Does your SEO Plugin is killing your Blog?

21 must know plugin for every wordpress developer

It may sound some of you very weird but it is true. We wordpress bloggers most of the time install wordpress SEO plugins to enhance our on page SEO optimization efforts and if something missing by chance or by mistakes they might take care of it and save our day.

Does wordpress SEO plugins are only for the newbies and Lamer, who do not know any thing about SEO?

Little Home work before our actual Discussion

default post structure

Before anything else allow me to explain what these famous plugins do for you. Though some of you might feel comfortable with these explanation, still I strongly recommend you to read this whole document at-least once.

1. Title Tag : Title of  any article must contain you focus keyword. Besides that you must keep in mind  that title must be catchy and it should reflect the overall impression of your whole article. Attention Grabing Title

If you have produced a very catchy article but your article could not live up to that mark, I am sure, you are going to win SEO but at the same time may loose your valuable reader.

2. URL: Url of your article must have that focus keyword. A little bit permalink hack can always produce almost perfect URL for your article. Best permalink Structure Short url link to your article are not suggested all the time.

3. Head Tags : People love to read well structured article. So before posting any thing on your blog try to classify and categories all your information. Each Heading and sub-heading of  your article ( Try not too much hard ) must contain your keyword.

4. Bold & Italic:  Make some keywords or targeted keywords bold and Italics.  Making each and every occurrence of keyword may loose its value.

5. Meta Words & Meta Description : Now it is well known fact that meta words and meta description are now not the ranking factor any more on Google. But it is meta Description that appear on the Google search Page and a crispy well written meta description can attract a lots of visitor.

6.  Images :“A picture speaks a thousand words” but only for its reader not for the CRAWLERS.  so here are some very quick tips for image optimization for SEO

Title : You are required to feed your focus long tail keyword. Do not supply any name to your image. You can name it but it will not help you

  1. Alt Tag : Alternate tag- It was basically developed to replace your images over a slow connection Or for those idiots those do not want to see the beauty of  Picture at all. Now , Supply your second focus keyword here.
  2. Caption : Most of the time this beautiful option is used to render Credit. Beside that you can add your third focus keyword here.
  3. Description : It is much much discarded option of any image. Bloggers most of the time left this description and do not bother about it. You are required to write down smart unique description focusing on your focus keyword.

7. Outbound Links : out bound links are great for cross reference, It is always considered as you have written this document after such a long research. Search Engines consider both articles correlated.  Kindly note- Do not link with low quality website.
8. Inbound Links : Try to connect at-least four to five your old post. This will enhance the cross visibility of your article as well as you can promote your old post. The hack in outbound links and inbound links are Anchor Text. Try to attach your anchor text with your keywords.
9. Keyword Density : Four to five times of your focus keyword must appear in the whole text of your article. Beyond that it looks , the article is written specifically for the keyword. Remember you can increase the keyword density but you may loose your valuable reader.

10. Supported Video :Though this is not a deciding factor right now on the search engine parameter, still it can bring a lots  of traffic to your site. Point is how to use your video in your post.

  1. Do not play automatically you video, Better choice is whenever user want to play- Allow him/her to play
  2. Dimension : Do not embed small videos ie Dimension. It should be clearly visible inside your article.
  3. Too Much small videos can distract your readers, so before embedding any such video. Check its quality and contents properly

Besides all these factor one major factor which Google has recently added is – Page Speed. Page speed is not the prime factor all the time but sometime it become the prime factor in some situation-case study below .

Though there are lots of other famous and paid or premium plugins are out there, what they are talking about or claiming about- I am not going to discus about all of them.

