind words, Hope you will use this great plugin to check overall loading speed of your plugins

  1. I want to give my wordpress sites a mobile view that any mobile user can visit my wp site. How do i find a best mobile wordpress plugin? Or which mobile plugin do good works for my wp site?

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