Most Popular SEO plugins to boost search Engine Results

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO
  • SEO Smart Links Plugin
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • WP smash.it
  • w3 Total cache
  • Broken Link Checker

How much actually Free SEO plugins help us

First two plugin #1 Yoast SEO plugin and #2 All in one SEO plugin are no doubt help us a lot.  You can achieve all the listed in below screen using custom fields. Still not recommended –why ? because when ever you will change your theme all these will also vanish with the theme and the second point you have to make special arrangement to embed it with your theme. Yoast SEO #1 is my personnel favorite and support all those points discussed above except images

SEO Plugin and Article SEO

Ugly Picture of Free SEO plugin

In this case I have taken Yoast SEO plugin to enhance the article for its SEO. Now activate this plugin and check how much it add page load time and increase overall loading time. plugin performance profiler can tell you exact share of each plugin. Another very famous tool available on tools.pingdom.com.

Another very popular plugin in the SEO arena is Smart Links SEO. A lots of probloggers advised this plugins in their blog post to enhance inbound linking of old post.

I was very much surprised to know that the loading time of my site increase 300% when I activated Smart Link SEO and SEO Friendly Images.  (  I am using wordpress for more than  three years , So do not think I am novice in using plugins) It became more than 10.67 sec from 2.16 sec.

So the value these two SEO plugins are giving back to me became null and my readership drops 200+% due to poor loading time.

seo plugin review


As mentioned in the above paragraph what actually matter for your On page Optimization, If you are little bit conscious and ready to do the same manually. You can achieve the same SEO advantage without using any extra WordPress SEO plugins.

Another very simple and handy solution for SEO friendly images is this small WordPress code that can automatically add alt text to image


<?php if ( function_exists("has_post_thumbnail") && has_post_thumbnail() ){
$title_attribute = the_title_attribute( array( ‘echo’ => FALSE ) );
$default_attr = array(
‘class’    => "alignright",
‘alt’ => $title_attribute,
‘title’ => $title_attribute,
‘width’=>100 );
} else { ?>
<img src ="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/images/default.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="pending image" />
<?php } >


Does All WordPress SEO plugins help us to scale

It is not always Google Panda that hits our readership and results on the search engine. Sometimes it is our negligence that leads to low readership. How much your SEO plugin is helpful to you, do not hesitate to share your ideas with us and share with your friends on social media sites.

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8 thoughts on “Does your SEO Plugin is killing your Blog?”

  1. This is really a useful post.
    I leaned that using too much plugins will increase the blog loading time.
    Thanks for this nice post.

    1. Not all plugins will increase your blog loading time but poorly designed plugins will increase your blog loading time. Sometime newbies also able to release plugins but not able to optimize. We must take very much care about these issues. Keep in touch vinny ~rakesh kumar

  2. Hey therе! Do yοu know if they make any ρlugins to help wіth Sеarсh
    Εngіne Οptimіzаtion?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m
    nοt ѕеeіng νerу gοod resultѕ.
    If you κnow of any pleаsе share.
    Аρргeciatе it!

    1. Dear Lamar, the problem is not in the seo plugin, the problem is how much accurate is your research. I think you must read my article on ” How to find out profitable keywords using free google adwords tool”. ~rakesh

  3. HI
    nice post
    almost all newbies install every plugin with the word seo on it. you tutorial is real Good one. the only seo plugin i use is all in one seo. besides SEO plugins you can find websites and blogs with too much social networking plugin for their readers to share.


    1. Right bryan this is the main reason i just tried to provide them some solution and the idea how they must choose a plugin. If a plugins is loading jquery in the begining then it does not matter how much it is useful, bound to kill your blog. Thanks Bryan for this wonderful feedback. ~rakesh

  4. Nice post Rakesh!! I am using ALL IN ONE SEO plugin for my multiple niche sites and I never gave thought to loading time issue before. Actually this plugin is so useful for me that I can not think of ranking good in Search engines without using this plugin. I just have a question. Do both SEO plugins (Yoast and All in on SEO) increase load time to same extent?

    1. Both have different loading impact on your website. using plugin loading profiler you can check the actual time taken by these two plugins. After that you can decide what features your theme is already providing to you and after that decide yourself, which is best for you.

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